Ukraine Dating Interview with David: Use Honest Services

Dear friends,

Today I am taking an interview with David, an active scam fighter and dating adviser. He has a huge expertise in the Ukrainian-Western dating field. I am sure that the shared information might very helpful for every Western man looking for a wife in Ukraine and Russia. Enjoy!


Krystyna: Hi David. I would like to thank you so much to finding time to answer my questions. To start, could you kindly introduce yourself to us? What kind of online dating experiences have you gained?


David: Well, my name is David Brunner. I live in Boston, Mass in the U.S. Thank you for this interview, Krystyna.

Hmmm. . .what kind of experiences have I gained. Well, I could go on for days. But let me just be short and sweet. I have learned;


Krystyna: Talking about online dating sites… According to the eHarmony Study, one-third of married couples in U.S. meet through online dating sites. Additionally, finding your partner online is rapidly catching up to more “old-fashioned” techniques of meeting partners (the eHarmony 2015 Relationship Study). 22 percent of those surveyed say they met their current partners through online dating sites, second only to meeting people through mutual friends at 24 percent.

So, I would mention that at present dating sites work very efficiently according to all these studies (we do not pay any attention to the fact that the studies come from a dating website 😉 ).

My next question to you. Is there any chance to expect such a success for meeting your partner through Russian and Ukrainian dating sites? Which sites would you recommend Western men to use to find a woman from Russia or Ukraine?


David: Well Krystyna, I do believe people can find happiness online but they have to be very careful. Can a person find happiness? I would say, of course. But they must be willing to do research and stop believing in the lies they read at fake dating sites.

You are correct, there not many independent studies on these dating sites. Most of what we hear about studies and success rates come from these sites making claims about their services. But what we hear from many people who use online services is a different story. We do recommend some sites and services.


Krystyna: There is no secret that the Russian and Ukrainian dating has a pretty bad reputation in the industry and in the press. For example, the Nigerian dating scam is very widespread, as well, but nobody discusses it so much. What are the reasons for the very negative image of the Eastern European dating? The Russian and Ukrainian women are to blame for that?


David: I guess you know my feelings here, that’s why you ask such a direct question. Of course, the vast majority of that blame falls on the shoulders of companies like Anastasiadate/Social Discovery Ventures or HotRussianBrides/I-Pay Global, Inc.

As long as companies like these exist and continue to mislead the men about how their business is conducted, then I don’t see how any of this gets better in terms of the image for Eastern European women. Krystyna, I think it is important to understand. I believe that every service under Social Discovery Ventures’ umbrella (Amolatina, Africanbeauties, etc,) should be subjected to the same scrutiny.

As for comparing Nigerian scams to what Anastasiadate, HotRussianbrides, Uadreams, etc. do, I would say that is like comparing apples and oranges. These websites have never told the men, they pay agencies in Ukraine to supply their sites with women. That is why 18 and 19 year olds are constantly sending men messages.

Ukrainian Beauty

That’s why women who are models, etc. are constantly trying to get men to respond to letters. It is why I have found so many women who are married or engaged to be married at these sites. I post that evidence on social networks to warn men about these sites and services.

Nigerian scammers are at many honest sites, doing what they can to trick men into sending money. But I know of no coordinated effort with any website. If a man sends money to any scammer who uses an honest service, that blame belongs to that man.


Krystyna: The majority of the International online dating sites sell Russian and Ukrainian brides as sweet, serious, family oriented, beautiful, feminine and stylish. Additionally, most profile images are photoshopped. In my view, to do that means selling an unrealistic representation of reality.


Western men seem to enjoy this imaginary (fake) dating world. Now, I believe the Russian and Ukrainian dating industry has created this brand of idealism and many of men like it (so said the law of supply and demand). What are your thoughts on this photo manipulation issue and the law of supply and demand in the Russian and Ukrainian dating industry?


David: I think it is not correct to say all Western Men enjoy this. The woman who scammed me certainly was not photoshopped. I met her in person. Surely there are at least some Western men who enjoy this fantasy. And I am not saying these men should be denied that opportunity. There are plenty of women who will satisfy such needs.

But I was looking for a wife and so were the great majority of men who have joined my group. These websites should have told us the truth about their organizations. They should have been transparent and honest. What I do on social networks does not jeopardize this law of supply/demand. The men who want fake relationships can still go to these sites and get their needs met. I only seek to inform the men who are honestly looking for love.


Krystyna: Let’s talk about the alternatives to paid online dating sites, namely:

In your opinion, do these ways provide a safer and more successful opportunity to meet a serious foreign woman for life?


David: That is a mixed bag. There are premium services like, that provide a safe experience for both men and women. But free sites and social networks are tough. It is hard for both men and women. I tell men that if you are trying to “convince” a Russian or Ukrainian woman to leave their culture, their country, and the only life they have ever known, you are doomed to failure.

