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Those who are looking for love internationally know that it can be challenging, especially when you’re on a mission to find a quality online international dating site. Some sites look very promising when you start off but end up being a complete waste of time and, in many cases, money too.

So, where do you go if your interest lies across the ocean or if you’re looking for an interracial relationship?

Let me introduce you to, a dating site that may have everything you’re looking for in your international love journey.

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What is, an online matchmaking and online dating platform which also lovingly calls itself “A Foreign Affair,” has been in the online matchmaking business since 1995. made history by becoming the first online International Marriage Agency in the world (read also our guide: Best International Dating Sites & Apps).

A Foreign Affair or AFA is an expert international matchmaking service specializing in the introduction and matchmaking of couples across the world. The company is focused on the success of its clients and what makes so unique is the variety of services it offers in comparison to other online dating sites.

While other online dating sites prefer to keep an online barrier between their clients, offers services that bring couples together like singles tours, singles clubs, a nifty phone translation service, and a visa service, among other options. 

The company’s main office is situated in Phoenix, Arizona, but don’t let that create the impression that A Foreign Affair doesn’t know what’s going on across all the ponds.

Is A Foreign Affair a Scam or Trusted Site?

A Foreign Affair takes measures that no other online dating site does to ensure the authenticity of the individuals on its platform. When reading the User Agreement, it is clear that, if you’re a man signing up, you need to provide accurate profile information and keep your information updated because there is an actual chance of you being noticed by a foreign woman! 

Here is a quote from the User Agreement that testifies to the authenticity and transparency of the company:

“This is a Premium Dating service and as such the majority of women registered on the site must come to an AFA office or affiliate office to review men’s profiles. Each of our offices maintain a staff of Match Makers who assist the registered women in searching profiles as well as with their correspondence, including translations when necessary, and in-person meetings. The women can view your profile on- line, but normally must access it via an AFA or affiliate office.”

The fact that women you’ll find on the site actually have to go to an affiliate office is probably the best way of confirming their identity. Just by making the female profiles on the site, a hundred percent verified means that you’ll not be talking to any bots soon!

This site definitely has its verification status approved and is a secure online dating option for someone who is serious about finding someone in the international dating realm. 

How to sign up at

For men, the process is pretty easy. You need to go to the register page and start by specifying whether you’re looking for women or other men. Then, you need to add the following information:

It’s also important to agree to the site’s use of cookies, which you’ll find in a tab at the bottom of the screen.

After signing up, you need to complete a profile that contains physical specifications of you like your height, weight, hair color, body type, eye color, etc, and also your marital status, whether you smoke or drink, details about your employment status, your hobbies, and what type of woman you’re looking for.

There is also a box for additional comments if you have something specific you’d like your potential match to know.

Quality of Women's Profiles at

A striking aspect of the women’s profiles is that they genuinely look authentic. Often on online dating sites, there would be a slight similarity between the profiles, like similar editing or background, or even makeup and clothing, but the women on all have an individual air to them.

There is a wealth of information to be found on each woman’s profile. This includes all of her physical details, her star sign, religion, the country she’s from, and more detailed information about her hobbies and job, if applicable.

You also have the option to view additional photos, call or write to the woman, send her a gift, or meet her on a tour specifically organized for the area she resides in.

The number of options exceeds other dating site profile features by far, and it provides the opportunity to meet the woman you have your eye on in person.

Latin-American Women at

Perhaps you’re more attracted to someone from a bit more south of the border. Boy, do I have a surprise for you. Loveme has a large population of drop-dead gorgeous women from all over South America. Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, you name it.

Loveme has members from all of those beautifully exotic countries and many more. The Latin-American population on Loveme comes in all ages, body shapes, and origins.

Ukrainian & Russian Brides at

Loveme’s selection of Ukrainian and Russian women is varied, but all of them are more attractive than you could ever imagine. Maybe you’re a young college graduate looking for love in Europe. Loveme has a large member-base of Ukrainian and Russian women in their early to mid-twenties.

Don’t feel left out if you’re a middle-aged man looking for age-appropriate love, though. The Ukrainian women on the site can range from their early thirties to their mid-forties, too. There’s a Ukrainian and Russian woman for all age groups on Loveme and you’re not restricted to your own age if you’d rather look for someone a bit older or younger.

