Interview with Katrina, an Asian-Ukrainian matchmaker

Dear friends,

today I am pleased to present you an interview with Katrina Elbahey, a founder of a dating and marriage agency (previously Katrina has gained a huge experience with International dating with a strong focus on Asian-Ukrainian dating.


Krystyna: Good afternoon, Katrina. Thank you so much for agreeing to answer my questions for my readers. First, please tell shortly about yourself and your agency.


Katrina: Good afternoon, Krystyna! Thank you for offering me to become a member of your blog, I’m pleased to answer your questions! I’ll be glad to share the information about my agency – hopefully it will be useful for your readers.

Well, the strength of my company is that we work individually for every customer, no one left unattended. Most of the men are joining not for just letters exchange but for certain goal which is marriage. I personally contact every customer and offer him matchmaking service which guarantees the result of marriage. As well as I personally know almost every lady registered on my web site which gives me understanding what type of man each lady is looking for and how to help her to select the right one…


And a further strength of my company is that we help Asian men to find their matches among Ukrainian ladies – and this is not easy because most of the Ukrainian ladies are dreaming to meet European and American men only, although we have helped already to create many happy couples and feel proud of it!

And a further strength of my company is that we help Asian men to find their matches among Ukrainian ladies – and this is not easy because most of the Ukrainian ladies are dreaming to meet European and American men only, although we have helped already to create many happy couples and feel proud of it!

My agency is scam free, I believe so, we do not provide online live chats because it’s understood that ladies who hangs all day long on the web site will not waste their time for free, even I know that having such an option is the possibility to make much more money but I value my reputation which keeps me in this business for many years!


Krystyna: You were telling me that you have a wealth of experience in matchmaking of Asian men with Ukrainian brides. Are there many Ukrainian women looking for Asian men to build a happy and strong family with them? What are the reasons for that?


Katrina: Well, yes, I have signed agreements with several matchmaking companies from Japan and South Korea some years ago. Also I’m being contacted by many Muslim men almost every day who ask me to help to find a good wife. To tell you the truth, not all the ladies are willing to connect their lives with Asian man; I’d say it’s about 35 % out of 100 % of the ladies.

I think first of all our ladies are tending to be attracted by European look of men and second, Asian men’s mentality pushes them off a little. But the other part of the members is those who really likes both, mentality as well as appearance and have no problem to date men from Japan and South Korea.

And each lady has her own reasons of course. I think the main reason is not to be alone, to have a husband, to be married… We really facing a problem with lack of good Ukrainian men in Ukraine! Many of them irresponsible, and the result of it – many divorced couples… abandon children… which is sad to accept but it’s a fact! Any lady need to have “strong back” behind herself.

I guess foreigners, being stable in many aspects of social life can provide our ladies with stability of life and love which they are missing ….


Krystyna: Are Asian men different from Ukrainian ones? What can they offer Ukrainian women?


Katrina: Definitely YES! not only different from Ukrainian ones. I’d say the population of any different country has its own traditions and mentality, So every man is different!

Of course Asian men value religion much more then European ones, especially when it comes to Muslims. What can they offer Ukrainian women? Well, I suppose our ladies like attention most of all. If man behaves as a gentleman- she tends to accept him as a potential groom. Man shall understand that bringing at least flowers for the very first date is a very important issue for any Ukrainian lady!

Another very important aspect for Ukrainian ladies is to understand that her man is stable financially. I don’t say that he must present her a car at the very beginning of relations start but he must show her that in case if she moves to his country, she will skip any financial problems! Muslim and generally Asian men are good in it. According to ASIAN mentality a MAN has to support his wife financially in everything. A lady doesn’t have to work to earn for living comparing to the ladies living in Ukraine.

Even if the man is not reach, he has no right to push his lady to work if she has no wish (this is what HOLLY QURAN says if we discuss Muslims)


I heard such opinion many times from Japanese and South Koreans as well too.

Also continue speaking about Muslim families: The HOLY QURAN (the Holy Book or the Scriptures of the Muslims) says: A lady may have a job if she likes but money she gains – she has the right to spend as she wish and not to participate in general family’s budget. The other members of her family (a husband for example) have no right to demand from her to share her money with them, It’s haram (forbidden in ISLAM). Instead a MAN MUST take care of all family and lady’s expenses completely, even if the family is not that wealthy.

