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Although the world is changing rapidly, the majority of men still favor traditional ways of a family lifestyle where men work to support their family, while women stay home and care for the house and family. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, this is how it always was and how it should be.

Yet with women wanting equal rights to men in most countries, it’s hard to find a woman with the same values. Therefore, many men seek mail order brides elsewhere, particularly from Japan where women are raised to please their spouse and in return expect their support.

Many men search for Japanese mail order brides when attempting to find love these days. What makes these women so unique and why are these companies attracting the attention of hundreds of American and European men? This foreign dating guide will tell you everything about why you should choose a Japanese mail order Bride. You’ll find out about Japan, Japanese women for dating and marriage, and the process of getting started finding your ideal foreign bride.

About Japan

Japan is a string of islands called an archipelago, located on the eastern edge of Asia. It has four main islands: Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku as well as almost 4,000 minor islands. Japan’s closest neighbors are China and Korea on the farther south side and Russia on the north.

Nearly four-fifths of the country is covered with mountains and running right down the middle of the “Honshu” Island (the largest island) is the Japanese Alps. The cone-shaped volcano known as Mount Fuji is the highest peak and also considered to be very sacred among many Japanese people.

However, Japan can be a very dangerous place as over one thousand earthquakes hit its location each year, since close by, three tectonic plates that form the Earth’s crust, meet and often rub against each other, causing earthquakes, some are major. Japan also homes nearly 200 volcanoes and 60 are active.

Japanese people are known for their willingness to work hard. Children are taught from young to show respect for others, especially parents and teachers. They basically learn that family and business are very important, so they do what’s best for their family and their company without worrying about their own needs.

Why Meet Japanese Mail Order Brides for Dating?

According to research, a Japanese woman is one of the most beautiful female brides on earth. Not only do they possess beauty, but they also have other desirable features as well, such as they are caring, loyal, and supportive and make the best mothers and wives any man could have. Their goal is to find a western man to have a lifelong relationship with.

Most mail-order Japanese brides join Asian dating sites where they look for a potential husband. These girls have some of the most coveted features for marriage, including:

Why are Japanese Women are so Popular Among Western Men?

Japanese women are everything a man could want and more as almost all of these women are beautiful on the inside and out. They take good care of themselves from young making sure their skin is smooth and silky and their hair is full and shiny so they can later be able to take care of their man.

These girls are brought up to please their husbands, so they know and value your needs. It’s not that they can’t do all the things you do equally or even better, but the thing is they wouldn’t want to compare themselves to you or be equal to you in any way. They will treat you like a man and will appreciate you treating them like a woman.

Japanese mail order brides

Most all of the females in America, only want to be treated equal to a man and be able to do the same things that a man does, where Japanese women understand that females were not created the same as a man. Instead, women were created very delicately and soft where men were created with rough skin and strong muscles and don’t get hurt half as fast as a woman would.

Japanese Women’s Beauty and Appearance

Let’s talk about what’s important for a Japanese woman to appear more beautiful. Many Japanese women under the age of 60 are very slender and most all are petite. The average height of a Japanese woman is 5’1” to 5’4” any taller than that and a Japanese woman would consider herself ugly. Japanese women feel that men like small petite ladies because it makes them feel superior to have a small dainty woman.

Skin is a major issue for Japanese women who seek to have unblemished skin as light as it can be. There was an era in Japan, where the lighter your skin, the nobler you were, those who were dark complected were known as commoners. This may be the reason why Japanese Geisha girls paint their faces white and wear red lipstick on their lips.

How are Japanese Girls Different from other Asian Ladies?

It seems that Japan is still set on older traditions and values where other Asian countries are going more with the times and trying to change the way women live and work. However, the majority of Japanese women would rather it stay this way. They don’t want equal rights as men; they would rather stay home and take care of the house and their husbands like a good little wife.

Japanese girls

In 1985 the equal employment opportunity act was established in Japan, yet the economic status rate of Japanese women still remains below average compared to other Asian women in developed nations. In fact, in 2012 a report was published by the OECD that confirmed this. The paper conducted a view of international comparison examining the problems with women’s employment environment in Japan and what efforts were being taken to address these concerns.

Today, the women of Japan are still behind the times as far as being employed as the fact still remains that they would rather not work outside the home, instead, they want to live the old fashioned way where the husband works and they stay home and take care of the rest.
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Why are Japanese Girls Perfect for Marriage?

What kind of woman would you prefer one that has a beautiful face and body, but farts out loud in front of everyone, stomps when she walks and makes the floors shake, swears worse than a sailor, snorts when she laughs like a pig, and talks so loud it hurts your ears.

Or would you prefer a woman with an ugly face and an obese body who is quiet, has a lot of shame and would contain herself from farting in public, covers her mouth to laugh quietly, chooses her words wisely, and talks so softly you can barely hear her?

Well, what if I told you, with a Japanese woman, you won’t have to choose, since they are beautiful on the inside and on the outside? It’s true that Japanese women have a quiet, polite personality. Most of them are already beautiful on the outside as they work harder on achieving their beauty rather than studying to obtain a good education. They really believe that they were put on this earth to please their husband and not anything else and do whatever they think would help to do that.


How to Meet a Girl from Japan?​

If you’d like to meet a Japanese girl, all you have to do is search Google to find an online Japanese dating site or use a phone app. There are even some dating sites that arrange for you to travel to Japan to meet with a Japanese girl of your choice.

You start by filling out a questionnaire that asks for some personal information and more. Your honest answers will help to match you up with the perfect girl. Once you are matched with someone, you will have some time to chat and get to know her more so that you can see if you are actually compatible. If you feel you can do better than you can contact the support team and let them know that the girl they chose for you does not interest you and they will select another.

Japanese brides

This will continue until you are sure that you have found the right one. Next, they will set you up with a trip to Japan to meet your dream girl. Here is where you will have the opportunity to propose and bring her back to the states or try another if that one didn’t tickle your fancy.

How to Choose the Best Japanese Dating Site?

With so many online dating sites to choose from, how do you select the right one? Here are some suggestions:


Look for a dating site that’s easy to use. Some sites make things so complex you would think you have to take a class just to find your way around. Make sure things are where you would expect them to be.


While every application has to start somewhere to build a good reputation, they usually get a good or bad rap within the first month of a startup; therefore, check to see what others are saying about the dating site before joining. When people like or dislike something, they will usually let others know about it by writing a review.

Online Dating & Matchmaking Services

No two dating sites are made the same and they all come with different benefits and features. It is your job to find out what services a dating site has to offer. Do they provide a matchmaking service or is it a site where you just chat with anyone until you find a girl you like? Do they verify the information given to them by all the girls or do they just take their word for it?

Conclusion: Why to choose a woman from Japan?

If you are a man with traditional values who would like to try a mail-order-bride service and you have a good career then you should check out an Online Japanese girl Dating Service where there are literally thousands of Japanese women looking for a man just like you to sweep them off their feet.

Men from all walks of life and many different locations have found happiness in utilizing an online Japanese women dating site and you can too. You would be surprised to find out just how easy it is to meet the perfect girl from Japan and how fast you can have her back here in the states with you to change your life for the better.

Japanese women

With a Japanese girl at your side as your lifetime partner, there is nothing you can’t do, as they will stand by you every step of the way no matter what it is you are trying to accomplish. Don’t miss your chance to have the perfect wife and find happiness get the Japanese girl of your dreams now by visiting an online dating site today.

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