What kind of Ukrainian woman to find on a dating site?

Dear friends,

Ukrainian and Russian Women Personals are filled with potential where men can find women who are serious about dating, women like me :).

There are many sites such as RussianWomenNow, Anastasia, Cute Only, Love Me, and Elenas Models where men can turn to find lovely, attractive Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage.

It is simply a matter of taking the time to look for options. A man has nothing to lose and may find the love of his life if he will only think about visiting any of these sites. In my opinion, the Ukrainian and Russian Women Personals are full of possibilities. For the man who hasn’t found what he’s looking for close to home, it may be a way to open a door to a bright future. 

There are so many different kinds of Ukrainian mail order brides and Russian mail order brides to choose from and Western men are sure to find someone to their liking:

Just in search of a better life abroad

There are many women in the Ukraine and Russia who are in search of a better life in another country because they have not found any opportunities at home. 

Through no fault of their own, they have not been successful in finding a satisfying living that provides them with a comfortable life. They are searching for something more, more happiness, and are hoping there is someone across the vast ocean that can help them.

Ukraine girls

In search for a true love abroad

Like men and women everywhere, there are Ukrainian and Russian women who are looking for true love. They want the fairy tale and haven’t been able to find it at home. They turn to dating sites in hopes that they will find their Prince Charming.

A foreign man is the last hope for many Slavic women with kids

Life doesn’t always go to according to plan. There are many single Slavic mail order brides that have been blessed with children. For whatever circumstances that have left them on their own, whether divorce or loss, it is very difficult to find a partner willing to take on children.

Online dating scammers

There are always Ukrainian and Russian online dating scammers and men should beware. They need to really take their time before making any commitment.

Many couples have found their way to each other through a Russian and Ukrainian dating site. It is definitely worth taking a chance. 
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7 thoughts on “What kind of Ukrainian woman to find on a dating site?”

  1. Krystyna,

    Out of RussianWomenNow, Anastasia, Cute Only, Love Me, and Elenas Models, which one of these sites have given you the best impression of there operations; as far as who presents there information the best for men who are wanting to find a potential mate?

    Thanks for the article as usual…



    1. Hi Hilton,

      All these companies work very long on the International dating market. Moreover, they are the best known sites in the Russian and Ukrainian dating industry.
      There are also smaller sites like Natasha Club. My personal favorites are Love Me and BeHappy2Day. Anastasia, Elena’s Models and Cute Only have too many (as for me) negative reviews on the Internet; therefore, I would say that the men should enjoy their services with caution.

      I have to mention that I have seen a certain number of success stories on their sites, as well. This makes me believe that Anastasia, Elena’s Models and Cute Only are honest agencies offering high quality dating and matchmaking services. As you read in the interview with James, he found his woman through Elena’s Models (by the way, Valentina, James’ fiancee, wants to give me an interview about her experiences with Ukrainian online dating).

      As for me, LoveMe.com presents the most detailed information about their services, namely: you can find there information about romance tours, gift services, interviews with the users, women’s profiles, FAQ, visa & travel services, letter writing tips, etc. The other sites (Anastasia, Elena’s Models or Cute Only) present information about their services, too – you can read about the company, frequently asked questions, and anti-scam policy. However, their information is not detailed enough in order to get a good idea about the company and their services.

      I would recommend you to make an additional research on the internet – you can find much more information and reviews about the company’s services on different forums.
      That may be really very helpful for Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine or Russia – they can choose the right dating agency on the basis of true reviews and experiences.

      I hope I could help you, Hilton!



  2. Krystyna,

    Thanks for the response. I can’t wait to read the interview, with Valentina as your guess.

    That’s going to be a very exciting interview.

    Thanks for your help…


  3. Hilton: I stumbled onto Anastasiadate.com on February 2011. I have to say that the customer service there is for the most part excellent. Yes, the chat and other services provided can become quite expensive. But if you are serious in your search, that site can enable you to come to know some really nice people. I would suggest that you define your criteria and browse the site for women that may suit your needs. Once you make contact, and assuming that there is mutual interest, bite the bullet and make the “Introduction Call” and exchange personal contact information. Try do get the woman to sign-up on Skype or Google video. Then you can chat unlimited and for essentially, free. I can suggest a free on-line translation portal. http://imtranslator.com

    You can use this site to translate messages to and from English, Russian, and Ukrainian. It has helped me tremendously. By the way, I plan to travel to Kherson, Ukraine very soon to meet a woman I plan to marry. Best of luck to you. Let me know if I can help you in any way.


  4. Hi Krystyna!

    This was an interesting article to read. I have heard of some of the sites you have mentioned, but I was wondering if you have ever been to UkraineBridesAgency.com and know if its an honest good site? Let me know if you have heard of peoples experience as I do not really any information of people talking of their experience using the site.

    Well anyways I guess I would have to just be cautious if I do use the site.


    1. Hi Joe,

      honestly, I have never heard anything about UkraineBridesAgency.com. I took a look at the site of the agency and must say that the design and contents of UkraineBridesAgency.com are very common (like thousands of other marriage agencies). In my opinion, it is strange that I did not find any experience and reviews of the agency’s customers, too (no articles and reviews on dating blogs or posts on Russian and Ukrainian women forums).

      I do not want to say something bad about UkraineBridesAgency.com and have doubts about their work and services but if I were you I would use the dating agency that has various (positive as well as negative) reviews. It is really very important to read more about the image and reputation of the agency you want to use.

      Here you find diverse reviews by real users:




      1. Thanks for your comments regarding our site, Krystyna. It’s true there are still not many reviews of the site on the web, even after a number of successful relationships and visits to Ukraine since your comments were made. Your review site looks great, I will look to forward on any clients who might wish to write something about us 🙂

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