Besides, many Muslims behave as a real gentlemen from the very first date. Traditionally a Muslim man will bring not only flowers but many other presents to attract his lady! He will not let his lady to pay for herself at the restaurant etc.

When it comes to the marriage, as consistent with Islam traditions, a lady has the right to ask him for any present she wants, according to his budget of course. If he accepts her wish, he must fulfill it within the period of time they both have set up 🙂 Otherwise, their marriage can be broken! It’s written in HOLY QURAN, as well.

Comparing to European mentality you can see the difference, Krystyna.

I suppose that many Ukraine ladies love it. There are many girls who happily convert into ISLAM and value its traditions more than those who were born Muslims.

I want to mention that I don’t advertise Islamic religion although I come from a Muslim family myself and the examples I described above are based on normal Muslim families’ samples who really value traditions and know what respect is. No hint on terrorists or something like that – Islam forbids killing, any terrorism or suicide!!!


Krystyna: Why are Asian men looking to meet Ukrainian women? As far as I know, Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese) as well as Muslim women have very traditional family values and mentality. What is the main reason of these men in dating Ukrainian women?


Katrina: The answer is very simple and banal … beauty… All men want to choose most beautiful ladies and many men unfortunately don’t take into account mental difference, Although most of the Muslim men prefer a Muslim lady or want a Christian lady to convert into Islam after their relationship is established.

Also for a lady it’s very important to understand whom she is dealing with!

Speaking about Muslim families – most of the ladies are tend to be housekeepers. And man expect his wife to be obedient to him, He expects her to pleased him in everything. If she is a good wife, she will be treated as a queen, she will get anything she wants! But if she is unruly, a man can often be a very cruel with her! So Ukrainian Christian lady has to think twice before connect her life with a Muslim man. Most of them value very old Islamic traditions which is hard to accept sometimes, living in a modern world.

Speaking about Japanese and South Korean men – most of them also value family traditions highly and I’d say I’ve seen many common touch of natures comparing Asian nations. The way of life of Japanese and South Korean people is much different and more modern comparing to Arabs.


Krystyna: Could you kindly tell us which special features the Muslim-Ukrainian dating has. I have received a lot of questions from Muslim readers who ask me if it is possible to find a Ukrainian woman for life who would accept the Muslim culture and traditions. Which experience have you gained with this kind of dating and matchmaking?


Katrina: The special feature for the Muslim-Ukrainian dating as I’ve discussed above is that almost 100% of Muslim man want to have his wife to be a Muslim as well too. So I think that Muslim man has to search for a MUSLIM lady only, even if he searches in Ukrainian dating sites.

He supposes to select the web sites where he can meet Ukrainian ladies who have already converted to Islam or those who were born Muslims. Trying to look at traditional websites will bring no success or very-very low % of success. In addition Muslim men can get scammed easily using traditional international online dating sites for Ukrainian or Russian ladies, because almost 100% of Ukrainian ladies (speaking about honest agencies of course,) will reject Muslim man. Most of Ukrainian ladies will not convert to Islam for the sake of a man.

Speaking about my own experience with Muslim matchmaking – yes, I have some Muslim customers and they want to find only Muslim girls. So I have to search for ladies on dating sites for Muslims or to address to my partners in Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.


Krystyna: Online dating spam is highly discussed on the Internet. Ukraine is called the most dangerous country with huge potential of getting scammed either by marriage agencies or by women (professional pro-daters and scammers). How can men protect themselves from getting scammed? Are there any honest services to meet an honest and serious woman for life?


Katrina: Unfortunately, international (better said, Ukrainian and Russian) online dating has sink into the scam! And to our shame Ukraine takes not the last place among scammers. Once again, it’s not only our low economical level but also because most of our people are so lazy to work in a honest way!

Once a lady understands that she is beautiful enough – she thinks that selling herself would be quite more easy that to get College or University graduation and upgrade for a prestige job.

Anyhow, how to protect oneself? To my mind the agency you are dealing with must have:


Krystyna: Thank you very much for your great replies. I am sure that my readers can learn a lot about Ukrainian dating. What could you wish men looking for Ukrainian women?


Katrina: Krystyna, thank you also for selecting me as one of the dating advisers for your male readers! I’m pleased to answer all your questions! And I want to wish to all who is lonely today not to feel depressed, but to find their match to keep them warm, and happy for many years to come! Relay on God and he will always help you to find the answers you missing.

