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Dear friends,

Today I would like to introduce you to an interesting International dating service, namely: KatesModels.com (note: the agency was renamed to Best-Matchmaking.com) Why do I want to review their service? The answer is very simple: this matchmaking agency based in Kherson and Zaporozhye (Southern Ukraine) is specialized on the Slavic dating and marriage services and offers a really reliable high-quality dating and marriage service.

In this KatesModels.com review (check also: Best-Matchmaking.com: A New Brand With a Lot Of History), you’ll learn about what main features the dating and matchmaking site has, its pros, its cons and what kind of memberships plans are available.

What is KatesModels.com?

Katesmodels.com is the dedicated marriage and matchmaking agency for single Western, Muslim, Japanese and Korean men with serious intentions to find a Ukrainian woman to share a life with. Katrina, a founder of the agency, takes in consideration individual and cultural needs of each customer and offers exclusive dating services to the lowest prices in the market.

Furthermore, I have to mention that the Katesmodels.com services meet high standards and give you an unique chance to meet a woman for life. The agency has been in business for more than 10 years.

The agency operates not only in Ukraine, but also in Japan and South Korea for many years. KatesModels.com has achieved extraordinary results working with Asian men.

KatesModels Review

How does the KatesModels.com’s service work?

Katrina and her team work with each customer individually by considerately listening to his needs, expectations and requirements as to his future partner (ranging from her age to hair color and weight) and always carefully select potential matches for each man. The man registered on the website pays mostly for the correspondence, video chats, etc.

That’s why it is really important to know who you are looking for. Be prepared for your Ukrainian dating process and learn more about the Ukrainian culture, mentality, family values and traditions.

You know that search for an extraordinary Ukrainian lady is sensible and life-defining. From my experience, I have to mention that most of the Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine are not aware of how the search could be complicated for them.

Originally, Katrina and her team ask a Ukrainian lady if she likes the proposed man. The agency advises to start communicating actively if every part agrees to get known each other better and is interested to develop a dating process. Effective and active online communication between two people is the heartbeat and the crux to the health of Western-Ukrainian dating and relationship. You have to establish and develop great communication with a Ukrainian lady. The most significant thing you can do is keep an open mind and be approachable.

There is another very positive factor, namely KatesModels.com lets you exchange the contact details (email address, phone number) you’re your Ukrainian lady so that you can definitely know that the woman is real. The team is making sure that each lady is not just spending (or wasting) her time on the website but is truly interested in getting married with a Western man.
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Moreover, the agency offers following additional services:

What is the anti-scam policy?

KatesModels.com systematically monitors online dating scam and fraud. If the team gets any negative information about the registered woman, they immediately remove her profile from the website.

All the Ukraine women’s profiles on their website are cautiously checked and approved by the team only after getting of the lady’s passport copy. Each of them is called and confirmed by the administrators on its reliability.

The agency does not post on their web site data of any lady until verification of her identity and contact information is confirmed. The possibility of getting scammed by the woman is fairly reduced.

Whatever the case, the marriage agency will never suggest you to send money to the lady without really knowing her. Even though KatesModels.com does all the needed research and knows the majority of the registered ladies personally – their job is to protect you from getting scammed and offer a reliable matchmaking service.

KatesModels.com makes any effort to connect you faster with the Ukrainian women you are interested in. For this matter the agency applies all modern technologies such as mail correspondence, video chats, phone calls and romantic tours organization. The agency’s staff frequently checks the correspondence between men and women to avoid the fraudulent activity and immediately react if the system reports suspicious correspondence.

Slavic women’s profiles on KatesModels.com

Western men have a chance to meet Ukrainian mail order brides, Latvian brides, Russian brides, Belarussian brides,  Bulgarian brides, etc. 

Surely, you would ask if the ladies registered on the site are real and have serious intentions to find a foreign man for dating and life.

Katrina has convinced me that on the website you find profiles of only those Ukrainian women who truly want to get married. The women are interviewed by the agency’s staff and have to prove their identities.

Every month Western and Asian men come to Ukraine to meet the women registered on KatesModels.com and in 95% of cases they find their match. Compared to other International dating and marriage agencies, this number is quite impressive, as for me.

Testimonials and reviews

The agency has positive reviews what is always a very good and positive sign about the quality of their services. You can see in more detail how successful the agency is in offering and delivering matrimonial services to men from very different countries, by checking the testimonials page on Katesmodels.com.

testimonials on best-matchmaking.com

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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14 thoughts on “KatesModels.com Review & Experience”

  1. Hey,

    I have a short question. Does Katesmodels.com guarantee of creating a couple? The matchmaking services are pretty expensive and I wanna results if I pay. Is there any assurance for results?

    What about scam? Are all the girls on the katesmodels site genuine?


    1. Dear James
      let me answer your questions.
      Yes, all the ladies are genuine and we thoroughly monitor scam.
      Yet, Our team is making sure that each girl is not just spending her time on the website but is truly interested in getting married.
      Yes, for anyone who is buying matchmaking service we search until he is satisfied with the result and selected lady becomes his bride or a girlfriend ( what ever 2 will decide) So yes, we guarantee of creating a couple, as well as we work on the benefit of our customers always!
      for more questions please write to me at [email protected] or join me at skype: Katesmodels
      kind regards

  2. Hi all,
    it’s a good web site.
    Although, not too many ladies in it’s catalogue
    but generally I’m satisfied.

