Dating Polish Women: TOP3 Sites To Meet a Polish Bride

Internet technology has connected the world and helped enrich our personal lives in all sorts of unexpected ways. One example is that it has vastly broadened our social spheres, allowing us to communicate instantaneously with people in neighboring countries or even across the ocean.

This has opened up the dating market considerably, particularly in countries like Poland where the high ratio of men to women has led many Polish women to investigate international relationships. This dating guide will tell you a little bit more about why you should choose a Polish mail-order bride. You’ll find out about Poland, single Polish women for dating and marriage, and the process of getting started finding your Polish mail order bride online.

Poland: An Ancient Country that Has Evolved Over Time

Nestled in Central Europe, Poland is a country with approximately 38,433,600 inhabitants. The Baltic Sea is on the northern border while Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, and Slovakia are neighboring countries. The national language is Polish, but Kashubian is also spoken regionally. There are several large cities in Poland, each with their own unique attractions. The country’s capital is Warsaw with a population of 1.78 million people. Other major Polish cities include Gdansk, Krakow, Lodz, Poznan, and Wroclaw.

Poland boasts a rich cultural heritage dating back to the Iron Ages though its history reaches even farther back in time to the Bronze Age. This rich past has created a wholly unique culture grown from over a thousand years that has created traditions still carried on today such as Easter water day, the sharing of Christmas wafers with loved ones, and hot wax fortune-telling. Another significant contributor to Polish culture is the Catholic faith. The overwhelming majority of the country are devout Catholics that carefully follow religious holidays, traditions, and rules.

Food is another major part of Polish culture. The polonaise cuisine is largely comprised of hearty meat and vegetable dishes. A little-known fact is that the bagel originated in Poland. A few of Poland’s national dishes include kielbasa, pierogi, cabbage rolls, and sour cucumber soup. A meal is traditionally served with either honey mead, beer, or vodka. Each of these beverages has been enjoyed in Poland for over a thousand years and is a deeply rooted part of Polish culture.

Why to Meet Polish Mail Order Brides for Dating?

Using an international dating service seems like a big leap but for many it’s the perfect solution to some of the struggles of modern dating. Meeting online creates a safe, comfortable space where you can get to know the other person in a relaxed fashion. It also creates a situation where you’re going in with the express intent of finding someone for a long-term and stable relationship and you know that whoever you meet is likely looking for the exact same thing. This takes away much of the stress, wondering if the person you feel a connection with is interested in the same thing.

When done right, an online international dating service can help you find someone who shares your desire for romance, interest in the unfamiliar, and love of travel. In many cases it’s a more sensible approach than booking an expensive trip to Europe and then cruising the typical tourist traps and hoping to spark a connection with someone. When the time does come for you two to meet face-to-face you’ll know where you want to go, what you want to do, and you’ll be able to set up a date that’s more engaging than a night out at the local bar.

Why Are Polish Women so Popular Among Western Men?

Why are Polish women such appealing partners to men living in the Americas and Western Europe? Well, for one thing Polish women are extremely well-educated. The Polish public education system is top notch and the people there take great pride in this accomplishment.

It’s common for both men and women there to speak multiple languages, including German, Russian, and English. That means you’re less likely to run up against the language barrier that so frequently complicates international relationships. In fact, chances are she has better grammar than you do.

Polish mail order brides

And it shouldn’t be necessary to point out that, if you’re looking for a genuine relationship with a real partner then smart and sensible is better than dumb and pretty. A Polish woman can pursue her own career or manage a household as she sees fit, meaning you have a partner who you can work with instead of one you have to compensate for.

Which isn't to say that Polish women aren't attractive, in fact their beauty is renowned. The Polish people also benefit from a culture that strongly emphasizes Family and Tradition. These three traits are what make Polish women such appealing candidates for stable, long-term relationships.
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Beauty and Appearance of Polish Women

This has been mentioned briefly but it needs to be reiterated, Polish women are beautiful. Good genes is the popular response to these sorts of statements and, while there may be some truth there, the reality is a bit more complex. Polish culture certainly admires feminine beauty and Polish women are encouraged to take care of their appearance.

However, paying attention to your looks means something a bit different in Poland then it might in the West. In America, for example, this might mean caking on the make-up and getting some expensive clothes.

