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This article is for you if you want a foreign woman to date online. More specifically, I will introduce to you Nataliya from Odesa in Ukraine. You will get to know Nataliya well, starting from her personality, physical appearance, background, the type of man she is looking for, why you should meet her to where you can find her if you are interested and wish to locate her.

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Nataliya's Appearance & Personality

Nataliya has long, gorgeous hair that is brown and long. She is 5 foot 9 tall and weighs 110 lbs. a feature of Nataliya’s facial features that makes her even more attractive is her hazel eyes against her glowing skin. Nataliya enjoys talking a lot, but in a good way, don’t get shy. 

This personality makes the Scorpio lady interesting to be with. Therefore, you won’t get bored. Also, she is a great listener.

More information about her background

Nataliya was born on 17th November 1992. The 29-year-old single lady is currently a university student and does not smoke. She resides in Odessa, Ukraine, and her religion is Christianity. Nataliya does not have any children at the moment, but she plans to have children with a strong and big family someday.

Who's Nataliya looking for?

Nataliya is searching for a genuine man who is honest and tender. You should not be pretentious and offer a false impression, as that is how she is. Moreover, to win Nataliya, you should be caring and nice.

Why You Should Meet Nataliya

You will want to meet Nataliya because she has quite interesting beliefs and personality. Being beautiful is important to her since she believes that her future man deserves the best woman, which is her. If you love walks, you will enjoy taking walks in the park with Natalayia, which she used to enjoy with her sister.

Moreover, Nataliya is easily made happy through singing. She believes singing is the ideal way to express her emotions and feelings. Therefore, be ready to sing with her melodious voice.

In addition, Nataliya would love to explore the interesting things in the world with her future man. Meeting this gorgeous lady, you will have found a great listener for a partner in Nataliya, which is a very important matter in a relationship. Imagine having a girlfriend you can talk to about news, including sports, news and cars and who will be interested in the conversation. She will even give you her opinions on the subject matter.

How to get in touch with Nataliya

You can meet this amazing lady at the premium online dating service called This online dating service aims to connect people worldwide to create happy couples. That is single women who are family oriented with single men who are relationship-minded.

To join is easy, quick and free. You simply start with the registration page, and after you complete registration, your login details will be sent immediately to your email address. That will be the information you will be using to log into your online profile. 

To get in touch with Nataliya can be done through various ways at a small cost. They include:

Last Updated on June 07, 2023

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