Interesting Facts about Russian Culture in Ukraine

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Many people in the West are, unfortunately, ignorant of Russian and Ukrainian culture, except for the distorted versions they see in movies or TV. But knowing a few facts can go a long way, especially if you’re planning to meet Russian Ukrainian women.

What you should know about Ukraine

Ukraine has, of course, been an independent country since the demise of the Soviet Union, and Ukrainians have always cherished their unique culture. But Russian influence on life in the Ukraine stretches back to at least the 18th century, and the influence only became stronger when the Ukraine was absorbed into the Soviet Union. So, especially in east Ukraine, Russian ideas are inextricably tangled up with Ukrainian culture.

Ukraine Culture

East Ukrainians are, in my experience, almost entirely native Russian speakers. The use of Russian as an official language is an ongoing sore point in Ukrainian politics, but unofficially, Russian is widely used in ordinary life, in books, TV, and magazines, and many people grow up speaking Russian. Despite this, many Ukrainians are also fiercely patriotic — especially as their country climbs its way out of the shadow of the Soviet Union — and resent being mistaken for Russians.

Ukrainians, especially older Ukrainians who lived through the Soviet years, can seem cold and reserved at first. Once they get to know you, however, they make friends much more rapidly and deeply than Westerners or Russians do. So when dealing with Russian Ukrainian women, a little courtesy can go a long way!
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Ukrainians are more friendly

In general, Ukrainians are more friendly toward the West, and more eager to adopt Western styles and attitudes, than Russians. However, Ukrainians have also adopted Russian cynicism toward wealth and success: if you’re well-off, it’s because you know the right people, not because of hard work or talent. Despite this, Ukrainians are extremely generous to their friends.

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  2. Hi I was recently in Kiev and was introduced to a beautify Ukrainian girl.
    I’m 55 she is 30 divorced with 6 yo child. She has no family in Kiev, mother and grandmother live in Crimea. She does have a good job with travel agency is buying apartment.
    As per normal husband drank a lot and was not nice to her and he father apparently sold some of he things for money and she no longer speaks to him.
    We seem to get on, slowly, and continue to chat twice daily on viber.
    I will fly her to visit with me for two weeks.

    Will this relationship work or am I being played/scammed. She has not asked for money although I did gift some to her when I left Kiev. Note we have cuddles and passed but no sex as she says she is a good girl and did even visit my hotel room for fear of being seen.

    1. Hi Richard,

      thank you for your comment here. I have to say that your questions is one of the most frequently asked questions by my readers. I understand your fear to getting scammed by Ukrainian dating scam.

      Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men. These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men. They know what they are doing and how to get the naive victim to fall for the bait. When the scam is over, the unfortunate victim is left still lonely but with less money.

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      Look closely at messages that the woman sends you. The first messages like “I love you”, “You are a man of my dreams” without meeting you offline is a red flag. Be wary of communications that ask you to act immediately, offer something that sounds too good to be true, or asks for personal information.

      3. The woman wants to marry you after 1 personal meeting.

      If the Ukrainian woman is too interested – too quickly – in getting to marry you, this could indicate a problem. Let your relationship with a Ukrainian bride take a slow and steady natural course of events and meetings and let your gut decide when it is right to marry her.

      4. The woman is not interested to communicate with you

      She never finds time to give a call to you, write a message and skype with you. If so, consider it as a red flag.

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      Does your woman show any of all these red flags? If everything is fine, she does not ask for money and your communication is going well, you should be fine and enjoy your communication. Work on this relationship. Remember, that offline dating is also no guarantee about success. Your offline dater can scam you too. Surely, you should be cautious, but not overcautious.

      5 Red Flags in Ukrainian & Russian Online Dating

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      I hope I could help you.

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