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Published on the 14th of August, 2019

I’m sure many of you reading this article have had the thought of getting a mail order bride at least once in your life. Well, if you’re seriously considering it you’ve come to the right place. This guide is all about mail-order brides, specifically hot mail-order brides from the country of Latvia. Latvia is home to some of the finest women in the world and they’re waiting for you. So whether you’re seriously interested or just curious about the topic in general, be sure to keep reading this article to find out more.



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About Latvia

Latvia is a European country located in Eastern Europe. It is the 4th poorest country in the European Union (EU). This is a result of being occupied by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for over half of the 20th century, which has forced the country to play catchup. With a population of only 1.9 million residents, it is the least populated country in the EU.

Latvia’s capital city is Riga, which is known for its historical architectural buildings such as The Cathedral, The Riga Russian Theatre, and Rica Castle, where the president lives. Border countries include Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus. The country is pretty diverse and has a variety of ethnic groups from these border countries living in Latvia. Because of the diversity of the population, the culture consists of a mix of not just Latvian history, but cultures from all the neighboring countries as well. Latvia has what is called a temperate climate.

Areas around water are known to have cool temperatures year-round, while inland areas have hotter summers and colder winters. Latvia is also known for its natural beauty. More than 15,000 rivers are scattered throughout the country, and over half of the country consists of forests.

Why meet Latvian mail order brides for dating?

The real question is, “Why not Latvian Women?”. Latvian Women are some of the finest women in the world. From their tall, slender physiques, to their long, luxurious hair, you are sure to fall in love with a Latvian woman the first time you see her. Apart from their immense beauty, these women are known for their traditional upbringing, classy etiquette, and moral values, which I’m sure a man like you would love. These women take pride in being well-mannered and polite in just about any situation they encounter. And you don’t have to worry about them not being able to handle long conversation. These women are very outgoing and easy to get along with. These women love to socialize and go out to fancy restaurants, movie theaters, music festivals, history museums and more. While Latvian women can hold their own, they love to be spoiled from time to time so don’t be afraid to splurge every now and then. If you make one of these women yours, you will finally discover true happiness.

Why are Latvian brides so popular among Western men?

Latvian brides

Latvian women are popular choices as mail-order brides for many reasons. Due to Latvia being one of the poorest countries in Europe, there are many Latvian mail-order brides online looking for a better life. This means that Latvian women are easy to find on online mail order bride sites. These women are very eager to find a man overseas to spend the rest of their life with.

Also, Latvian women are known for their physical beauty all over the world. They are known especially for their facial features. Their high cheekbones and beautiful eyes are sure to make you melt. But there’s more to these women than just a cute face. Aside from physical features, Latvian women are usually well raised and educated, as Latvia has one of the highest graduation and literacy rates in the world.

Latvian women know the value of hard work. By growing up in one of the poorest countries in Europe, things weren’t handed to them on a silver platter. These women know what it’s like to make something from nothing. So don’t expect them to be lazy and beg you for money all the time, they can get it on their own.

Latvian women’s beauty & appearance

Latvian women are known for their unparalleled beauty and appearance. Many Latvian women have slim, toned bodies that anyone would fall for. No plastic surgery involved here, these bodies are 100% natural. They are known to be fit and active so you don’t have to worry about them becoming fat and out of shape anytime soon. These women go through a lot to make their bodies look they way they do.

Aside from their beauty, these women know how to dress to impress. Latvian women know they are beautiful, and as a result they enjoy flaunting their beauty everywhere. Some women stick with wearing solid colors, while others might jazz it up and wear patterned dresses and jewelry. No one style is unique, as Latvian women are known to give priority to individuality.

Every woman has their own style, and that is ok. With that being said, don’t expect anything over the top either, as these women are well-mannered after all. They prefer to dress classy, not in a slutty manner. They dress well enough to leave just enough for the imagination and have you begging to see more.

How are they different from Russian and Ukrainian ladies?

While Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine are all within proximity of each other, the women inhabiting these countries do have some stark differences. First, the women obviously speak different languages. A lot of Latvian women are known to speak a multitude of languages, including English, whereas most Russian and Ukrainian women tend to speak only their official native languages.

