The Mordinson Marriage Agency Review & Experience

Dear Friends,

let me introduce you The Mordinson Marriage Agency!

If you’re seeking your soul mate from Ukraine and hoping to be married in the near future, perhaps it’s time to reach out for some help. Unlike many match making services, the Mordinson Agency is a family owned business that started operating in 1999. For more than ten years they have been successfully matching beautiful young educated Ukrainian women with bachelors from all over the world.

They are located in the college town of Kharkov, where most of their bachelorettes attended a college or a university. Having such a selection of educated young women, makes their agency unique because all their female clients are Ukrainian women of the highest caliber who live in one city.

The Focus & Philosophy of the Mordinson Agency

This Ukrainian women marriage agency is focused on helping marriage minded women find their male mates where ever in the world they might reside. They have helped Australian, American, German, Scottish men and many others meet, date and marry the women of their dreams from Ukraine. These couples have married and are living in wedded bliss after their correspondence advanced to dating and then marriage.


Professional Matchmaking Step by Step

Step 1: Introducing yourself to the ladies who caught your attention

The meeting process at the Mordinson Agency is very simple. First you go on the website and take a look at the pictures of the ladies presented in the gallery. You need to compose a list of the ladies who you are interested in and send it to the agency’s e-mail along with your pictures and introduction letter. Here is another thing that makes Mordinson agency unique: they will translate and deliver your letter to the ladies absolutely FREE of charge and then once they have the replies of the ladies who are interested, they will also be translated and sent to you for FREE! In your introduction letter don’t forget to mention your marital status, age, country of residence, hobbies, interests etc.

Step 2: Communication with the ladies who have replied to your introduction letter

The agency is offering a wide range of communication services, among them unlimited correspondence subscription plans and single letters, telephone conversations and video chatting, getting new pictures of the ladies and sending flowers or gifts. When you send a gift to a lady she will be photographed with the gift and the pictures will be sent to you. Those and other communication services are giving men a chance to learn more about the women they are talking to. Some of the ladies speak very good English, but most require letters to be translated into Russian, this task is completed by Michael and Darya Mordinson who are both professional interpreters with lots of experience in English and German languages.

Step 3: Personal meeting

Let me cite a former Mordinson client who married a Ukrainian woman: “…Personal meeting part is perhaps the most important part of the your journey. First of all you MUST meet your lady in person before she can receive a visa to the USA. If you do not plan on taking the trip please don’t start this process. These women are beautiful and smart. They want a man of action. Not someone who just writes sweet letters for years. I think you should plan your trip for about 2 to 3 months after you start writing. Letters only do so much good and it is time to jump on a plane.”

Meeting in person is a vital moment of the relationship and Mordinson makes that moment very enjoyable. Before coming over you are to provide the agency with the list of the ladies who you are interested in and the schedule of your meetings will be composed in prior to your visit.

The agency organizes the initial meetings to be rather short and so you will be able to meet all the ladies you are interested within few first days of your stay and then concentrate on the lady of ladies who you had best mutual chemistry with. Mordinson agency doesn’t limit the number of ladies you can meet, it can be 1 or 20 or any other number. When the two decide that they want to spend more time together, they set the time and place while the Mordinson Agency acts like a proud parent and steps back allowing nature to take its course.

Recent Success Stories

There have been many successful marriages from the matched couples. Nick is Australian. He met Evgenia through the Mordinson Agency in January and now they are happily married. Evgenia now lives with her husband in Australia.

ukraine dating agency

Then there’s Yana and Tim. Tim is American, he met Yana in 2018. He and Yana tied the knot later that same year.

ukrainian dating

Yet another success story is the union of Marina and Dirk. Dirk is from Germany. Dirk noted that all the ladies he met through the agency were all marriage minded women. Each had great promise but he fell in love with Marina and that was it. Now they are happily married, thanks to the family owned business of the Mordinson Agency.

Again this Ukrainian women marriage agency is focused on helping the right people come together in a union that will last a lifetime. They've had many success stories and probably will have many more. Because they care about making good matches with good people, the couples they have matched have had success. This is not a trend but a plan that the family strives to continue one couple at a time.
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You will find more testimonials on the web site of the agency, but some Mordinson former clients post their trip reports elsewhere, for example here’s a trip report of “Idaho1” who shared his experience with Mordinson on one of the Russian Ukrainian women forums, to read the report click here:

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4 thoughts on “The Mordinson Marriage Agency Review & Experience”

  1. Krystyna,

    Aloha from hawaii. Well, I made up my mind, after doing my due diligence on different marriage agencies. First and foremost, I loved your recommendation about Mordinson’s Marriage agency in Kharkov because, as you know, that was one of my serious choices.

    Now, that I’ve done my research and ONLY want to visit women who live in one city, instead of traveling to different towns just to visit a lady, I have decided on Mordinson. At the end of October I will start learning Russian. I learn languages quite fast. Also, it’s good to learn Russian simply because when the owner(Michael Mordinson) of Mordinson isn’t around the communication level between me and my future wife will have to be clear enough so that she understands me and I am able to decipher what she is saying.

    So, I’ve made my decision to bypass all the other marriage agencies and go with Mordinson.

    Thanks for the article and Mahalo from Hawaii.

    Oh yeah, did I tell you that my two female friends, that was just recent visitors to hawaii, stated that if it weren’t for there visas they would want to live in hawaii.

    And, when I asked them if they thought that other females, from Khardov would like hawaii, they both told me that at least 90% would love and want to live in hawaii once they actually visited hawaii.

    They both told me that they have been to Kansas and Missouri and Florida. But, in there minds, nothing comes close to hawaii in beauty, perfect weather year round and racial diversity(7 out of every 10 marriages are interracial marriages all all races from black men/white women to somoan men/chinese women to japanese men/black women, etc..etc..). They each told me that I would have an easier time because I’m not in some small town that is unknown to both the embassy and people responsible for giving visas to women to enter the U.S. Hawaii is known by everyone in the world and is a known destination for vacation. That can’t be said for Kansas, Missouri, or even Florida, according to the Ukrainian ladies that I had the pleasure of speaking to and spending a week with while they were visiting Hawaii.



  2. Krystyna,

    I forgot to add that I will be going to Kharkov at some point in 2012. I’m thinking about going in April but I will probably push it closer to the summer time.

    Also, I will be staying in Kharkov for 2 full months. As you know, I trade the Foreign Exchange Market and I can do that anywhere in the world; as long as I have internet connection which Michael does have in his apartments in Kharkov.

    Mahalo from Hawaii,


  3. I am inKharkov today. I would like to join Mordisnons while I am here. I will pay extra because I know I did not,book flight from America with Mordinson’s.
    I have one week left until March 24

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