How to Know if a Ukrainian Woman is Interested in You


Hello Krystyna,

I started corresponding with this lady who is 22 years old I am 30 so I do not think that the age difference is so big. I met her on behappy2day I had seen some bad reviews about this website but still she seemed honest and never asked me for money.

After corresponding for about 4 months we decided to meet in odessa ukraine she is from Nikolaev and I am the one who asked her to meet in Odessa because for me it was more convenient.

We met and the one hour meeting was perfect we talked and shared a lot of things in common and her english was really good we were only the two of us. At the end of the meeting we exchanged our skype and our phone numbers. So far so good, when I went back home we communicated through skype and I even called her one time and the day after we were writing to each other on skype and she told me that she had liked that I had called her.

After that we had one more communication through skype but now its been two weeks that I have not had news from her. I sent her a message on skype and I tried to call her but she did not answer them.

I do not understand she seemed happy to meet me and seemed to be equally interested in continuing our dating. Could you make some light? Maybe she is just no longer interested?


Krystyna answers

Hi Philippe,
thank you very much for your message and sharing your story.
It is very uncommon that the woman has stopped your communication and has not answered your questions after meeting you in person and communicating via Skype. The beginning was pretty promising and it seems awkward for me that she stops it so prompt. I have no explanation for that.

There might be a lot of reasons for that (job problems, family problems, stress, health problems). Another big possibility is that she is not into you anymore. If I were you, I would ask her directly if she is still interested in communication with you. If she doesn’t even make an effort to rekindle the contact, she might already be through with you. If that happens, you have to make a decision.

It is furthermore important to trying think about what could go wrong in your communication. I know it is not easy, but you should go through your communication and try to find out if everything was right. Maybe your compliments scare her off? Often Ukrainian women are very sensitive.

Another possibility is that your woman continues to reach out to other Western men which is common with online dating. Maybe she found another man who she things is a better match for her.

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