The Five Warning Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Ukrainian Woman

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One of my readers asked me to prepare the red flags guide for you when dating a Ukrainian woman in person. No problem, here we go. I did my homework and would like to present some warning signs to watch out when you meet your Ukrainian woman offline.

There are a lot of single men who use Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites to find the love of their life. Look at all the ads on T.V. All of them tell you the same thing. “Get online and create a profile. The love of your life is waiting for you. Forget waiting. Get out there ate begin loving“.

It seems easy enough to believe. A lot of single men buy into it. They create a profile and start looking. The Ukrainian and Russian women seem fun loving enough. The Ukrainian and Russian women seem innocent, gorgeous and so family-oriented. They seem like they will offer some sort of real life connection, maybe even marriage and a family at some point.

I mean that’s the point of online dating, isn’t it? The point is to make a connection, so that you can finally meet up in person. You thing meeting a Ukrainian woman offline is much more than secure than online dating. However, even in the offline dating world there are going to be red flags.

But before we start to discuss offline dating red flags, these are warning signs to remember that many of you guys should start to notice even before the offline dating starts:

Today I have selected at least 5 signs that you guys need to pay attention to when dating a Ukrainian woman IN PERSON.

Expecting you to be a sugar daddy on your date

Is the girl you are talking to a gold digger? There are some signs you need to be looking out for. If she asks you to pay for everything on the first date, this is a major negative sign.

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If she wants you to take her to the most expensive place to eat in town. She is pretty much sizing you up in these instances. She is not looking to build some sort of future with you. In this case, I am talking about a happy, lasting and healthy relationship, not “sugar daddy sugar baby” relationships. Of course, you can have this kind of relationship if you wish.

This Ukrainian mail order bride is looking to make you her newest sugar daddy. Sorry guys. In this instance, you need to run now (surely if you wish to have a healthy relationship). It happens all the time. Don’t worry. As soon as you are gone, she will look for another. This is what happens with gold diggers.

That belongs to the Ukrainian dating culture. It’s your responsibility as a strong and confident man to take care of your woman. After all you want her to be able to relax and enjoy her time with you. But if the woman wants to meet you only in the most expensive restaurants and expects you to pay all her shopping bills, you should be aware of.

Thinking in a negative way

Does she tend to only think about the negative things? Does she tend to be angry all the time? Does she hate her life, friends, colleagues and job?

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Before too long she will direct all of that anger and aggression on you. She has a lot of issues inside. She is looking to place the template of her blame on someone. That someone might just be you, unless you run for the hills. Please, run for the hills.

Being a Princess on your date

Does she sort of walk around like a little Princess from Ukraine on your very first date? These women usually like to be coddled. They have a sense of “entitlement“. They tend to think the world revolves around them.

I shouldn’t have to go on with this one anymore. I am sure some of you already know a few of these women. If she gets angry and resentful that she is not getting 100% of your focus 100% of the time, it’s going to end badly. It’s best to say hi and by very quickly.

Building your future together

You have your first date in Ukraine but she seems like she is pushing for some sort of commitment a little too quickly? Does your woman get too serious too fast? It is definitely a red flag.

This happens a lot with insecure women. There are tow types here. One, your woman from Ukraine is just looking to settle down with someone. She really doesn’t care who it is. Two, She wants everything to be perfect. It’s like being in one of those sappy chick flick movies; although, I do have to admit some of them are pretty good.

The point is those movies are fantasy. Your dating life is not. If she is looking to turn everything into a romance flick, than you might want to rethink her true intentions. The Ukrainian woman might not even be truly interested in you personally. She is just looking to “be married” with a Western man.

Showing no interest

The bride from Ukraine is actually showing no interest in you. Some ladies will just show you enough (basic) interest to keep you in their back pocket. On the flip side they will keep you hanging. They will make and break plans with you.

These Ukrainian ladies will make up some excuse as to why they don’t want to talk to you. They will make up excuses as to why she is not spending time with you, maybe even place the blame on someone else to save face. And your bride will make it so you do all the calling, leaving it possible for her to be lazy about her intentions. It happens a lot, even among the best of friends.

Pay attention to the signs of a successful first date with your Ukrainian bride that can help you find out if your date likes you already:

If you do not identify these signs on your first date, it is a red flag. There is a simple explanation here. She is just not into you. You need to recognize this and move on. If she were interested in you, she’d put forth more effort with you. The fact that she puts forth very little interest is a sign enough to show she doesn’t care. Please, move on from this one.


Ukrainian and Russian dating is troubling enough, without being hooked up with some woman who has no real interest in you. Guys, please try to find someone who values you. Here’s the thing about red flags. Some of them are warranted, while others tend to play tricks on you. If a red flag is truly staring you in the face, than look at it with both eyes and without prejudice.

If you are merely writing off a red flag due to nervousness or being scared, than it might just be you and your own insecurities. Everyone has their off moments, even you. Keep an open mind during this process guys. It’s going to take some time.
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However, if you are noticing lack of any real interest coming from her right away and it lasts for the first few dates or she is always angry about everything or she is expecting you to pay for all her bills over and over again, than it might not be you. It might be time to abandon the ship and find a new love interest.

Last Updated on June 07, 2023

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