Interview with Garrett: Foreign Dating from a Western man’s point of view

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Today we have a guest Garrett, an American man who has gained plenty of experience with International online dating and is an experienced dating blogger. I met him two years ago when I wrote a comment on his dating blog and he asked me if I agreed to give him an interview which I gladly did (s. here: Ukrainian Dating Interview With Krystyna Trushyna & About Ukrainian Women From A Woman’s Point Of View | Sexuality & Age).


Krystyna: Hello Garrett. I am happy to do an interview with you today. How are you? To get started, tell us a little about yourself.


Garrett: I’m doing good and thanks for asking me to do an interview for your great blog. A little about me… well I live in Atlanta, Georgia in the southeast US where it doesn’t get too cold in the winter.

I have a day job working for a global technology company based here in Atlanta. As you know, I do some internet marketing on the side specializing in international dating. I have taught myself over the years how to create websites in HTML, CSS, a little PHP and now WordPress is very popular. It’s been a fun, interesting and profitable hobby.


Krystyna: As I know, you met your ex-wife through, one of the most popular International dating sites. Tell us about your experience: how many women are you talking to? Was your experience rather positive or negative? Did you meet any scammers?


Garrett: Yes, I did meet her on A Foreign Affair, an international matchmaker site back in 2001 when online dating was just getting popular. I liked her profile so sent a letter via their e-mail forwarding service. I did contact a couple of other ladies but they did not have the abundance of profiles that they do these days. They were only a couple of years old at the time.

In retrospect, I wished I had of looked around more and even signed up for one of the romance tours offers. That is probably the best way to actually meet a lot of girls at one time. You have more choices in that situation. In m y case I only met the one lady who I would marry later.


Krystyna: From my experience as a dating blogger, I would say that many Western men dreaming to find a Russian or Ukrainian woman for life are quickly disappointed in the International online dating sites and foreign women. My readers tell me that they are losing a lot of money through scam and that foreign women for marriage demand expensive gifts…

Garrett, do you believe that the International online dating is still working? Is it really possible to meet the woman of your dreams on the Internet? What do you think about the high costs of the services of dating sites and marriage agencies?


Garrett: I do believe you can meet an honest guy or girl on some of these sites but you have to be aware that not all have good intentions. Some of the agencies do have the reputation of „milking“ their clients by not providing a way to contact the ladies by any other means than to go through their site. They want to keep you paying to send and receive letters.


It is a business after all. However, there are dating sites that are not considered marriage agencies but just dating sites where you can pay a monthly fee and communicate as much as you want. One site would be and some of their sisters’ sites such as Of course you will run into scammers on many of these sites also so as I said before, BEWARE.


Krystyna: You have been a dating blogger for a few years. Which experiences have you gained as a dating blogger?


Garrett: As far as blogging, I do write some posts but I also have professionals that write articles and reviews for my site. I find that they are much better at it than me. Maybe this is a good place to plug my new dating site,, a new dating review site which also includes interesting articles about international dating including a couple of yours, Krystyna.

As far as experience, I have learned so much over the years about web publishing, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress and SEO and most is self-taught. I have taken some online training courses and of course read a few books. It has been an interesting journey and I have met a lot of people from all parts of the world including you, Krystyna. Thank you for being so kind to provide content to my sites in the form of guest posts. My readers love you!


Krystyna: Thank you very much for your interesting and helpful answers, Garry.  What would you like to wish the readers of the Ukrainian dating blog?


Garrett:I would just like to say that I still believe you can find a perfect match on internet dating sites but you need to take your time. If you do meet a lady from the Ukraine, China or South America, spend some time with her before committing to marriage. I would suggest taking a month vacation to spend with the lady you are serious about in her city.

That way you can really get to know each other.  Marriage is a big step no matter the nationality and you need to be comfortable that the two of you are compatible. In hindsight, this is the mistake that I made.

Thanks Krystyna. 🙂

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