  3. Hello,
    I have been with Kates agency for about 5 months and I can say with out a doudt theat I will be staying with this agency, her team has been nothing but professional from the beginning and when I did have any problems, like credits missing or just general advice, Kate has fixed it, and I mean fast. She is a wonderful business lady, but on top of that she will communicate directly with you to fix any problems or give advice. I would also suggest checking out some of Krystina’s videos on tips. She has also been right on with her advive in what I have seen so far. Just some thoughts from a Man seeking a Ukrainian bride. Dean from Pennsylvania

  4. Hi Krystina I would like to thank you for your blogs on dating sites very informative and helpful in selecting the right agency I signd up with katesmodel after your recommendation)) and I’m happy with the service Katrina and the team at katesmodel provide very professional and personal touch I real breath of fresh air! A real genuine lady Katrina with a real genuine agency with genuine ladies) with this agency you feel you are dealing with real people unlike others) if you are serious person looking for a serious relationship this is the place you will find it katesmodel a serious agency))

  5. Unfortunately I had a very disappointing experience with Katesmodels.com – the essential feature, sending letters to a highly interesting woman did not even work. After several attempts and even trying to help them with their obvious bug in the software, I asked them to get my profiles removed because it was really frustrating – I attempted to send one letter a total of 6!! times, never worked and although they were helpfuly and supportive at the beginning, I have never received anything in the end – especially frustrating when you find a woman – the site can not provide the simplest feature: communication means.

    So from my point of view: NO, never worked properly, communication ceased – no apology or any money back in the end, waste of money, time and especially hopes. Hopefully for others it only affected my original and then copied account

  6. In response of Jeurgen’s review I’m willing to say the next:
    Yes, it is absolutely true that our web site temporary had several technical issues
    with letters sending and receiving.
    But I’m totally disagree with Jeurgen’s saying that we paid no attention and as result of it he had spent all him money with no result.

    First of all I personally paid attention at Jeurgen’s problem offering him the possibility to send and receive letters via my personal e-mail

    Number 2- I gave Jeurgen 4 or 5 credits for letters writing FREE OF CHARGE as a compensation for existing problem

    3. When he decided to delete his profile – I politely offered him to pass lady’s direct contact he was communicating with.
    All we needed is to wait couple of days to get lady’s response as a confirmation of her being agree to do direct contacts exchange with Jeurgen.

    Instead of it he lost patience and hasten to leave a negative comment which is false, to my opinion.

    I do not think that current situation can be considered as a scam. Any web site may get broken or have some technical issue from time to time.
    From our side- me PERSONALLY and my team always willing to do our utmost to satisfy any customer.

    It’s just impossible to satisfy all people, unfortunately )))
    Best regards
    Katrina El
    General Manager of KatesModels.Co

    1. Update – in response to the comments from KM:
      1. when a customers pays you it is your job to guarantee that the service work – whether you do it by hand or by technical means, you take money for it

      2. I lost more credits because your system does not work – so you have to refund a customer for not providing your services

      3. You still tried to make money of the situation and even tried worse things that I will not mention here (still have the mails in written form)

      4. I have been patient for several weeks and even tried to help with the software that probably still does not work correctly because obviously there is a huge lack on how to deal with SE (proof in written form)

      The feedback reflects my experiences, everybody has to build his/her own experience – for me it is a clear NO – especially what happened afterwards.

      Remember your sentence what you will say to the lady I was in contact with Ms Kate? Your questionable methods and mails?!

      There has never been the word SCAM. I paid for a service that never worked, have been patient for several weeks and tried to help to fix the problem – in the end there was even another try to get more money out of my situation and sincere interest / feelings towards a lady from that site (which I fortunately found on a marriage agency site that I am about to hire) – it was a $20 discount (100 instead of 120) after all the time invested and contacting them over and over again !!

      In addition when my patience ended so did their communication and they remained silent for days instead of keeping me updated.

      Any customer is easy to please when the service they pay for works – but it did not here and when you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you have to take consequences.

      I truely hope others have more success with your services and spare themselves such frustrating and time consuming experiences

      1. Juergen, I remember when the site went down and Kate had that fixed by monday and not only that she gave me 5 extra credits for the inconvenience, I have been with this agency for awhile and any problem that has arisen she has fixed it. I would sugest you check your side for a problem. Kate has always answerd my e mails and is always looking out for her clients, I think you are just one of those guys that like to bitch….grow a pair or go somewhere else and then see how you are treated…and if you do not like my comment I invite you to contact me at my personal e mail

        1. FYI Dean:
          1st I am glad that you have better experiences with KM
          2nd Read the comment above before posting – I am IT technician and even offered my help, suggested where the cause of the problem was/is – it got ignored.
          3rd I dont like to “bitch” – you dont know half the story so don’t judge anyone if you dont have all information
          4th I went elsewhere and the service was extraordinary good, but it is not a PPL site which lead to practically nothing – my next trip to Kiew will be in Dec to meet again
          5th I see no sense in getting in contact with you on your personal email, so NO thx

          1. Juergen, it is just impossible to satisfy you even with the best service in the world. Anything i did was bad. Ok than good luck with another agency )))) by zway, you paid me just 55 usd which was fully used by you!!! SO please have a little bit more dignity, stop telling lies here!!! but seems like it’s the only thing that makes you happy ))) wish you all z best )

          2. Jan2017 – I would have paid you more, but your services did not work – point. If you cannot guarantee an online service working properly you are obliged to reimburse the costs (European consumer laws)
            As for calling lies – Katrina, do you really want me to post excerpts of our email conversation here? I already told you in personal communication because you are not telling the truth.

  7. P.S. the current technical issue has been completely fixed and we are to modify our web site in the next couple of month, I will be completely new platform with more possibilities and also available on a mobile device. Best regards, Katrina

    1. I am looking for marriage agencies and seeing which ones are not scams. Just curious. After admitting you had a fix with your website did you reimburse Juergen for the technical difficulties? If not why would I want to do business with you?

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