Review of Mail Order Catalog Companies – Which Service is Best For You?

Nowadays, online dating has made it easier for singles to find love online. Unlike some years back, you can now communicate with some potential lovers before you meet them, thus knowing each other better before meeting physically.

However, to avoid common challenges, like jokers and scammers, you should look for the right dating site. The right dating site also increases your chances of finding your soulmate fast, as they attract only people looking for serious relationships. Avoid hookup and friendship sites if you are looking for a serious relationship.

This article is a guide to finding a perfect online dating site and a review of some of the best mail-order catalog companies. Read on to learn more!

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What Is a Mail Order Brides Catalog?

Earlier women published their personal details in catalogs to attract foreign men looking for wives. Men looking for a loving partner for marriage could also list themselves, mainly targeting women living in developing countries.

Nowadays, mail-order bride catalogs have evolved into online dating sites and mobile apps (read also: Foreign Mail Order Brides and Why You Need One). Online dating sites are websites or mobile applications designed to help individuals find romantic partners.

The variety of dating sites is wide, but they serve varying users’ needs. So, you must choose one that meets your dating goal. All you need to do is research before signing into a dating site and paying a subscription.

How Do They Work Exactly?

As mentioned above, while they help people find partners online, dating sites have varying objectives. Some common reasons people join dating sites include casual dating, hookups, serious relationships and marriage.

While procedures may differ from one platform to another, all dating sites attract singles to join and share their dating needs. These sites will then use the information provided to help the users find their perfect matches. Users can also create connections by browsing the available profiles and contacting people who share their interests. Since each person provides information about their physical features and preferences, you only need to check their profile picture and read their bio.

Once you show interest in an individual, the platform allows you to communicate. From there, you can determine if the person is the right match, exchange contacts, or even plan a meet-up in real life.

Below are some ways used by dating sites to connect their users.

Traditional Profile Systems

Most online dating sites operate through a profile system. Everyone joining the platform shares information about themselves, what they are looking for and some pictures. The site will then compile all this information into a profile visible to other users.

You can look for other profiles that match your dating needs and send a message to them. You can then plan a physical meet-up if you like each other. Some sites also do automatic connections using matching algorithms.

Swipe-Style Dating

The latest trend in online dating is swipe-style dating sites and apps. Unlike profile-style sites — where only a single party should show interest to start a conversation — both parties must show interest for a conversation to start in swipe-style dating apps.

Like profile-style dating platforms, users of swipe-style sites must create an account and add some photos, but the profile is shorter.

Since other users also like or dislike your profile, the site will notify you when you swipe yes for a person who has also swiped yes on your profile. The platform also enables you to communicate with each other.

This system's advantage is that you will never get messages from people you are not interested in. On the other hand, this system may not favor people who are not attractive, as people like or dislike a profile based on the appearance of the profile photo.
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How Do We Review Mail Order Brides Catalog Companies?

Despite the benefits offered by online dating, some sites may only meet some users’ expectations due to lack of essential services. Therefore, we review the available sites to help users make an informed decision when looking for an online dating site. Below are some of the factors we consider when reviewing mail-order brides catalog companies.


Does the site have a good reputation? Do the reviews on their website sound trustworthy? How are their reviews by customers and third parties? Reviews are the best way to check if a company offers what it claims. We check reviews by third parties, like Trustpilot and Sitejabber, to check a company’s reputation before recommending it to potential users.

Reviews by these platforms are trustworthy as they interview people who have used the services or open an account themselves.

Antiscam Policy

Does the dating site have an anti-scam policy? Most online dating sites have policies to prevent Ukrainian and Russian dating scammers from opening an account. Therefore, we ensure that the sites we recommend have made tangible efforts to prevent scams on their platform.


Security is crucial in any online platform where online transactions take place. A perfect online dating site should honor its clients’ confidentiality by having the technology required to protect users from hackers. For example, a site can use multiple layers of protection to identify unusual activities before any harm is done.

Customer Service

Since most online dating companies are international, working customer service is crucial, as you may not access their offices in your country. While most companies brag about having 24/7 customer service, not all will meet your expectations.

Instead of believing what is written on the company’s website, we test it ourselves. For example, if a company has a live chat feature and a customer support email address, we ask them some questions to rate their response time and their knowledge.

Platform Quality

How is the website designed? How functional are the site’s features? Is their website mobile-friendly? We know that users want a website that is attractive and easy to use. Therefore, we only recommend a website that makes finding love easier through simple and straightforward platforms.

Membership and Retention Rate

The number of members on a platform determines the possibility of finding love on the site. For example, a man looking for love should look for a platform with many women, as the chance of finding a match is higher.

Membership retention is also crucial as it determines the site’s customer satisfaction rate. An easy-to-use website will retain more users than a time-consuming and complicated website, allowing users to find love quickly.

