Review 2023: Is InternationalCupid Fake or Legit?

Countless individuals are choosing to look online for love and with this in mind, online dating websites are on the rise. The amount of users on these websites are increasing by the second and they are slowly becoming the most visited sites on the web. is one of these websites with nearly hundreds of successful love stories centered around it. What sets this website apart from the rest and why do thousands of individuals choose to search for their soulmate on it? In this review of International Cupid, I will aim to answer both of these questions, as well as pricing, and other services provided.

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International Cupid: Let's get to the details

The success stories garnered by the niche websites created by Cupid Media have garnered an indisputable, positive reputation for the company in countries across the world. What sets Cupid Media apart from its competitors is that it uses the latest technology to create a simple interface for its users on their niche dating websites (Check the following Cupid Media guides: AsianDating Review and Review). This one feature makes these websites accessible to users of all ages (over eighteen, of course) and races. Review 2019 is one of the numerous niche dating websites created by a company called Cupid Media. Founded in the year 2000, Cupid Media has been creating dating websites directed towards specific religions, cultures, personal interests, and sexuality. is a niche dating website aimed at connecting individuals from numerous, different companies on one website. 

Men who are looking to date beautiful, foreign women often visit this website, as it is one of the most trusted, foreign dating websites available on the web. Majority of the visitors to this site are from the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. Thousands of individuals are always online at any given time, and thus, there is always someone new to meet!

All profiles on are highly customizable and act as personal ads. Every detail you write in your profile counts! If your details match those of another person’s profile, match icons will show up next to that detail. There are also sections to write more information about yourself in paragraph form.

Finding love is made easy with InternationalCupid’s simple layout. All of the important tabs and buttons are located at the top of the page and sending messages is done with the click of a button on that person’s profile. Match suggestions are also easily viewable. The layout of is similar to all other niche websites by Cupid Media with the one, obvious difference being the color scheme.

In accordance with the Terms of Service on, every new user must be at least aged eighteen or over. If suspected of being under this age, your account will be terminated. does do verification checks in the event that your account is flagged suspicious. This process may include sending documents of ID to their office.

Signing Up at That's how it works

The process for signing up is fairly short and simple, with the amount of time it should take being a mere three to five minutes. To make an account, all you need to do is set a username, password, provide information about your age, name, and gender, and submit. No email verification is required and you are not prompted to add more details to your profile immediately.

However, uploading a profile picture is recommended because experts have proven that users who view a friendly face are more likely to click on the profile for a conversation rather than viewing an empty profile. 

Adding additional details to your profile is also desirable because it will let others know who you are and what your personality is like. In looking for a relationship, this one detail is very important.

Is free to use? Pricing and Affordability

Is free to use? Sadly, it is not, however there are some services available to members who have not paid.

Free Dating Services

Most of the good things in life are not free, and as such, charges a fee for the more advanced features of the website. However, these features are worth the money as they grant a more full and enjoyable experience for the user.

Paid Dating Services

If opting to purchase these services, there are two types of memberships to choose from: Platinum or Gold. Both of these memberships are less costly as compared to the membership costs of other dating websites. The Platinum option is the more expensive one, but offers all of the features. Memberships are purchased on a monthly basis with the increments being one month, three months, or a full years. For what has to offer, the pricing is fairly inexpensive.

InternationalCupid Testimonials on Trustpilot

Testimonials on Trustpilot from users of the dating site have indicated that there is a technical issue where your account may be blocked a short time after registration. Blocking on an account on is only done when an account may seem suspicious and thus, this does not happen to everyone. However, the website has asked these users to submit documents of identification to verify their account before proceeding further. This precaution may be slightly irritating to new users, however it is essential to the security of the website and its users.​
InternationalCupid Testimonials on Trustpilot

Is International Cupid scam or trusted?

Other reviews on websites such as and Sitejabber indicate that is in fact, a real dating website. One user recounts how he met the love of his life on the site and another shares a successful love story with a Romanian he met there as well. According to users, Bulgaria is one of the most common countries on the website and most of the women who are willing to form a relationship are from there.

With so many success stories surrounding, it is safe to say that the website is very credible!
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Foreign Women on

Users recount that a majority of the women they have met on the website are from either Bulgaria or the Philippines. These women are astonishingly beautiful and sometimes speak both your native language and theirs. However, with profiles of all these flawless women, it is easy to make the mistake of believing that they are fake. One way to check this is by viewing that lady’s profile. Fake accounts tend to have emptier profiles and professional photos.

Most of the women on are under the age of forty and open to relationships with men of various ages. One user reports that women from all countries (even the smallest ones) can be found on the website and they are from all races and nationalities.

Conclusion: Why choose InternationalCupid? has connected hundreds of individuals, and is connecting more with every passing day. If you are not successful in finding love in your own country, looking internationally may be your next option. 

There are thousands of single brides from Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa on looking for Western men to build a healthy and happy family. The technology on the website is current and aimed towards making your experience more efficient and convenient.

The women on this website are eager to meet new people and form a relationship. With the simple layout, even the least tech-savvy of users can find love today!

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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