TOP3 Destructive Qualities of Ukrainian & Russian Brides

Dear friends,

As you know, many times the average Ukrainian/Russian woman and the average Western woman get compared.

When these two types of women get compared, the positive qualities of the average Ukrainian or Russian woman are often magnified. Being more feminine and more family oriented are positive qualities that are often mentioned about us, Ukrainian ladies.

Though these positive features may exist, there are negative qualities that the average Ukrainian mail order bride possess that could cause problems in a marriage.

#1: Anger

In the Western culture, women are known to become angry from time to time. During these low occurrences the women are usually able to be calmed down without much energy.

In a marriage with an average Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride anger can become a problem that is not so easily handled (I write this from my personal experience :)). Women from Ukraine and Russia have a slightly higher anger quotient (A.Q) than Western women.

Ukraine mail order brides

Why is this so important for a man to know before they get married? I have to mention that having a wife that gets angry quicker than the average Western woman can lead to a more stressful marriage.

More arguments can occur easily raising the tension within the household. This can easily affect one’s work day, weekend, health, or children in the household.

If children exist in the household, the higher A.Q. presented by the Ukrainian / Russian wife can cause the child to have emotional challenges. This type of behavior can also be mimicked by the child.

#2: Extremeness

Anger is not the only negative quality that the average Ukrainian / Russian woman can have. Guys, you should be aware of the extremeness that these women possess.

In Western culture, many individuals learn etiquette and manners. Women from Ukraine and Russia are instilled with their own cultural etiquette. For example, the average woman in Ukraine can be seen as straight forward and direct.

Though this is a quality that can be praised at times, it can all so be perceived as disrespectful. Instead of asking, a Russian woman may just say “give me that” or “give me this”. This can cause tension during family gatherings. This tension can lead to rifts within the family, all because of the straightforward and direct behavior of one’s Ukrainian / Russian wife.

Using the words “please and thank you”, are seen as normal verbal gestures. From my experience, the average Ukrainian woman that is not trained in these manners can cause a husband embarrassment.

These gestures are expected at certain establishments such as restaurants, around the husband’s co-workers, or at any gathering with other people. A woman that does not have these particular manners can be viewed as a disrespectful person. Having a wife that is seen as being disrespectful can have an effect on how a person is treated by restaurant staff or co-workers. Less customer service can be given or co-workers may become distant.

#3: Self-worth

Having an innate sense of self-worth can have a negative effect on a marriage. Self-worth is a characteristic that is often praised. It can represent one’s value of self. How can self-worth be negative? Every Ukrainian / Russian woman that has elevated self-worth has the ability to clash with the western culture.

In a marriage, this can cause women to be less compromising. As you know, self-worth can cause a person to be very prideful. In a marriage, the average woman from Ukraine or Russia can take pride in her intellectual, social, sexual, or physical abilities causing the woman to possibly undermine her husband’s role in the household.

If the man is seen in the head, the average Ukraine or Russian woman can often challenge his position because of her elevated view of her abilities. She can see the man as being inferior. When this occurs the husband will possibly be in a continuous battle trying to prove his position in the home or his manhood.

Conclusion: More qualities to consider

In conclusion, I would say that being feminine or family oriented are great qualities for a wife to have but, there is more qualities that should be considered.

Ukraine brides

The average Ukrainian bride possesses qualities that could break a marriage such as a higher anger quotient, extreme behavior, and an innate sense of self-worth.

Frequently compared data should not be the only information used to choose a bride. Understanding a person’s culture and personality should also be used. This can help to assure a harmonized marriage.

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5 thoughts on “TOP3 Destructive Qualities of Ukrainian & Russian Brides”

  1. Hello Krystyna,

    I like this blog and you are very correct and accurate. To simplify this in more simple terms….
    Ukrainian/Russian woman ARE very feminine, but thing about it… what is ‘Feminine’? You used the perfect word in your blog… ‘Magnified’

    This anger and extreme frankness and over-inflated self-worth is one (1) of the biggest obstacles (after Website & Agency Scams). One small problem or misunderstanding online (from 1000’s klms away) and you will be lucky if the relationship survives another day.

    The typical RU/UA woman will put up her famous stone-wall pragmatic defence system (a cultural left-over from the repressive communist days) and you will not be able to get it back down.

  2. She can see the man as being inferior. When this occurs the husband will possibly be in a continuous battle trying to prove his position in the home or his manhood.

    How do you get her to listen that what she thinks and doing is not working
    And I is very painful to all?
    How can I help her to see that we are loosing love and hope?
    Any idies

  3. Why do you think Russian men and ukrainian men beat the girl that they really love and want to keep? You can’t reason with them on an intellectual level at all

  4. Well
    When your wife starts all the drama
    And blames you for everything.
    Listen repeat back to her what she is saying
    Do not get mad when she talk.
    Let her have her emotional drama
    Do not correct her.
    Always stay great full.
    I you get upset when she talks she will hate you.
    Remember the golden rule.
    Treat her like you want to be treated
    The moment you stop she will hate you.
    Do not fight or complain to her.
    Give and give
    Love with out wanting everything in return.
    Wait and see if she gives back to you.
    If she stops sleeping with you your halfway over
    If she stops cooking for you she is done with you.

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