Interview with Svetlana Mukha, a matchmaker and dating coach

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Today I’m interviewing Svetlana Mukha, a founder and leading matchmaker at and She is a certified dating and marriage coach of the International Dating Coach Association and an active member of the Matchmakers Alliance that connects matchmakers from around the world. On a whole, Svetlana has been working at the International dating and matchmaking industry for more than 10 years. Moreover, Svetlana won the best matchmaker award at Idate, Dating Industry & Internet Dating Conference.


Krystyna: Hi Svetlana! Thank you so much to finding time to reply my questions. Could you kindly tell about yourself and your matchmaking agency to our readers?

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Svetlana:I am the owner and the leading matchmaker at and I run my matchmaking agency since 2008. I am the only professional matchmaker in Ukraine with official certification provided by the matchmaking Institute in New-York city. Also I am officially certified as a dating coach. Also I am the first professional dating coach in Ukraine who got the certification.

My matchmaking company is the member of two professional international matchmaking alliances. We have won “The best Matchmaker” at Idate 2016 – the biggest conference in Dating Industry. Of course it is great to have all these regalia as a proof of our professionalism and experience. But this is not the way we measure our success. We measure our success in the number of happy couples that we have created over the years.


Video Tutorial: Dating tips and Advices by a professional matchmaker Svetlana Mukha

Due to our passion, professionalism and experiences there are more happy international couples in Sweden, USA, France, Germany, Norway, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Ukraine and Russia. And we are still working at the geography of our successful matchmaking. I hope that this year our clients from China, Hong-Kong, New Zealand and Japan will find their best halves in Ukraine.

I believe that nowadays with all the new technologies and trends dating became easier and more complicated at the same time. It is really tough to find time for dating because life is so busy. Numerous dating sites promise possibilities but pretty often actually bring nothing.

It is really easy to get lost while searching for someone special on-line. I believe that classical traditional professional matchmaking service is a great option for people, who value privacy, efficiency and quality and are not ready to waste years on-line. I am extremely happy and honored to work with exceptional romantic singles. The entire idea to cross the ocean to find your true love is crazy romantic. At we work with love! 🙂


Krystyna: What is the hardest part about working in the International marriage and matchmaking industry? What surprised you the most from doing this work?

svetlana mukha

Svetlana: Several years ago we have started to participate at different dating conferences. I was extremely honored to be a speaker at the dating conference in London last year. I was really surprised with the attitude of the industry to international matchmaking. Of course not all dating companies are the same and there is always “a bad guy” in each industry. 

In Ukraine unfortunately the level of the industry is low but there is so much of potential. This year by winning the “Best Matchmaker” at Idate Awards we have proved that there is a respectable professional matchmaking company in Ukraine – Now we can officially tell our clients that we are the best!

I love being a matchmaker and I love doing international matchmaking. I believe that two people from different countries can take the best from each culture and bring it into their marriage. Not so long ago I was talking to one of my couples. They have a daughter now. She has started to speak and I have asked them which language. Her mom has proudly told me that her daughter speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English. Another couple can add Swedish to the list of the languages their daughter speaks. One of the ladies we have matched several years ago has told us that now her family has lots of holidays because her husband is originally from Germany, she is from Ukraine but they live in USA. So now they celebrate Russian Orthodox Christmas, Catholic Christmas, Thanksgiving and many other holidays.

Krystyna: Do you think modern Ukrainian matchmaking and marriage industry is different than 10 years ago?

svetlana mukha

Svetlana: Unfortunately most of the industry is at the same level. Each year when we participate at different dating and matchmaking conferences or when I communicate with my colleagues at matchmaking alliance, is always the only Ukrainian matchmaking company. Of course there are companies that work with Ukrainian market but they don’t have offices in Ukraine.

In USA there are many professional dating coaches and there is a culture of using this service. Professional coaching really helps and improves dating skills and personal life of people. In Ukraine the level of dating coaching is very low. It is sad. We at have to explain to our Ukrainian clients what dating coaching is and what is the difference between dating agency and matchmaking agency.


Krystyna: Do all the men who join your agency have serious intentions to get married to a Ukrainian woman? On your experience, why are Western men looking for Ukrainian women? In recent years, Ukraine has gained the title of the world capital of dating scam and Ukrainian dating industry has no positive image. What are your thoughts on this issue?

svetlana mukha

Svetlana: It is very sad that Ukraine has this reputation. At Idate in Germany last year I was discussing this topic with Wayne May from This is a wonderful organization that helps preventing dating scam. When I have told Wayne that I am the matchmaker from Ukraine he was very skeptical. Now I am proud to say that Wayne is a good friend of mine and he has even written an article for our blog at

It is very sad that Ukraine has this reputation. At Idate in Germany last year I was discussing this topic with Wayne May from This is a wonderful organization that helps preventing dating scam. When I have told Wayne that I am the matchmaker from Ukraine he was very skeptical. Now I am proud to say that Wayne is a good friend of mine and he has even written an article for our blog at

Wayne was REALLY skeptical about Ukraine. How did I prove him wrong? Right before the conference I have been at my client’s wedding so I have quickly showed him some photos taken at the wedding, then photos from another wedding and other photos that my clients send me. He was shocked. He has never seen this side of international dating. We have even joked that I get all the “cream” – weddings, babies photos, happy couples and he deals with the dark side – scammers and broken victims. What can I say? Dating on-line can be tricky.

