(A Foreign Affair) Review 2019: Scam or legit?

LoveMe Test Review 2019

Written by Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating blogger and editor
Published on the 2nd of May, 2012 /  Last content check on the 21st of June, 2019

Are you a single man looking for a steamy and exotic relationship with a foreign woman? Do you crave the intensity of a relationship with someone from faraway lands? Are you tired of sitting in your room eating pizza during a lonely valentine’s day?

Finding a Russian or Ukrainian woman to consider as you perfect soul mate has been a desire of many gentlemen over the years, sadly many continue going through the motions, simply to find that perfect someone, ending up with both time and money being wasted along the way. It is time for someone to facilitate men to find their perfect match, especially the lonely ones. (A Foreign Affair) has more than 40,000 beautiful foreign women for you to meet, date, and tie the knot with. Of course, that’s only if that’s your idea of a good time.

Success Rate 95%
User Friendliness 89%
Customer Support 91%
Security & Safety 94%


40.000 profiles


Russia, Ukraine, China, etc.

Some numbers

581 Tours – 1,351 Socials


16 around the world

Loveme test at a glance – The pros and cons


  • Romantic tours available
  • A huge variety of dating and marriage services
  • A great selection of mail order brides’ profiles


  • Rather expensive membership plans
  • Poor customer navigation of brides’ profiles
  • No dating app available, the mobile version is not user-friendly Test: Let's get to the details (A Foreign Affair) isn’t your run of the mill dating site. You won’t find fake profiles with stolen pictures used as clickbait. All of the foreign women on are beautiful, intelligent, and sincere about their interest in you. The women around me apply from a wide range of countries.

Do you like asians? What about latinas? Maybe you fancy a Russian or Ukrainian date. Women from all of these places and more apply at A Foreign Affair to meet Western men just like you. The application process that these stunning women go through is rigorous. Out of 60,000 applicants from around the world, only 40,000 are verified to join (A Foreign Affair).

Its also different because you don’t have to pay a dime to join. You can chat with these beautiful women for free once you register an account. Besides that, you can sign up to take part in an A Foreign Affair tour and travel the world to meet beautiful foreign women in person. is the perfect way for a single man to meet a hot new partner in an exotic location while enjoying a foreign land.

Three price levels, Platinum, Gold, and Silver (A Foreign Affair) places a high value on security, this is one of the main requirements (or should it be), when registering with personal data, as sensitive as personal preferences and dislikes on a website.

Is A Foreign Affair a Scam or Trusted Site?

I just briefly mentioned how you can sign up to meet beautiful foreign women, but don’t you want to know more? A Foreign Affair isn’t just some trip with empty promises of finding a beautiful women in an exotic land. They’re the most respected service in the world.

Some more words...

The company has been around since 1995 and men just like you have been meeting, dating, and marrying beautiful foreign women through the tour for just as long. (A Foreign Affair) experts put extra care into assuring that handsome men just like yourself find a beautiful wife through the A Foreign Affair tour.

A Foreign Affair isn’t some shady website that’s never been held under the media’s microscope either. The tour has been features on numerous high-profile media outlets more than any other dating service out there. You can find a thick stack of media coverage with a simple Google search. Even shows like Maury, Dr. Phil, and 60 Minutes have praised A Foreign Affair for its ability to match single men with the most beautiful foreign women.

A Foreign Affair Review

Quality of Women's Profiles at

What good is an International dating site if it doesn’t have a large selection of wonderful women to choose from? None whatsoever. A good place for a single Western man such as yourself to find a beautiful woman that really gets your heart pounding has to have a large number of attractive members.

Brides on

Latin-American Women at

Perhaps you’re more attracted to someone from a bit more south of the border. Boy, do I have a surprise for you. Loveme has a large population of drop-dead gorgeous women from all over South America. Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, you name it.

Loveme has members from all of those beautifully exotic countries and many more. The Latin-American population on Loveme comes in all ages, body shapes, and origins.

Ukrainian & Russian Brides at

Loveme’s selection of Ukrainian and Russian women is varied, but all of them are more attractive than you could ever imagine. Maybe you’re a young college graduate looking for love in Europe. Loveme has a large member-base of Ukrainian and Russian women in their early to mid-twenties.