Most Ukrainian and Russian women are known for their physical beauty that is surpassed by no other woman, and they are more often than not raised to be a gentle breed and take care of their families to the fullest extent, especially the men that they are romantically involved with or married too.
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Asian Mail Order Brides at A Foreign Affair

Asia has always been a popular locale for lonely, single, men to meet their lovers. has established a massive Asian membership with women from all over the continent. Thai, Chinese, and other nationalities are present in their membership list. If I told you how absolutely stunning these women were, you’d call me a liar. Go to and watch your jaw drop for yourself.

As I’ve already said, all of the groups on have a large variety of ages, body types, and personalities. The site isn’t just focused on clickbaiting young guys with women who have barely left a two year college program. Everyone can find love at Loveme. Whether you’re forty and have your life figured out, or if you’re 22 and just now getting a start in life, has the perfect match for you.

Memberships and costs at (A Foreign Affair)’s Platinum Membership is offered to all new signups and has some great value and perks. The monthly fee is 29.95 USD, and this monthly payment will be used as credit for your next Romance Tour. This happens each month, so you can build up a really nice deposit for a future Romance Tour after you’ve signed up at and found someone that catches your eye.

When it comes to using other services like letters, letters with translation, and three-way phone translation, Platinum members get generous discounts. Additionally, Platinum members also have unlimited access to online videos on profiles. Do you want to know how to get started? Here’s what you have to do:

Price levels at (A Foreign Affair)

The cost of (A Foreign Affair) is in the upper average compared to other providers. There are two variants of price levels, namely: gold and silver. You have to pay $12.00 per address if you order 1 to 2 addresses on the same order. However, the price drops down to $9.00 per address if you order 3 or more addresses of foreign brides at one time.

The free basic membership gives you an opportunity you to browse thousands of foreign women’s profiles. In order to get the whole portfolio of the dating and marriage services, you may want to upgrade to the Platinum membership that costs $95.00 for the first month and $29.95 for every succeeding month.

Signing up for a Platinum membership is the easiest way to get to know women on the platform, start conversations, friendships, and fall in love! And then, you have your saved up Romance Tour funds for when you’re ready to go and meet your match. 

There is also a VIP option or Executive Plan that really shows you what A Foreign Affair/ can do for you. If you want to have all the professionals at your beck and call in helping you track down your true love, then you’re in the right place!

So, if you get all of this, which is basically a foolproof way for you to meet someone special that may become your forever partner, how much are you going to pay?

This is an incredible opportunity that has had much success, and is the only platform I know of that provides such a comprehensive and caring service to its clients.

Matchmaker Services in our LoveMe Review

As you just saw, has the ultimate matchmaking service nicely packaged in its Executive Plan. However, this option also requires some serious funds, so the platform has provided a “find your match” option on the website, where you can also input detailed information about yourself and your perfect partner.

This online tool is called the Match Wizard, and it matches you with the most compatible profiles according to the information you fill in on the Match Wizard form.

Romance Tours

You can check the International Tours section on right now as there are some happening soon! Here are some popular tour destinations:

European Tours
Latin America Tours
Asian Tours

Customer Support Options

Customer support is on par at, offering a Live Chat service where you can speak to a consultant while you’re on the site. This prevents lengthy waiting times before you receive a response and the service is friendly and professional.

This efficient level of customer service complements the company’s many services offered as customers may, at some point, need advice or support.

What Do We Like About The Site

When it comes to reviewing online dating sites, just has so many extras and perks that other dating sites don’t have.

First, we love the translation services and the fact that the company offers opportunities that stretch further than just chatting online.

The platform seems completely legit, and there is loads of information about every service offered by A Foreign Affair plus the option to speak directly to a consultant.

The subscription fee is definitely worth it, especially if you’re planning on going on one of the singles’ tours, and the VIP Executive Plan is something out of matchmaking heaven.

Our Verdict - An International Online Dating Site That Ticks All The Boxes

If you’re looking for a real, long-term partner, then don’t go anywhere else. has proven itself to be a stellar option with its focus firmly on the client and matchmaking process.

We recommend A Foreign Affair to anyone and everyone who is looking for love on an international level.

Review was last revised on March 31, 2022

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