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Many of you are sending me emails to ask me questions re dating foreign women and how to choose a good dating service or thank me for the information I post on my Ukranian dating blog. I am more than happy to get all your comments and emails. Your stories and messages always encourage me to write new articles and create new content, tips and tricks with the same energy. So thank you, dear readers, for everything and keep reading my dating blogs.
Christopher S. says:

Hi Krystyna,

I am very glad to have found your blog. The fact that you yourself have found that special someone in this dating format, and sharing your imput, opinions, and information has been very helpful to me.

Billy A. says:

Thanks a lot for your time and your advices Krystyna J
The fact that i even talked to someone about all this, made me think more clear. You helped me (: I hope you keep giving advices about relationships to people for long time. Ukrainian girls are really the best…

Thanks for everything…

Eduardo says:

Thanks for making this blog, I really loved it!

Ukrainian Dating Blog
Frank says:

Dear Krystyna,

Thank you for a great blog, I happened to stumble over it while googling for the mindset of young Ukrainian women, and your clear language on the site is very rare when searching on this subject.

Rasmus M. says:

Greetings Krystyna,

First of all I would like to say that you have an interesting blog going on here, and it is nice that you are giving free pieces of advice.

I have always thought that Ukrainian women are the most charming and pretty thing in the whole world but I don’t know how to get to understand Ukrainian culture?

Michael says:

Dear Krystyna,

I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and advice.  Your words comfort my soul.  I care a great deal for Luda so I will try to take your advice.  I will let you know of the outcome…. however long it may take.  You offer a great service to people such as me and I thank you again  SPASIBA!!

Mike Martin says:

Hello Krystyna,

Thanks so much for helping me with my quest for my bride. Your information was very helpful and thank you for responding so quickly!

Your blog is great… keep up the good work helping people find love in this big world.

Mike Martin

Olivier says:

I’m reading again your blog and I truly find it amazing and so interesting – I’m sure you must be a fantastic and unique person to create such a blog.

Ken says:


This is fantastic advice. Thank you so much for the time you took to answer. I’m now on your site everyday reading as much as possible. I also just signed up on Elena’s Models. I’m hopeful to find someone.

I’m sure I will be calling on you again. I will look for any books on your site too so I’ll be well educated when I find someone.


Ken Weber

Barry says:

Hello Krystyna,

I just wanted to let you know that I am enjoying your website and appreciate your common sense ‘native’ advice. I had been in Ukraine twice and became interested in, then lost interest in, finding a FSU wife. I decided ten years ago that all the cross cultural, distance, and language hassles just were not ‘worth the bother’. I stopped my membership to a dating service but they sent me occasional emails which I would delete.

And then I opened an email and the eyes of a certain woman bored into my soul. I waited several days, trying to get a grip on myself “Do not fall in love with a picture” went through my mind. Well, we have been communicating via email for one year and this past July (2012) I traveled to Sumy to meet her. We both were so nervous we could barely speak as we met at a restaurant and proceeded to try to get to know each other a little.

Thank God I thought to buy an electronic translator. Her English is not so good and my Russian (working on it) is almost nonexistent. Well, for six days we would meet at restaurant, share pictures and such then walk around town through parks and various sites. I was prompted to write when I read about ‘Ukrainian attitudes toward kissing’ because other than the European (three) cheek kissing, there was none. And no other source discusses this issue, as well as so many others which you touch on and which are so very important to understand. So, Irina and I continue our communication and I will be going back for another visit soon. Thank you for your advice.

Best Regards,


Hung says:

Hello Krystyna,

I’m very glad that you reply with tips and advise. Very much appreciated for that!

It’s very interesting, but all the things you mention…. they all make sense. A man who they can trust, loyal, honest and with humor. They want a stable relationship. They want men with a serious approach to life, who can provide and give a warm loving home. It will be a big step for them to move out of Ukraine.

The only little problem I’m having, is that I’m always very interested in my date. Always interested in her background, culture etc. But sometimes, it seems a bit too much, if you understand what I mean. She feels checked and controlled, cornered. But she wants more freedom. I don’t mean it that way of course…

You are right, I have noticed differences of course, living in Western Europe for more than 30 years, and travelling to Eastern Europe only since 5 years ago. I have made mistakes before with a Russian woman… and I was too impatient. But I learned from that. And now, I am being very patient. But asking you for advise was because I was a bit losing my patience; after a year, I had expected more love and affection, more intimacy.

But I know, I just have to be a bit more patient and confident. Thank you so much for your advice.


Gary says:

Hello dear Krystyna,

You may recall an email I sent you asking your advice about a lady I had met on a website.

We have now left this site together and communicating via Facebook,personal email and Skype! we are planning my visit there in April. Wow!We have such a definite connection now ,both electronically and emotionally.

I just wanted to let you know how inspirational your blog is and how I appreciated the advise you gave me.

God bless you!

Kindest regards,


Darek says:

“Dear Krystyna….

Thank you very much for replying so quickly! Your advice is more than appreciated. Thank you for your precious time. I will take into consideration all you have said. I very much wish I could fly to Ukraine now and meet her but professional Chef duties require me to be in the USA for a least 6 more months. I sincerely hope that does not push her away….

God will direct my life as is planned;)

Warm regards,


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