Russian Ukrainian Women & Thai Women – Very Different?

Dear friends,

Many Western men might wonder whether Russian and Ukrainian women are like Thai women, but, as a Ukrainian woman, I know that there are some big differences! 

There is no doubt that family values of the both cultures might be similiar… While we might all seem to be exotic, one of the most attractive traits about Ukrainian and Russian women is our devotion to our families. When we get married, our husbands and children become our top priority. Family values are the key to understanding Ukrainian and Thai culture. Family is extremely important and many old traditions are still very much a part of family life today.

What is the difference between Russian / Ukrainian and Thai women?

According to my online research, the dating culture of Thai mail order brides has always been a modest one despite popular rhetoric. Cross-cultural marriages between Caucasian and Thai women have only recently become commonplace fixtures in Thai communities.

thai women dating

Women are demure, while searching for a man of quality to become a part of her life. Treating a partner with undeniable respect, these women are rewarded with true commitment.

Russian / Ukrainian women vs Thai women

Career and finances

In my experience, Ukrainian and Russian mail order brides also very hardworking. Even if we have no experience in working in an office, for example, we are happy to help our husbands in their businesses if that is what they need.

15-20 years ago, Ukrainian and Russian women married very early (18-23 years were considered the best years of marrying). But nowadays, Ukrainians and Russian, like most Europeans, marry later. This is due to the fact that modern men and women want first to study and acquire a profession in order to become financially independent and able to support a family.

A Thai girl works to please her partner in every way a woman should. The more she is with her partner the greater the partners caretaker role becomes due to her economic dependency. In the Thai culture, her home life is her primary concern. Therefore, she is not expected to search for outside employment, unless it is the wish of her partner.

It is clear to these very smart women that if they wish to continue to live comfortably they must find a partner with the financial means to care for them, before moving beyond their early twenties.

Care taking is expected?

In Thailand, men expect to provide for their women. If, a woman works. She may have a small business. If, not a man might desire her company rather than having her out in the work force.

This is a personal decision. In the latter case, she is given a daily or monthly stipend or salary, known in Thai as an “ngen duan”. Caring for the woman is a strong part of the Thai culture. It is expected; a man marrying into a Thai family cares for his spouse. The active participation in family activities is expected. Social events are very important in the Thai family. The union is not only to the woman but also to the family.

In the initial process of asking for the woman’s hand, a man makes a solemn promise to take care of the woman. Thai women are cared for by their parents and trained to give great attention to their partners. They are quite beautiful and unaccustomed to the world of finance, which is required to pay mortgages, buy food and maintain a lifestyle.

The same expectations might be found in Russia and Ukraine. Men expect to provide for their Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides and expect to be a head of the family.

Issue of sexuality

Another difference between Russian and Ukrainian women (check also Slavic mail order brides) and women from Thailand is our sexuality.

People around the world regard Thailand as a visiting point for sexual pleasures. However, the actual culture of sexuality is modest. Thai women are quite chaste and stay with one partner. The subject is not open for dinner conversation.

Ukrainian Women Are So Beautiful

Women are expected to remain untouched, sexually, for respectability. The same level of modesty appreciated in other parts of the world is no less expected, in Thailand. A woman of lose morals is frowned upon in Thailand and loses her position as a respectable woman.

However, Western influences have opened the option of cohabitation before marriage in the younger generation of Thai residents.

Russian and Ukrainian women’s sexuality

Thus, the Ukrainian and Russian woman’s attitude towards sex, hugs and kisses differs from the Western woman’s attitude. You should know that our culture is rather conservative (the women are shy and do not kiss at the first date usually).

Many readers write me that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not.

Polygamy is common and we learn to get used to and love it early on in dating. I know this may be a shocker for some of you men in the western world with our culture being so different.
International dating blogger

Conclusion: A lot in common​

As you can see, Russian / Ukrainian and Thai women have something in common. On the other hand, there are very many cultural differencies. In my view, it is really hard to compare these both nationalities. Cultural differencies would dominate and we are really different.

What are your thoughts on this issue? 

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13 thoughts on “Russian Ukrainian Women & Thai Women – Very Different?”

  1. Enjoyed your piece on the differences between Russian/Ukrainian women and Thai women. My only experience has been with American and Colombian women.