With a large amount of Latvian women knowing English, this makes them more approachable. Also, Latvian women aren’t as rough and demanding as Russian and Ukrainian women. Slavic countries such as Russia and Ukraine women have way harsher conditions than Latvia. Women who grew up in Slavic countries tend to inherit these traits as a result of the violent culture in these countries, making them more difficult to deal with.

I highly doubt you’d want that. Despite the differences above, Latvian women aren’t as popular of a choice when compared to Russian or Ukrainian women. This is because Russia and Ukraine have much higher populations than Latvia, which leaves Latvian women often being overlooked. Make sure you use this to your advantage.

Latvian girls

Why are Latvian girls perfect for marriage?

Latvian mail order brides are some of the best women to marry. Due to Latvian women adhering to traditional morals and values, you can count on them being faithful. Expect these women to stay committed throughout the relationship and never leave. They are usually straight up when it comes to their relationships and don’t play around. If you are out here messing around with other women don’t expect them to stay around long.

With that being said, there are some downsides. Latvian women are known to be very picky. Don’t expect these women to be easy to get. They love a challenge. Also, if you’re on the short side and insecure about dating a woman taller than you, then Latvian women definitely aren’t for you. It’s a known fact that Latvian woman are some of the tallest women on Earth.

And you should definitely be educated and motivated. Latvian women are very smart and goal-oriented. While they are looking for love, they can easily hold their own. If you’re looking for a woman to take easy advantage of then it’s best if you look somewhere else.


  • Latvian women are hot, beautiful and sexy
  • They are very interested in men from foreign countries
  • Latvian women speak fluent English


  • The mindsets of Latvian brides can be very old-fashioned
  • Latvian dating is a rather tiny niche
  • Getting a Latvian woman is not easy - it requires you to play hard

How to meet Latvian mail order brides

Latvian women

There are plenty of ways to meet Latvian women, whether in person or online. Some people have had success just flying to the country and coming back with a Latvian woman. With Latvia being a popular tourist attraction for sex tourism, you are sure to meet plenty of good looking women there who want to be with you.

With that being said, because it’s popular for sex tourism, this route is generally geared towards one-night stands and quick flings rather than long-term relationships. Therefore you are definitely better off looking online.

There are plenty of places you can look online for Latvian women. Again, with many of them looking for love overseas, there is a big number of Latvian women looking on dating sites, social media, and more. There are a lot of websites online that Latvian women post profiles on, waiting for a potential lover.

How to choose the best Latvian dating site?

Choosing the Best site to find Latvian women can be a daunting task. There are several guidelines you can use to check if a website is legit. These guidelines include:

  • Usability & Design: The usability and design of the website is pretty crucial. Having an easy to use website makes it easier to get straight to the point. The design should be up-to-date. If the website looks like it was made back in 2002, is hard to navigate or is filled with pop-up ads, it might not be a good website. Also, every dating site should at least offer a legit search function for looking up women. If it can't offer at least these basic things then the website is probably not worth using.
  • Reputation: There are a lot of junk websites out there, and sometimes their reputation shows. Look online for reviews on some dating websites beforehand so that you can get a good look on what to expect.
  • Membership Services: Some websites are free, while others charge a fee to use their services. Again, be wary of some websites and do your research. Some websites might be scams, and you should not give any money or credit/debit card info to them.
  • Overall Experience: The overall experience of the website is more than just having a usable website. If you can have a relationship with real Latvian women online with that website then it is a keeper. If the women you're chatting to generally leave nothing but generic responses, they’re probably bots and you should leave that site and find another.

With so many websites online to choose from it can be a long task, but best believe that they are out there. Play around with several websites until you find the right one for you.

Conclusion: Why choose Latvian brides

Latvian women are very desired for a variety of reasons. These women are basically the full package. They’re loyal, they’re smart, they’re beautiful, and many of them are looking for Western men online just like you. With that being said, a Latvian mail-order bride is not as simple as paying for one online and having them shipped to your house like you see in the cartoons.

Just because you find a Latvian woman online that you like does not mean she’ll have feelings for you. But don’t worry, just make yourself presentable and one will eventually come around. And when you do finally find a woman to make your wife, just like in any relationship, you need to put in an equal effort.

Make sure you treat them with utmost love, respect and dignity. Communication is key. Make sure to talk to them often. With time and dedication, one of these women can be yours. And your life will infinitely be better as a result.

Latvian mail order brides

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