The Language Barrier and Intimacy in Ukrainian Dating

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From my personal online dating and cross-cultural relationship experience, I know that many Western men looking for a single woman from Ukraine are curious to know if the language barrier effects intimacy at all in a Ukrainian-Western relationship.

Yes, as for me, language barriers affect all round development of the relationship because communication is one of the basic keys to the success in a marriage with a Ukrainian woman.

There is no doubt that intimacy in an intercultural relationship is pretty possible and even extremely probable if there is genuine and serious attraction there.

But if you wish to build a healthy and happy relationship, you should learn how to deal with language barriers and communicate effectively in your cross-cultural relationship.

Languages in Ukraine

The beautiful country of Ukraine is greatly influenced by Western cultures, especially in their language. Yes, the state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian with Russian spoken interspersed, as a second language, throughout its regions.

But, English is a language which Ukrainian women want to learn and are eager to learn from Western influences. Also, Western men who would like to begin a relationship with beautiful Ukrainian mail order brides is highly favored within their culture, because of what Western men are looking for in a relationship, which psychologically matches with what a Ukrainian woman for marriage needs.

I have to mention that Ukrainian women are not desperate to find a Western man to leave their dismal lives behind. On the contrary, a relationship between a woman from Ukraine and a Western man is based solely on mutual respect and a good heart.

This type of relationship is based on the cultural background of Ukrainian women, which is built around their faith and their belief in forming a family unit. Women from the Ukraine are raised in traditional fashion with emphasis on marriage and children.

Language situation in different parts of Ukraine

In the larger cities of Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and Lviv, European progression is alive and well, with the introduction of international events. This causes a Ukraine woman, living and work in these cities, to be more cosmopolitan and are very uninhibited. 

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But their counter parts in smaller villages and towns are warm, hospitable and believe in caring for the home, their family’s land and would spoil a Western man who showed an interest in getting to know them.

Ukrainian women & education

I am proud to say that most women in Ukraine are very intelligent, with many having completed college and have graduated from top universities, especially in the larger cities.

Despite what the FEMEN group has been touting and displaying in the nude, Ukrainian women make up 60% of the population with educational degrees. Even though they have the same rights as Ukrainian men in many areas, such as politics and social standings, their position in the field of employment is very poor.

Unfortunately, women continue to receive the lowest salaries with fewer career advancements, because they are not encouraged.
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Learning Ukrainian dating culture

Ukrainian women enjoy meeting Western men because of their worldly experience and freedom, thus the women would love a comfortable conversation. They may seem a little coy or shy, when speaking, but that just means that they are trying to impress you and not mispronounce their English translations.

Patience and understanding will land you the right Ukrainian woman, who would enjoy making you happy, as long as you continue to show her respect and trust, which will break down any language or cultural barriers.

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On the off chance, that you meet a Ukrainian woman from a rural family that has raised her to only speak Ukrainian or Russian, today’s technology will come in very handy. Just learn the basic greetings, such as “privet,” meaning hello in person and “allo,” meaning hello on the phone. There are translation apps that can be downloaded onto a hand-held device, as well as electronic dictionaries.

Intimacy starts with the mind

No, you will not appear as a geek, Ukrainian women are pleased that you are trying to communicate with them and they in turn, will teach you their language.

Sitting across from a woman that you are attracted to and who is showing a genuine interest in you, will certainly make learning a foreign language, that much easier.

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Another common denominator for Western men seeking the company of Ukrainian women, comes in the form of simple everyday manners. Today’s woman outside of Ukraine believes in proving their ability to stand on their own and would like to be treated equally.

Intimacy in a Ukrainian relationship is a slow going process

However, Ukrainian women love being treated special and feeling like a feminine woman, i.e., opening doors for them and helping her with her seat.

Despite the intelligence of women from Ukraine, they don’t fully inspire to make their careers the end all goal in their lives. They enjoy supporting and helping to empower their men in whatever endeavors they have for their lives and their family unit.

Intimacy in a Ukrainian and Western relationship is a slow going process, because genuine women of Ukraine take romance and love very seriously. 

When a Ukrainian woman likes you, you will not have to wait to find out, she will show you by her reaching to hold your hand or your arm. Intimacy to the women of Ukraine, is a smile, gentle conversation which includes accolades, while making her feel secure in your presence. 

Good luck!

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