    What are the differences between Russian and Ukrainian women?
    What do you consider an acceptable age difference between an older American man and a younger Russian or Ukrainian woman?
    Lastly, I’ve heard that visiting the host country, as opposed, for example, letter writing, is the only way to meet and marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman.
    If so, do you recommend an agency like A Foreign Affair or Anastasia or just meet them online and go there?



    1. Hello Peter,

      thank you for your comment. Sorry that I answer you so late, I was sick 🙁
      But now I feel better and can answer your questions.

      Question 1: What are the differences between Russian and Ukrainian women?

      Answer: There is no great difference between Russian and Ukrainian women. The cultures and mentalities are very similar. The religion is the same (Orthodox), the appearance is also the same (you can see immediately that Russian and Ukrainian women are Slavic origin).

      I would say that there is a slight difference in temperament and family roles. Russian women are a little quieter, Ukrainian women are more emotional and play the first violin in their families. Russian and Ukrainian women are very family oriented – they are definitely the same in this point of view.

      Question 2. What do you consider an acceptable age difference between an older American man and a younger Russian or Ukrainian woman?

      Answer: For me personally, an acceptable age difference between an older (American, English, Deutsch, French, etc. ..) man and a younger Russian or Ukrainian woman is max. 10 years.

      Although, as I said before, this question is also very personal (s. my interview about age differences: Everyone should decide for themselves. I know a couple in Germany (she is Russian, her husband is German) and 20 years lie between them.

      Question 3: Lastly, I’ve heard that visiting the host country, as opposed, for example, letter writing, is the only way to meet and marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman. If so, do you recommend an agency like A Foreign Affair or Anastasia or just meet them online and go there?

      Answer: Unfortunately, the distance between the U.S. and Russia / Ukraine is very big and it’s pretty difficult and expensive to go every month to Ukraine to meet women for marriage there live. The only reasonable possibility to meet women is Ukraine online dating services like LoveMe and Anastasia. You can, of course, try to find Ukrainian and Russian women in America. There are many Ukrainian women who have emigrated to America.

      Dear friends,
      if you have any questions about Ukraine women and dating, please don’t hesitate to contact me (like Peter did :))

      @Peter: I hope I could help you with my piece of Ukraine dating advice. If you need more information, just ask me!



      1. i’m thai business man ,and very very interest to have soulmate and family with ukraine or russian i would like to know ,it can be posible or can.t possible and they can accept thai man
        thank in advance for your reply
        samfrom thailand

  2. In reading your post, I feel a sense sincerity. I believe you are being realistic. For some reason I cannot get my mind off finding a russian/ukrainian woman. I have travelled there to meet one in the past. I am curious about the success rate. There is so much negativity and many horror stories. I have no problem meeting women here, but I cannot fall in love with any of them. I dream about finding the right woman, but I am somewhat worried. Can you help me?

  3. Oh! i do have questions!
    while you were writing this article… have you known any Thai ladies in person? or have you been in the other parts of Thailand, not Pattaya or something like that??

    Yes, there is but it’s not absolutely true. : (
    you’re misunderstanding.
    As a Thai woman… Yes, we do have devotion to our families too, not only husbands and children, but also mom-dad, grandmom-dad, sis-brothers. That’s why we prefer living in our hometown to take care of them(and also husbands’ relatives). Everybody love relax but there are also millions of Thai women around the world who work and help their husbands’ businesses. New generations build family as a couple b’cuz of the city’s lifestyle… guess what? i also see something like this here in RUSSIA!

    and for our tradition… having SEX(what you tried to call ‘physically intimate experiences’?) is only with husbands as well. And we won’t have it before married.

    What you have read on internet is just about pub, bar and pattaya, so plz don’t think that Thai ladies, the whole country will be whores. Don’t you know there are many ‘eastern Europe’ ladies work as prostitutes in Thailand?.

    What you’d written is so rude for talking about the other nations. We respect you, won’t you respect us?

    I’ve been here for a while, and I heard a lot from Russian guys about Russian Ukrainian Women’s life style…and I don’t know why it’s different from what i’ve read here.