It is important to be careful on-line whenever you date in Germany, USA or Ukraine. When choosing a matchmaking company or a dating site I would recommend paying particular attention at the reputation of the company and official certification. If a matchmaking company is an official member of the international matchmaking alliance or has certification by the Matchmaking Institute this matchmaking company will be very careful about their reputation because if you want to be in this business you have to value your reputation and keep your standards high. Pretty often people “want” to get scammed.

I had a very interesting client not so long ago who had a very bad experience with dating sites before he has decided to try matchmaking by The gentleman was in his late 50th and he was using several rather expensive dating sites where you have to pay for each letter. To make the story short he was corresponding there with 18-22 years old girls. He was talking to them for several years. He even had several dates that have ended with expensive shopping.

The interesting thing was he sincerely believed that those ladies were really interested in him. When we had the first skype interview with him he told me that he would date only a girl up to 22 years old who looks like a Victoria Secret Model, but she “should love me the way I am”. I have honestly told him that this would not happen. I am always honest with my clients and this is the only possible way to deliver successful service. Well, I have allowed myself a little lie but I will tell about it later.

So, at the interview I have told this gentleman that if he does some homework (lots of homework), I would introduce him to a wonderful beautiful lady in her early 40th. He told me I was crazy and he can easily attract a 20 years old girl, because “they all wanted to talk to him online”.

He called me 6 month later and told that it didn’t work out again and perhaps he really should consider trying matchmaking. He became my client. It was a hard task both for him and for me. He ended up losing 20 kilos, getting a personal trainer and having skype coaching sessions with me every second week. The first two dates were not successful.

It was unusual and hard for him to attract the ladies not with a pair of shoes he could easily buy but with romantic compliments and witty jokes. Before the date with the fifth lady he was ready. I knew this lady was still out of his league but I had faith in him. She was a smart hot salsa teacher with a Degree in Biology. The only problem – she was 47 years old and I have agreed with this client to provide him with matches up to 44 years old.

He was very stubborn about the “age question” so this was the first time I have allowed myself a little lie. I have told him she was 44 years old. He had the first date with her and he got the second. She took him to her dancing school and gave him a salsa lesson. I have called him after their third date and told that I was terribly sorry, but his date was actually 47 years old. I have apologized many times knowing that it was not necessary. He has proposed to her a year after on the dance floor at Dominican Resort. She said yes.

Are all man that are clients into marriage? I would say 80% already know it and the rest need to make this journey. Two years ago I had a client who had 5 wonderful dates but didn’t end up in relationship. He was not ready to commit. His self-esteem was so much better after the dates. He has called right before the St. Valentine Day this year and said he would like to try to date again. He got the position at work that he wanted, he bought a big apartment so he thought it was finally the time. Time will tell; he will have his dates in June.


Krystyna: What kind of ladies joins your agency? And why your agency, not e.g. an online dating site?

svetlana mukha

Svetlana:The biggest difference between the dating site and the matchmaking agency site that you can see at once is the fact, there are no profiles of clients neither male nor female published on-line. We respect privacy of our clients. The ladies that join or base value privacy. Usually their position doesn’t let them publish their profile at the open dating site. Imagine a university professor, a lawyer, a doctor, a singer or a successful businesswoman putting her photos on-line at the public dating site. I really doubt this.

The ladies that we get into our base are handpicked. We have the luxury to choose the best candidates into our database. To become a member the lady should pass several interviews including the interview with our psychologist and the interview with a matchmaker. How do the lady get into our base?

First step includes filling in the form at our web site for the ladies. This request is checked by our manager and if it meet our requirements the lady receives more form to fill. After that she provides us with the copy of her passport and divorce certificate if she already was married and is invited to the interview with our psychologist. Her data gets into the waiting list.

After this the lady has an interview with a matchmaker. Usually to set one male client on one date with a lady the matchmaker interviews from 5 to 20 ladies. So to set the client to 5 dates the matchmaker can interview up to 100 ladies from the base to deliver the best possible date.


Krystyna: Once again, thank you very much for your time and great answers to my questions! Guys, if you have any questions, you can ask them here directly. Svetlana would love to answer them. If you need more information, please visit Svelana’s agency site:

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