You need to discover superb overseas girls and feature an thrilling global courting adventure, however you do not know in which to start. Don’t worry, we can help you! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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5 thoughts on “Interview with Katrina, an Asian-Ukrainian matchmaker”

  1. I know for a fact that there’s a lot of Muslim men who drool over Slavic women.

    Check out this Facebook webpage:

    It’s very popular and you see so many Muslims “liking” pictures of Russian women that you’d think this page was created by & for Muslims. It’s nothing short of disgusting. It’s no wonder that their brethren are demographically dispossessing Europeans in so many countries. Russia at least is not governed by traitors and “temporary workers” truly means what it’s supposed to mean: they are not permanent, they don’t have children with them, schools in large Russian cities are still lacking “minorities” (in contrast to major Western European cities!!!), and they go back to their countries after some time. I am talking about Central Asians and independent Islamic countries in the Caucasus. It’s a transient process and Russian immigration statistics prove this.

    As for myself, I am against the procreation of mongrel children. Katrina should focus on Europe and North America instead. She’s helping to destroy her people’s heritage, robbing them of their posterity.

    Krystyna, you are living in England, right?

    1. Hi Brendan,

      thank you a lot for your honest comment.

      To your question: yes, it is right. I am living in London, UK, at present. Great Britain is really a very nice and beautiful country. And the weather is not that bad.

      I understand your point of view. I just want to say that everyone should know what makes him / her happy. In my view, intercultural and interreligious marriages do not kill the nation’s cultural heritage but enrich it. In every culture and religion there are good and bad, honest and dishonest, evil and good representatives. Generalizing is not a deal.


    2. @Krystyna

      I read your post on the history of Kievan Rus’. Did you study the subject in the university or are you self-taught? In any case, your knowledge is impressive.

      Regarding the words “intercultural” and “interreligous”, they are not to be used interchangeably, or confused with, interracial marriages.

      Recently, the Finnish PM announced that Finland has to accept multiculturalism as a result of the ongoing Islamic invasion of Europe (the so-called “refugee crisis”). But why hasn’t he mentioned that his country is already “multicultural” considering that Estonians have been migrating to Finland for decades already? Here is why: multiculturalism is a synonym for multiracialism.

      Wasn’t the United States, for most of its history until the Immigration Act of 1965, populated mostly by English, Scottish, German, Scandinavian and Irish settlers, which its previous immigration laws tended to favor?

      Are these nationalities monocultural, or even monoreligious? They aren’t, and they have never been. In this sense, Finland has been “multicultural” for centuries, as it had (and has) a Swedish minority. The pattern is similar throughout the Anglosphere and many European countries have their centuries-old peculiarities.

      Race relations, and multiculturalism, is a recent development in Western societies. You should add to your knowledge of history how England became “multicultural” (= multiracial). It will make an interesting read considering that your partner/husband is German. It all started in 1948, and there’s a sad irony to it all, involving a Nazi cruise liner! Sometimes we are guilty of adopting the dialects of those who wish us harm.

      ‘Will you find out who is responsible for this extraordinary action?’
      Oliver Stanley, M.P., June 1948.

      Have a good read.

  2. Dear Brendan
    Thanks a lot for your comment!
    I understand your indignations for Muslim men who drool over our ladies and behave like animals. But I also saw a lot of similar men from such “high level “ European countries and from USA as well too!!! ))))))
    And I’m not just focusing on Muslim-Arab- Asian dating , who said so?
    I have also many American and European customers.

    The target of this interview was to describe how my agency could create couples between Ukrainian ladies and Asian men because I’m probably the one who has success in it.
    Also, I never push any of my ladies to chose a certain man, Every lady has her personal right to chose whom she wants.

    So Brendan, let’s not compare anyone, every individual is different, besides, you sound a bit as a racist, I’m kidding of course. ))) but I had luck to work only with very educated, polite and noble people from South Korea and Japan as well as from the Gulf countries and most of them occupies senior positions- them was real gentlemen, It wasn’t surprise for my team that our ladies liked them!
    Besides, I’m not the person who is ready to serve everyone who pays some $$$ and at the same time behave like animals. I respect oneself enough to deal with breed and intellectual people only.
    Best, Katrina El

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