Pay or not pay?: Krystyna’s review of free Russian & Ukrainian dating services

Dear friends,

We all know that in our never ending quest to find the love of our life, Western men and Ukrainian & Russian ladies are constantly exploring new free dating sites and platforms.

From my personal experience, I can say that it is not very effective to spend hours upon hours searching profiles that are mysterious, ambiguous and enigmatic about likes and dislikes. It is recommended to look for a special woman from Ukraine that lays it all on the line for a man. No games… No endless emails full of questions that really don’t get at the heart of why either of us wants to find a mate.

Free Russian and Ukrainian dating sites reviewed

I have discovered that there are Russian and Ukrainian dating sites dedicated to matching like-minded people for free that facilitate the free exchange of information between individuals without breaking any boundaries of anonymity. There are prime dating sites like this popping up all over the world. They are perfect for Western guys that want to find their match in Ukraine and Russia – right now!

Remember, the Internet crosses all borders🙂  It connects people in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. It is really true that the chemistry between two persons is undeniable and the opportunity arises; we’ll figure out how to meet at the last moment. Visas are a side note.

Today, I discuss three free dating sites originating and administrated in Russia that offer no-nonsense opportunities for real people to meet. Their formats are simple and similar, yet they are filled with thousands of profiles of lonely people who are anxious to make meaningful connections.

All three of these sites have a Russian home base of operation, but they have an “open door” policy to anyone, anywhere. I have noticed profiles of beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women that live on tiny little islands in some exotic sea searching for a mate on these sites. These sites are perfect for Western guys that want to expand their dating horizons and find a Ukrainian or Russian wife.

This site has a very simple and straightforward format that allows you to make connections very quickly. Once you submit your contact information (which is held secret always), and filled out your likes and dislikes, you are free to explore.

Each user profile lists only the necessary information, not long, drawn-out descriptions of insignificant details, histories, directives and fetishes. The profiles name the user, displays their age, location, general characteristics and type of relationship desired. There are galleries of both male and female users to browse if you require a posted picture of the member you are searching.

What I liked most about this site is that is gives equal page space to women and men. It is obviously a site for genuine people who are looking for other genuine people to share life with. It is not heavily loaded with female profiles, so it does not seem like an escort site. Guys are free to post, so women are never wondering with whom they are communicating.

The format of this site is similar to the previous site. The difference is that is seems to be busier more often. There a feature on all three of these sites that allows online communication with members who are live and plugged in. It seems this site is the one that always has the most active live online members. A good portion of them are women that hail from all parts of the world and are eager to connect with a gentleman.

The server on this site is very fast so live communication is fun and just like the real thing. It’s fast enough that if there is a language barrier between a man and a woman it is fun to try and decipher what each other is saying.

Like the other two sites, this one is also simple to use and features a convenient “most popular profiles” section. Here you get to see who is the most popular among members and who is the friendliest to the most people.

This dating site is also very diverse. By far, it features the most members by niche dating requirement and subculture category. These include couples, travelers, and seniors, newly-singled, open-minded and “quirky” members. Women available on this site not only come from every imaginable region of countries like Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Poland, but also from areas as exotic as Thailand, Indonesia, North Africa and the Middle East.

This site has sometimes a technical problem. I think, because it is so popular and wide reaching, it sometimes has server errors and cannot be accessed.
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All in all, these three sites are wonderful because of their simplicity. These three sites can fit your online dating routing perfectly and they are totally free! I highly encourage any lonely man from any corner of the world to check them out.

You need to discover superb overseas girls and feature an thrilling global courting adventure, however you do not know in which to start. Don’t worry, we can help you! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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6 thoughts on “Pay or not pay?: Krystyna’s review of free Russian & Ukrainian dating services”

  1. Hi Krystyna, I have found your blog an interesting read. I do hve a question though concerning

    Is this a site you recommend and why? I have noticed that on your blog you carry the link and the profile photos of ladies who are associated to it.

    I really appreciate your honesty in your reviews

    Thank you very much and please – don’t stop!

    1. Hello Tristan,

      thank you for your warm words about my Ukrainian Dating Blog!

      I am an affiliate partner of I chose this dating agency as a partner because I know people who have met their soul mate there. So I do know that it is really possible a life partner from abroad on

      However, it does not mean that only honest ladies from Ukraine, Russia and Asia have their profiles on the site who have serious intentions to meet a man for life.

      There are a lot of scammers there, as well; therefore, you need to be careful using this dating site. But I am sure that if you follow simple rules, you do not get ripped off.


  2. Nice Blog God bless all, thanks for helping so many people out to avoid date scams and scammers, and agencies date scams etc..

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