Don’t feel left out if you’re a middle-aged man looking for age-appropriate love, though. The Ukrainian women on the site can range from their early thirties to their mid-forties, too. There’s a Ukrainian and Russian woman for all age groups on Loveme and you’re not restricted to your own age if you’d rather look for someone a bit older or younger.

Most Ukrainian and Russian women are known for their physical beauty that is surpassed by no other woman, and they are more often than not raised to be a gentle breed and take care of their families to the fullest extent, especially the men that they are romantically involved with or married too.

Asian Mail Order Brides at A Foreign Affair

Asia has always been a popular locale for lonely, single, men to meet their lovers. has established a massive Asian membership with women from all over the continent.

Thai, Chinese, and other nationalities are present in their membership list. If I told you how absolutely stunning these women were, you’d call me a liar. Go to and watch your jaw drop for yourself.

As I’ve already said, all of the groups on have a large variety of ages, body types, and personalities. The site isn’t just focused on clickbaiting young guys with women who have barely left a two year college program. Everyone can find love at Loveme. Whether you’re forty and have your life figured out, or if you’re 22 and just now getting a start in life, has the perfect match for you.

Price levels at (A Foreign Affair)

The cost of (A Foreign Affair) is in the upper average compared to other providers. There are two variants of price levels, namely: gold and silver. You have to pay $12.00 per address if you order 1 to 2 addresses on the same order. However, the price drops down to $9.00 per address if you order 3 or more addresses of foreign brides at one time.

The free basic membership gives you an opportunity you to browse thousands of foreign women’s profiles. In order to get the whole portfolio of the dating and marriage services, you may want to upgrade to the Platinum membership that costs $95.00 for the first month and $29.95 for every succeeding month.

Matchmaker Services (A Foreign Affair) offers the following matchmaker services:

  • Singles Tours with hundreds of attractive foreign brides
  • Singles Clubs offer you private, individual introductions (Euro Club, Asian Club, and Latin Club)
  • Visa Assistance
  • Dating Coaching and Advice helps you make the best impression on the foreign ladies
  • Gift delivery to foreign ladies (flowers, chocolate, food baskets, stuffed animals, spa packages or English lessons)
  • Apartment and Hotel Reservations
  • Phone Translation

Is (A Foreign Affair) real or fake?

You might be asking yourself “Can I really believe that this site has magically created the ultimate dating program for me to find the beautiful foreign woman of my dreams? All of these dating sites tell me that!” Well, Loveme isn’t just any old dating site. Love me has been verified and held under the media’s microscope since its inception. 

There are testimonials all over the Internet about how has brought men just like you to their knees for a wedding proposal. You can argue the validity of certain news outlets and Internet articles, but you can’t argue with renowned media figures like Dr. Phil, Maury Povich, or 60 Minutes. Let alone the honest and candid testimonials of men who were in your lonely shoes not that long ago. 

Loveme has a well respected and well-earned reputation as the go to place to meet the most best women from foreign countries. They’re regarded as the number one spot for single men who can’t or don’t want to meet women in the United States. 

Experts have created and they continue to make it better. I guarantee you that Loveme staff has put more thought into their site and services than any old shady dating you’ve been to before. They create marriages. Men who did the exact same as you are now, found Loveme and went crashing to their knees when they came face to face with the beautiful women that Loveme accepts as members. 

They produce results for men like you. Bars, speed-dating events, social media binges, and aggravating blind dates can’t hold a candle to the quality and reputation that offers. This has been proven by the media, member testimonials, and the perfect reputation that Loveme has strived to earn. 

Video: International Dating & Singles Tours by LoveMe

Conclusion: Why choose

While other International dating sites might utilize questionable tactics to trick lonely men signing up, Loveme earns respect and members through honesty and a devotion to their members. Of course, there will always be nay-sayers and worry warts, but those people will most likely stay single. They most definitely won’t find the quality foreign women with looks that kill like Loveme finds.

With anywhere from six to twelve hundred women added every month, one of your biggest difficulties is choosing which of these lovely ladies you hope to spend the rest of your life with. LoveMe has a reputation of making an average of seven connections per day and with their easy computer software, you will be busy making many of your own connections. Don’t be single guy screaming no at their computer screen while dreaming about a beautiful foreign woman. Ditch the fantasies. Sign up at today.

Loveme Review

Review updated on the 5th of July, 2019

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