Review 2022: Is the Dating Site Top or Flop?

With the world leaning more towards technology use, more and more individuals meet through Russian online dating. These men and women often choose to use dating websites more directed towards their culture or race. is used by a whopping one and a half million users and partners can be found near or far. The Russian dating website has already connected hundreds of couples and hopes to continue pair more soulmates. In this review, I will delve into the logistics behind the successful dating website and review its features such as pricing, validity, safety and profiles.

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Success Rate 90%
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Cons Test: Let's get to the details is run by a company called Cupid Media which was released in the year 2000. Cupid Media is in charge of running a variety of niche dating websites based on personal interests such as sexuality, culture, religion, and many more (Check the following Cupid Media guides: AsianDating Review and Review). The company is currently the lead niche online dating website in countries across the world such as North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Cupid Media has serviced almost thirty million satisfied individuals and has the latest technology to make using these websites an altogether more enjoyable experience. Instead of making you, the user take a personality test to find a match, you are given the option to create a self advertisement and find love at your own pace.

Most of the visitation and membership at consist of residents of both Russia and the United States. The website is aimed at Russian or Western men looking for love because they are not featured on the website at all; the website consists of Russian women and girls of legal age. Not finding someone is not a problem because at ay time of day, approximately over one thousand users are online. Did not make an account yet? No problem! allows you to view these females before making an account. Whatever the case may be, is aimed towards helping you find your true love.

In accordance with’ Terms of Service, any new member must be at least age eighteen or over. If an account does seem suspicious, the website reserves the right to investigate and terminate the account if needed. By becoming a member at, the user is consenting for the transmission of his or her data to any third parties. However, there are security measures intact to protect your information otherwise. To avoid scamming, the website can request a user to do an identification check by sending in documents of identification. makes meeting your future significant other incredibly easy with its simple layout. To show interest in someone or send a message, you would simply have to visit that person’s profile and click one of the two buttons. If you are at a loss for words, there are a couple of options available such as, “Seeking marriage,” “Want to chat,” or I’m interested in you.” If any of these options (or others on the website) are to your liking, but need a personal touch, they can be easily customized. has a layout similar to other niche dating websites created by Cupid Media with the only difference being the color scheme. Similar to Facebook, offers tagging to find others with your personal interests and making searches more efficient.

After making a profile, you will be asked to verify your identity by sending in documents. A badge will appear on your profile to show that you have verified and are in fact, a real person. The profiles can also highly customized.

Signing Up: That's what we found out

The registration process on was made with users not so tech savvy in mind. The process is fairly quick and not to mention easy. To make an account, there are only three fields and two boxes that need to be filled out. As with any other dating website, there is an option for uploading a photo, however it is important to note that uploading one is not necessary. According to experts, showing a profile picture on an online dating website makes you more likely to find a match rather than someone without one!

RussianCupid Test

The photo uploading process is simple: pick a photo from your desktop or Facebook and click a button. If the photo you want is not on either of these platforms, there are some alternatives! The options are as follows:

One last thing to note is that your full name must accompany the picture you choose to send as does not provide email verification.
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Affordability and Pricing at Reviewed offers both free services and paid, with the free services being more basic. For a more advanced use of, the paid options offers all that the free services do and a more convenient experience. 

The free services are as follows:
The paid services include:

If you choose to purchase the paid services for a better experience using, there are two options of purchase available: Platinum and Gold memberships. Platinum memberships are the more expensive option, but offer a fuller experience with all of the available features. The memberships are purchased on a monthly basis with the options being one month, three months, or a full year. Compared with other dating websites, is fairly priced for what it offers.

Trustpilot Testimonials

Numerous users on Trustpilot have accredited as being a scam, however this may just be because of a bad experience. One user has written about a lack of real users on the website. After making an account, there will be an influx of messages into your inbox, but a majority of these will be from scammers or fake accounts, according to the user. Scam or Real?

Other reviews from websites such as Sitejabber and have more positive reviews about the website. One user mentions how he met his future bride on and another counteracts the claim from the Trustpilot reviewer that a majority of the users are fake. He says that does have real women and he has messaged quite a few of them. Others mention finding their soulmates from areas such as Ukraine and Vologda. It is safe to say from these reviews that is very much a real and credible dating website!

Russian Women on

One of the biggest concern members have on is fake profiles. With a majority of these women or girls being beautiful, it is easy to make the assumption that they could be fake. However, users have testified from experience that these women are real after video chatting and meeting in person with them. These women are real women looking for committed relationships and are mostly either students or working adults. Find the perfect woman or girl only takes a little bit of searching!

Conclusion: Why Should You Join? has connected hundreds of individuals whom have now found their lifelong partner. There are thousands of real women on the website if you take the time to search for them and the scam accounts are easy to avoid as they have mostly empty profiles. The technology on the website is current and aimed towards making your experience more efficient and convenient. 

The layout is simple enough for even the least tech-savvy of users and is accessible to all ages over eighteen. If you choose to meet a female who resides in a Russian-speaking country, the language translation services on the makes it easier to communicate and even learn the language. may just be where you will meet your future soulmate and partner!

About the blogger: Krystyna is an acclaimed international dating expert, blogger, and founder of Ukrainian Dating Blog. She has published over 500 articles on international dating in English and German. She likes to focus on cross-cultural relationships, common or trending dating issues, and dating scams.
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