    Sorry for my anger and rude, for my bad English, for my bad manners
    and THANK YOU so much for your opinion

  4. I am a Thai woman working as a white collar same men. My position is even higher than many Thai/Foreign male. During the office hours, I work seriously. When I come home, I am being mom for my son, daughter for my mom & dad.

    I am not sure which part of Thailand that you met Thai women as mentioned in your post. You are right, some Thai women might be the same as what you wrote. However, I believe that some Russian / Ukrainian women might be the same.

    Don’t think that every Thai woman is the same just because some Thai woman is a bad apple.

    Apologize for my poor English. Should you not clear on my message, you are welcome to send me an email.

  5. Hi Krystyna

    I am Thai man. I like your e-book and I often visit your blog.
    I read the topic Russian Ukrainian Women & Thai Women – Very Different?

    I want to tell you The Four Truth About Thai girl and Thailand.

    1. Thailand is not Land of prostitute. Most Thai woman is not prostitute. I accept that there are Thai prostitute in Thailand but you can find many prostitute from Fromer USSR,Ubez, Ukraine, Russian, Poland, Bulgaria too. There are many prostitute in worldwide.

    2. Don’t find true love in nightclub or bar in Thailand.
    Most Western man visit Thailand and go to Nightclub bar in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Find your future wife there. This is many stupid thing.
    In Thai, we called Those place ( nightclub, bar) “สถานที่อโคจร” . The meaning in English of “สถานที่อโคจร” is The place that Thai gentleman and Thai lady don’t go there or Educated person don’t go because there are many drunkard and bitchy girl or vixen girl or prostitute and have many crime in nightclub and bar. You don’t find Thai lady at nightclub.
    If you want a long term relationship with nice, reliable honest educated Thai girl. You should find her at University in Thailand, Academic language in university. TOEFL course prep. Or IELTS course prep in Language institute, Business Event, International Academic conference, International company, International Academic exhibition, Art exhibition, Museum. Many Thai girls study aboard. You can meet her at Imperial college of London, Oxford University( former Prime Minister of Thailand graduated here ), University of Manchester, Havard University, Mayo clinic in Rhochester, Minnesota , Lomonosov Moscow state university, Sechenov Moscow medical academic, State Pushkin Institute and another famous university.

    3. Most highly educated Thai girl who are reliable do not want to leave Thailand and many of them prefer Asian man (Thai, Japan, Korea, China) than Western man.
    But many uneducated or low educated Thai girl want marry with Western man and leave Thailand. Although Most of them are gold digger and want to catches Western man but Western man want her too.

    Why Most highly educated Thai girl do not want to leave Thailand?

    First reason
    Cost of living is low in Thailand. Thailand has many good food quality. You can eat Cucumber at restaurant in Moscow with price 140 Ruble ( 1Ruble Russia or Ukraine = 1Bath Thai) but you can pay 30 Ruble for Cucumber in restaurant in Thailand.
    Thailand in top international living.

    Second reason
    Most Thai man have not bad habbit. Most Thai are Buddhism. The strict Buddhism use Five Commandments of Buddhism.
    1.Don’t Kill
    2.Don’t gamble
    3. Don’t have Multiple sexual partner
    4.Don’t criticise another PERSONAL
    5. Don’t drink, Don’t smoke and Don’t use drug or use abuse drug.
    Then, the clever girls don’t reject Thai man.

    Third reason
    The educated Thai girl does not starve to death.
    In Thailand, Most popular profession is doctor, the second is lawyer and engineer.
    The jurist get 100,000 ruble/month. The doctor who work for Aesthetic or cosmetic clinic or Plastic surgery clinic get 250,000-400,000 ruble/month but they have higher risk of prosecution.
    The doctor who work for government hospital get lower salary overall 50000-70000 Ruble/month but lower risk of prosecution and free for medical expenses of doctor’s family.
    Some doctor work for rural hospital in some region. They get free Cost of utilities.
    Thai medical school in top 200 World University Rankings by Subject: Medicine

    Fourth reason
    Thai language is Official language because Thailand is one country of Southeast Asia that was never colonized by Western nations. Thai have lower English Speaking Skill than Philippines. Laotian can speak French but most Thai can not speak French or Portuguese because Thai was never colonized by France and Portugal .

