Never Ever: Why I Would Never Date Russian Women In My Life

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Recently I had a chat with my German friend about Russian women. He admired the beauty and tenderness of women from Ukraine and Russia, but he told me directly that he could never date Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Dating Russian and Ukrainian women is one of the most-difficult things you will ever do, and this article explains why my friend (I will call him Uwe) simply would not do it.

He gave me his consent to the publication of this article. And Uwe hopes to save you a bit of time and energy with this article, and there are many things you may learn about Russian and Ukrainian women that you did not realize. 🙂 Consider what you are looking for in a woman, and remember that Russian and Ukrainian women have complications that are far beyond the ordinary.

#1: Their Culture

Russian and Ukrainian culture is so different from Western European and American culture that you may never be able to reconcile that properly. You will be shocked at the way she was raised, and she will have a hard line on everything you do and say. Having a opinionated woman on your arm is exciting, but she will feel free to express her opinions any time she likes.

You may feel as though you are talking to a brick wall, and you will not have the opportunity to be with a soft woman.

Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage

#2: They Are Quite Masculine

You do not believe Uwe, do you?? 🙂

Russian women are quite masculine because of their culture, and you will find that they are willing to challenge you and your masculinity. You may not like that very much, and Uwe did not enjoy it myself. Uwe wants to be with a soft woman who needs to be taken care of, and there are many women from Russia or Ukraine who will not soften when they get here.

Uwe believes there are many different women who will serve him better if they are not from Russia and Ukraine because they will soften.

#3: They Are Sexy For Sexy’s Sake

According to Uwe, he has met sexy Russian and Ukrainian women who are sexy because they are dolling up, but it does not appear that they are doing it for themselves. There are many women who will find that they get quite a lot of attention because they look sexy.

They do not back up their looks with a soft personality, and they make you feel as though you should not have approached them. There is a limit to what a man will accept when he is talking to a woman, and Uwe has reached his limit with Russian women more than once.

#4: They May Not Have Good Motivations

Furthermore, Uwe told me that he has met more than one Russian / Ukrainian woman who simply was not with him for the right reasons. He wants to help someone come to Germany if we have a real connection, but he does not wish to do so simply because she wants to use him.

#5: Their Families

Uwe says that you will find that a Russian and Ukrainian family is just as problematic as the woman herself. Her family will cause you quite a few problems because they will pepper you with questions and vitriol because you are not Russian or Ukrainian.

Uwe does not want to be a part of a family that does not want him, and I cannot be comfortable because many Russian and Ukrainian women play along in joking about German, English or American men. He simply does not want to be prodded all the time.

#6: Their Skills

Russian and Ukrainian ladies who come to Western Europe or America are often quite skilled, but they must start over their schooling or change careers.

There are times when Uwe wants to be with a girl who is a nurse or a doctor, but he cannot afford to spend another ten years of his life getting her through school. It is too difficult for these women to get back to where they want to be, and he rather believes that we (Western men) should be much smarter about how we choose them.

#7: They Can Be Cold

You will find that women from Russia and Ukraine are often very cold, and they may be cold at the wrong times. You will see. Change in yourself when you are around someone like this for too long, and Uwe does not go into another relationship like that. He thinks these women will continue to be cold until someone stops them, but Uwe does not want to be the person who tells her that she needs to be a bit nicer to him.

Dating Russian and Ukrainian women could be one of the worst decisions of your life if you are not careful, and Uwe has given many reasons during our chat why he would not do that. He very much believes it is much easier to date and enjoy a Russian / Ukrainian girl who is soft and kind, but there are so few who fit this bill. Uwe does not date Russian and Ukrainian women because the search is too hard, and he hopes that you will find someone who is much better for you and your future.

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4 thoughts on “Never Ever: Why I Would Never Date Russian Women In My Life”

  1. What’s funny though is that you should ACTUALLY have a woman that questions your masculinity and holds you to high standards. Just as you do for her.
    It sounds like russian women want to be to actual men, and not man-children.
    Be noble and don’t be a pussy and you probably won’t have any problems.
    Look into what the four archetypes of the mature masculine are and see if you are doing everything you are doing to be a real man, and you will be able to attract and handle being with a real woman that has standards of her own.

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