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Men, would you like to meet a beautiful Ukrainian woman for fun and dating? If so, take a few moments and learn about Nena, a single Ukrainian mail order bride who would love to meet you.

Nena's Appearance

Nena is a 24-year-old, petite beauty who is 5’4” (163 cm), and weighs 110 pounds (50 kg). You will be amazed by her beautifully soulful, gray eyes, delicate features, full lips, and her long, wavy, light brown hair. Her calm and thoughtful expression gives you a glimpse into her wise and caring heart.

Nena wears simple, tasteful jewelry that complements her good looks, and she keeps her makeup routine to a minimum to allow her full beauty to shine through.

More information about Nena

Nena is an intelligent, available, single lady who does not have any children. She may be open to starting a family with the right person in the future, but at this time, she is more than content to remain without children. Instead, Nena has devoted her time to her studies, and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in education. Since graduating, she has become a proud member of the teaching profession, and she enjoys her current position as a freelance worker.

Who's Nena looking for?

Nena is seeking a kind-hearted, 25- to 36-year-old gentleman that she can learn from and look up to. She appreciates a good-natured man with an in-depth personality. To add to her personal growth, Nena tries to learn something new and interesting every day. She wants to share her interests, her good and bad days, and her views of the future with you. If you are an honest person with a good sense of humor and good values, Nena will try very hard to make you happy.

Why is Nena, a Ukrainian bride, perfect for dating?

Nena is an eclectic woman with a fondness for many things. She enjoys most music genres, as well as art, psychology, reading, linguistic sciences, and learning foreign languages. Nena does not smoke or drink. She is a very friendly person who enjoys cooking. Nena is also a cat owner who loves animals, greatly appreciates her friends, and always tries to help others.

If this beautiful and interesting Ukrainian woman sounds like she may be your perfect match, contact Nena today.

How to get in touch with Nena

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