Russian vs. Western men: Who is Better for Dating & Marriage?

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There is a long debate that has gone on for a number of years. This debate is bigger than Coke Versus Pepsi or even Pizza Hut versus Domino’s. No, this debate is Russian men (I would also add Ukrainian men to this controversial discussion) versus Western men.

There are a lot of differences between these two types of men and both of them come with their own traits that make them a great type of man to date and be in a relationship with.

The following article is meant to give you an in-depth look at the things that make these two excellent for dating and marriage. Or maybe not… Women can decide.  

Reasons Why Should You Go for Dating Russian and Ukrainian Men

When looking to date a Russian man, there are a few traits that you will need to make sure that you know in advance as to not be surprised when getting into a relationship with a man of Russian or Ukrainian descent.

I would say that dating a Russian or Ukrainian man is like playing a Russian roulette, namely: you never know what might happen. You can date a prince on a white horse, or a greedy robot. You never know what to expect…

There are a lot of things that make a Russian man so popular to date that for a lot of women they simply can not help themselves but be attracted to them. So what are some of the qualities that women to find attractive in the Russian and Ukrainian men that they date? 

Russian & Ukrainian men always pick up the check​

When out on a date with a Russian man, you will not have to worry about paying for your portion of the dinner bill.

Russian men are known for wanting to pay all the expenses when on a date. This is one of the reasons that when a woman has the chance to date a Russian man, they will jump on it.

In this day and age when men are not as chivalrous as they used to be it is good to find a group of men that know how to treat a woman and won’t leave her having to pay for her own date night. 

Russian and Ukrainian men insist on picking up their dates​

There won’t be any having to take the bus to get to a date when you date a Russian man. Men from Russia (often but not always) insist on picking their dates up and will not rely on them having to get to and from the date.

It is a good thing to know that when you date a Russian or Ukrainian man, that he will be there to pick you up and take you on a date that will be hard to forget. This is one of the top traits that many women say really attract them to Russian men. 

Russian and Ukrainian men make their women feel very feminine​

If you are looking for a man that will let you be you, then Russian or Ukrainian is the way to go. More and more women when asked will say that the one thing that seems to attract them to Russian and Ukrainian men is the fact that they can feel like a woman around their Russian mate. 

Russian and Ukrainian men are (very) protective​

Very few types of men will be as protective as that of a Russian or Ukrainian man will be these men are known for standing up for their women and defending their honor when someone attacks them. 

Russian and Ukrainian men send flowers just because...​

Imagine for no other reason other than just because a man sending you flowers. Often times man men will have to have a special occasion to send flowers to a woman for.

When dating a Russian man, you can expect to get flowers from them just because it is a random Friday or just for them to tell you that they love you. 

Russian vs. Western men

Reasons Why You Should NOT Go for Dating Russian and Ukrainian Men

Let us discuss some reasons why Russian and Ukrainian men are not a good match for dating and marriage:

Russian and Ukrainian men do not take their relationships very serious

There are a lot of Russian and Ukrainian men that do not really take their relationships serious and do cheat on their woman. There are so many stories and gossips about cheating on the Russian forums. The reason for this might be the “pasha” behavior of these men and the inability to confront beautiful women in their country.

After divorce, Russian and Ukrainian men no longer care for children

We all have heard the horror stories of women that after divorce Russian and Ukrainian men just disappear and do not care of their children. Unfortunately it’s true. For example, my father just stopped caring for my sister and me when he left our family. I have not seen him for more than 25 years.

Russian and Ukrainian men do not work hard to make their woman happy after wedding

Ukrainian and Russian men can be very gallant and romantic during dating. However, after the wedding, the men believe that they have done their work and now it’s the turn of the woman to make them happy and content. Most men from Russia and Ukraine do not take part in domestic work. Raising children also falls on the shoulders of women.

Russian man to date

Reasons Why Should You Go for Dating Western Men

There is a lot that can be said when it comes to the dating qualities of Western men (American, Western European, Australian and Canadian). Some of them are really great. Some of these dating qualities might be boring and not appealing.

Here we go with some reasons why you should decide for dating a Western man:

Western Men are Fun Loving

Fun is one of the things that a Western man will want to have. This type of man is always up for a good time and they will be willing to try a new adventure that they might not have ever experienced. This is why more and more women are wanting to take the chance and date a Western man for their future husband. 

Western men are more willing to forgive past relationships

If you mention your past boyfriend, then it will be okay and the man that you are with will be a lot more willing to let this go than any other type of man. No matter what the situation is, you don’t have to worry about there being a weight held over you for a past relationship that you had. 

Western men are eager to solve conflict in a short time

Western men are not looking to keep a fight going for a long period of time and as such, they will be very fast and eager to put an end to the conflict even if that means saying that they are wrong. This is why Western men do not stay in fights for very long in their life. 

Western man for dating

Reasons Why You Should NOT Go for Dating Western Men

Let us discuss some reasons why Western men are not great for dating and marriage:

Western men sometimes forget you're a woman​

They deal with you as you were a man, not a woman. Sometimes I get a feeling that you are at a business dinner, and not on a romantic date. They are afraid to look at you as a woman (with admiration) and to make compliments.

Dates with Western men can be boring

Many Western men forget of being spontaneous. The dating process goes according to a certain plan (dinner, then cinema, then dinner again). What about to go to the forest for picking up mushrooms? Or going to Paris for the weekend?

Conclusion: Russian vs Western men - who is better for dating?

Let′s be honest. Both types of men have qualities that women tend to be attracted to, it is for this reason that more and more times than not the decision between these two types of men will be quite hard to decide between.

If you are still having a hard time making a decision, then simply date a man from both and see which ones will appeal to you the best. 🙂

I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter: Russian vs Western men: who is better for dating & marriage? Please share your experience below.

Many thanks in advance! Спасибо! Spasibo! Дякую!

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  1. I do not believe that sincerely Russian men, on equal terms (Man) would like to be with a woman who only treats him well, who likes to be with that woman, the site, color, smell and gender would only be details of the same person .
    I believe that at this moment society is being educated according to the choice of relations that leads us to the union of races, for example if we see the Venezuelan country we can see the union of a multiculture of races which unites them white, black, Indian and among others giving a union of races which do not look at borders, if they look and treat each other the same as a human being

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