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Online dating has created room for people from all over the world to interact romantically. It has broken down geographical barriers that traditionally prevented people from meeting their soulmates. So, now you can date anyone, even people living worlds away. Ukrainian ladies are among the most prevalent on online dating platforms. 

Many men also love Ukrainian women because of their exotic features and great personalities. So, in this article, we introduce you to a Ukrainian beauty called Svetlana.

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Svetlana’s Appearance and Personality

Svetlana is a beautiful 5’6’ lady. The Ukrainian beauty has blonde hair and green eyes. Besides her exotic look, Svetlana boasts a petite figure and weighs only 110 Lbs. The Ukrainian green-eyed blonde beauty is a social butterfly.

Svetlana is a Leo (born on 20 th August 1986). So, like a true Leo, she is confident, charismatic, charming, ambitious, passionate about life, and a natural leader. So, you can count on falling in love with her adorable and charismatic personality. She is fun to be around and open to adventures. However, she is also very grounded, does not smoke, and only drinks socially.

Svetlana describes herself as delicate, affectionate, outgoing, goal-oriented, and curious. She is incredibly feminine, romantic, and tender. The Ukrainian beauty loves spending time with her loved ones.

Furthermore, Svetlana is interested in music and cinema. She is also quite athletic and enjoys skiing. The university graduate also loves reading, photography, and travelling and appreciates the beauty and diversity that nature provides.

More information about her background

Svetlana is a single woman residing in Kyiv, Ukraine. She comes from a Christian background. While she has no children, Svetlana plans to build a family with kids in the future. The green-eyed beauty works as a Manager/Supervisor at a local company in Kyiv.

Svetlana is more than a pretty face and gorgeous figure. She has a university degree. She speaks fair English, so you need not worry about a language barrier when talking to her.

Who’s Svetlana looking for?

Svetlana is looking for a genuine connection and love. She is open to anyone who will capture her heart. The blonde Ukrainian lady is looking to meet someone with a genuine interest in her to whom she can give her heart.

Why you should meet Svetlana

You should meet Svetlana because she is:

How to get in touch with Svetlana

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