    This is the reason that why highly educated Thai girl don’t want to leave Thailand.

    I know that there are many educated girl of Ukraine from romance tour of Anastasiadate in Odessa or Kharkov but I sure that you never seen the Thai girl who are doctor , lawyer, engineer in romance tour in Thailand but most girl from romance tour in Thailand by dating agency are girl bar, former prostitute, uneducated or low educated girl.

    4. Type of Thai girl that western man love but Thai man hate.
    Most western man love E San girl( Thai girl who come from Northeast of Thailand) but E san girl in Thai man’s attitude is so very ugly. Like girl from Ukraine different from girl of Central Asia.
    Most Thai man prefer girl from another region of Thailand than E san girl.
    Most uneducated girl come from E san and work as a prostitute or a girl bar.

    Example: The photo from your blog and any website.
    The girl from picture is so very ugly face in Thai man’s attitude .This is not spec of girl for Thai man. Most Thai man don’t like her.

    I don’t know. Why the Western man prefer girl form a bar or night club?
    In Thai, We have proverb “ คบคนเช่นไร ย่อมเป็นเช่นนั้น” .The meaning in English is “ If you have a bad friend, your bad friend will bring the darkness to you”.

    Please tell your western man friend that “ You can find good girl in good place, not from nightclub or bar or Romance Tour in Thailand” .

    Or Change the sentence “Many stupid Western man want to make are relationship with girl from bar or nightclub who worked as a prostitute prior”.

    1. Hi Krystyna

      I am german man. I like your e-book and I often visit your blog. I love it !

      What Nevsky said 2012 is true. The thai from Isaan are about 99,5 % Prostitutes. = ” E San girl( Thai girl who come from Northeast of Thailand).”

      Greetings – now is 2016 — and the rubel went down …

  6. I am agree with you some part.
    yes. someone in my country is like you said.
    But We should to look for a cause of why

    It depends on what you use it.
    What’s it, for western man used to look for thai woman and marry with her, I guess they use by money more than their heart
    so, It’s hard if they hope a loyalty from thai woman
    If you look for good woman you should not to look for in pub, night club or bar like Nevsky said.

    I have had friend from other country, someone try to invite me to their country by offered to pay me. Someone try to show me see their assets. Of course If I want just money, I would accept their offer. But my reply to them is my life is here. And I have it all here.

    The truth in Thailand, most women are very loyal to the family.
    Care for children and husband. I believe that we don’t different from any nation in the world, because it is a Maternal instinct.
    and we will to do that for our love.

  7. Hi Krystyna,

    First of all, I am Thai and visit your website accidentally.

    Anyway, I am so upset to know that your attitude toward Thai girls is unfair.
    Well, I can’t refuse that some situations or stories you mention are never happen before in Thailand, but please open you mind and your eyes to explore more before write something and post in public!

    In Thailand, we have more than 60 millions populations.. So you think the majority of the women in our country are the same type as you talking about? I don’t know what is the standard that you justify us in that way. How many Thai girls you get to know? What is their age? What is their occupation? Further more, are you sure that the majority if Ukrainian girls are the same like you? From my point of view, I can feel that you hate Thai girls. What is the reason you compare your people with Thai girls? Why don’t Vietnamese , Philippines etc?

    Finally, if you want to write something in public that is relate to other countries like this , I think you better learn a lot about their culture, history and stay with them for more than a year. It’s unfair that you justify them with nightclub ppl only. What if ppl justify Netherlands with only the red light district ?

  8. Elvis Raymond okezie

    Wow i have a thai lady i love i am from Nigeria well i guess now i have to ask her if she is from the northeast E san hmmm. Well i see truth in every thing people say here i agree before you judge listen be with the people’s culture socialize with them ok even if the thai girl i love now is from E san to hell am not leaving her base on what i read from the internet. Like i said dont judge the book without its cover or by the cover. Am Elvis Raymond okezie bye guys remember no body made you judge over any bod. Funny i also have a Ukrainian lady i guess now i have to choose one for marriage thnks

  9. my husband is looking for someone to be a girl friend but I would not leave him have any one as he can have a bad temper and not a nice person he will be looking when I will be gone soon from him

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