In Poland, the meaning is more about lifestyle. Taking care of yourself means eating healthy, home-cooked meals, staying active, and looking after the health of your teeth, skin, and hair. Men are expected to do much the same thing and the result is a natural, long-lasting beauty that many foreign men find captivating. Appreciating her looks will earn some points in the short term but taking care of yourself in a similar fashion is the best way to catch and keep a Polish girls attention.

How Are They Different from Russian and Ukrainian Ladies?

What makes Polish women more appealing than women from nearby countries, such as Ukraine or Russia? Well, there are a couple different answers to that. For one, there’s a cultural barrier at play that provides a significant obstacle.

This is true in any international dating situation but it’s particularly pronounced when dealing with dating practices in places like Ukraine and Russia. Ukraine in particular has a rather idiosyncratic culture with strong ties to their national traditions and a number of societal restrictions on how men and women should interact politely. 

Polish women

While there’s nothing wrong with this, an inexperienced foreigner is bound to put a foot wrong at some point. After all, anytime you enter into a relationship where two people aren’t on the same page in terms of how to interact and advance the relationship there’s bound to be trouble. There are political factors to be considered as well.

The unfortunate fact is that Ukraine and Russia are both countries wracked by political unrest and economic instability. 

This means that many dating services operating in the area may not be on the up and up, either praying on ignorant foreigners or exploiting women desperate to escape a difficult situation.

Why are Polish Girls Perfect for Marriage?

What makes Polish girls such great girlfriends and wives? It’s been mentioned before that Polish culture emphasizes a commitment to family and long-term relationships, however this can be elaborated on.

While in many ways the Polish people’s approach to relationship is traditional or old-fashioned, there is also a strong belief that marriage is, at its core, a partnership. In short, Polish women respect a hard-working man who shows he’s willing to care for her and do his part to provide for the family.

In return, she will care for him and support him just as he does for her. Though their approach to dating is far from casual, once a Polish woman is sure of the man she is with she has no qualms showering him with love and affection, either in private or in public. After all, a loving, caring family is a source of pride for them. This attitude makes a Polish women an exceptional life partner to any man who earns her affection.


How to Meet Girl from Poland?

So now that you have all this information, how does one go about meeting an eligible Polish bachelorette? Well, obviously you can always book a flight and hope for the best but there are some more sensible ways to go about it.

For one thing, there are many apps and online dating services already active to help facilitate connections between men and women looking for a date across the pond. These services let you get in contact, chat amicably for as long as you want, and when you’re both sure that the connection is there you can move forward and meet in person. You see, many of these services also offer travel planning and support so that you can book a trip to see your potential wife or bring her to you.

Polish girls

These trips are cheaper and better organized than a traditional travel service, allowing you to focus time, energy, and resources on what truly matters to you. And that would be spending time together with your soon to be Mrs. Right.

How to Choose the Best Polish Dating Site

But which site to use? After all there are so many dating sites out there in the world today and, as we all know, they are not all reputable services. So, how does a discerning dater spot the best options out of the veritable pile? Here’s a couple signals to keep an eye out for when you make your final decision.

The most obvious factor is visual. Basically, breeze through some of the available profiles on the site. If every picture you see looks like it features a model then chances are this site is not on the up and up. I know, I said Polish women are beautiful but there are still some things that stretch credibility. It may seem obvious but online dating scams are good at preying on people’s overly developed imaginations and there’s always a few suckers out there who swallow the hook without thinking.

Look for a site with profiles that look like real human beings with jobs and bills. That’s your best bet for a solid, stable, long-term relationship. In general, it’s always best to be wary of any service that promises too much. 

That’s just good life advice, anyone who promises straight out to sell you your dreams for cheap is probably just planning to take your money and run.

Conclusion: Why choose Polish women for marriage?

Let’s restate the obvious one last time. Polish women make great partners, and if you’re looking to develop an international relationship there’s a big dating pool available. While physical attractiveness is nothing to sneeze at, there’s so much more to be considered. While individual personality is always a factor, environment and culture still play a huge role in a person’s approach to dating and relationships.

Polish culture emphasizes tradition and family, while also extolling the virtues of education, independence, and open-mindedness. Relationship roles and courtship customs may seem a bit old-fashioned to some Westerners, however Polish woman see no problem in returning affection and support with love and devotion.

Polish brides

All these wonderful traits, combined with an interest in travel and an enthusiasm for other cultures, make Polish women loving and devoted partners. Let’s be honest, the time and expense involved in international dating is considerable enough that anyone looking to try is probably interested in settling down. That means a reliable, sensible, companion with her eye’s on marriage.

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