Warning - Many Blacklisted / Not Recommended Sites

During a review of available online dating sites, we found that most were not worth recommending due to the high number of fake profiles reviews, fake chats and poor reviews by users and third party reviewers.

Most of these dating sites do not have strict safety policies, thus exposing users to the danger of scammers who pose as singles. Also, due to the lack of a strict verification process, such casinos also have too many fake profiles created by people who contact users just for fun.

A dating site with a lot of negative reviews is not worth trying, as the reviews are signs of poor customer satisfaction. Therefore, chances of finding a lover online are minimal if you invest your time and money in such a platform.

Our List of TOP Best Mail Order Brides Catalogues

Many mail-order companies around that help singles to connect with lovers. However, due to the differences in the target niches, you must know what each site offers to find the right match. In this section, we review some of the best mail-order catalog companies in the industry today. is a global dating site that helps you meet foreign ladies from all around the world. The site provides a free membership that includes all the contact information you would need to get started on your dating journey and paid subscriptions with additional features that allow you more control over your matches.

Services offers free and paid services to its members. Free members can browse the available profiles and search for members but pay higher for messages. On the other hand, paid service members enjoy huge discounts on messages and translation services, plus the site can help them find their match.


Special features at include a match wizard form that helps users find matches easier and phone translation. The site also organizes foreign tours to help men meet their soul mates.


The cost to use depends on the quality of the membership that you choose. Free memberships are available with limited features, or you can pay per month to access all the paid options available.

Platinum members pay a one-time activation fee of $95. The monthly bill for using the service is 29.95. Members also pay $2.50 to send a message without translation, $ 7.99 to send a message with translation services, $3.99 per minute for three-way phone translation calls, $ 5.95 to open a message and $ 3.5 if a letter has a photo. Free package users can also access these services but at a higher fee.

Why Do We Recommend this Site

We can confidently recommend singles to use this site because it has plenty of profiles to browse through, and the paid messaging only attracts serious individuals

Behappy2day is an International dating site that gives its members a better chance of finding love and marriage overseas. The website’s success can be attributed to its commitment to helping people find Ukrainian and Russian women (read also: Dating Russian Women: TOP3 Sites To Meet a Russian Bride).


Users with a free account are limited to browsing profiles and searching for members. Other services such as messaging, live chat, live video chat, and flowers and gift delivery come at a fee.


Special features include a 1-way and 2-way live video chat, where you can hide or show your face to the lady, romance tours to meet your loved one and email translation. The site guarantees that you will find a romantic match here and that you will find the love of your life.


Users of this site must buy credits to pay for each service’s fee. For example, sending a letter is 10 credits, live chat 1 credit per minute, video chat 2 credits per minute and 10 credits for watching a lady’s video on her profile.

Below is a list of credits and their prices:

Why Do We Recommend this Site

Behappy2day is one of the leading online dating sites for people looking for Ukrainian brides and Russian women, thanks to its wide listing of beautiful women and attractive features. The site also provides users with a lifetime opportunity to view users’ profiles for free.

UkraineSingles is a Ukrainian dating site where users can browse profiles and send messages to singles worldwide. Their membership includes basic, advanced and premium features, which can be upgraded as members wish.


The services at are free and include browsing profiles and posting your photos. Paid services offer translation of messages, discounts on translation phone calls, and the ability to invite friends.


Users on this platform can use regional searches to find people interested in dating people in their location. You can also block selected members from contacting you if you receive too many messages from people you are not interested in.


Members can pay an activation fee of $ 95 and a $29.95 monthly fee to join a Platinum membership. Platinum members enjoy free access to all women’s videos and pay less for mail and phone translations. also offers a six months executive matchmaker plan at $17,500. This plan is payable as follows:

Why Do We Recommend this Site

We recommend because:

  • There are many good-looking women from Ukraine who are available. 
  • Numerous positive reviews and success stories.
  • It was established in 1995.
  • Quality matchmaking and dating services.

CuteOnly is an online dating platform designed to help men find Slavic women. The site offers a free and premium membership, with premium features and services only available to paid members.

Services offers a free membership to its users but with limited features. Free members remain anonymous and can only view other member profiles and search for matches. Premium members can give full profiles, send messages at a discount, and read answers from others.


The features offered by CuteOnly include:

The site also lets you search using criteria such as age, location, gender, ethnicity and religion.


CuteOnly members who wish to message the women on the platform must pay a monthly subscription of $29.99. One can also buy a three-month membership at $50.97, thanks to the package’s 44% discount.

Why Do We Recommend this Site is one of the cheapest sites to find Russian and Ukrainian women. Unlike most sites, members without a subscription can send messages for free.

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