I tell them to approach women who have made that decision already. If you notice, there just are not enough services that provide safety/security for women and transparency for men. My group hopes to create such a platform. It is strange that these sites overlooked the real opportunity in providing safe, transparent services.


Krystyna: My YouTube videos have a plenty of positive and negative comments (more than 1500 comments totally). As for me, Russian and Ukrainian women polarize strongly. Men either love them or hate them. Why do we give so many emotions? Do not say that men are straightforward creatures and that’s why. 🙂


David: I feel you are a tremendous resource. There are other Ukrainians who have similar blogs and videos. All of you do a lot to show Western men the truth about Ukrainian women. As you have mentioned, many of these sites lie.

As for men who love Slavic women, well, I think most of them believe in a fantasy. They have an ideal about Ukrainian women being beautiful, obedient, submissive, “knowing how to treat a man”, etc. fed to them by these horrible sites. But it is false. I never sought out Ukrainian women exclusively. I was only seeking a woman to give me love. So I did not project this illusion onto Ukrainian women.

For men who dislike Slavic women, I think it is because they have been scammed. They blame the women, as though the women created this industry with fake sites, fake chats, and fake letters. They don’t seem to understand the sites are designed to extract as much money from them as possible.

Ukraine brides

I have been to sites that have created fake profiles from pictures they have stolen. I have been to sites that have fake video chats where there is a looped video playing of the woman they wish to meet. I meet so many men who wish to get revenge on the women who scammed them, but not on the industry that created the scam.


Krystyna: And my last question to you. I have received a lot of messages with a question how to start the search for a Russian / Ukrainian woman. What would you advise to those men? Any special tips to share?



Typical Ukrainian woman

Krystyna, I also have some advice for Ukrainian women.

Finally, I just wish to say, I began this journey after being scammed. I wanted to give up searching for love. I am not even sure why I did not give up. For some reason, I kept going and I am glad that I did.

Krystyna, in Ukraine, I have met people who have become my best friends and will probably be so for the rest of my life. Meeting honest Ukrainian people has lifted my spirits and given me hope. All I wish to do is to spread this news to men who have been lied to and tricked. I don’t think this is damaging to Ukraine’s reputation.

I think this does quite the opposite. These lies these sites tell, do not help the Ukrainian people. They do not help the men who come to these sites. And the sooner these lies die, the sooner everyone will know the truth.

I hope to create a site, where Eastern European women can date in safety and Western can date with transparency. All I wish to do is to help the people who are seeking love and happiness to find each other. I don’t think that is a bad thing to wish for this world.

Feel free to comment this interview if you have any questions or additions to it.

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9 thoughts on “Ukraine Dating Interview with David: Use Honest Services”

  1. I can only reaffirm what David says about the professional scam organisation Anastasia FRAUD. I was scammed by them for three years until I escaped. I was refused a refund despite their “anti scam” guarantee. I was only successful in my search when I went to

    1. Hi David,

      thank you for your comment here. The online dating services do not give you any refund, s. their terms and conditions. Therefore, it might be risky to use these services. Mordinson is a very good alternative to the online dating. But no service can offer you a success guarantee. Krystyna

  2. Montabelmont Creston

    right now, I will attest.

    I to like David, help spread/share the word about this bulldog harassment of lies on VK/instagram/fb/the fraud agencies of ppl.

    try to reach the masses with printers, paper, and file the way to k1 visa yourself. but behold I have no punctuation skill cause I’m on my cell phone.)))

    when a girl wants a rich man, you tell them 55 is the age limit of women why?
    menwillpause (menopause)

    men can choose younger, easily.
    if a woman can’t have a child. she have away her best years for traditional lies in church restructuring. look at the pope a example.

    there see women in Ukraine lying about living with boyfriends, having sex, scamming for fake ppl pay. it’s shaming all over, I seen women who say the speak no English, require translation(leave my phone recording say I go to bathroom) they speak English fluently street I’m gone. I go to bathroom again, shortly cause I get liquor to stage it. to hear the lies, I hit them with the split check easily.

    I got many stories, as well… but look, I’m not a quitter, I’m using all my income my way, the Frank Sinatra life. But I never go to sleep angry, if they use social media, so can I. freedom of speech is powerful(have the evidence) before posting.

    Google translation is godly.
    nobody can force you to pay for them to eat.
    you pay for yourself. it’s the law.

    scammers deserve jail. in the end.

    I been hit hard by five scammers from 20 to 36… in five years and seven trips to Ukraine.

    I’m still not giving up… like David.

    there is dreams….
    a powerful comic quote…i reworded and changed a little too my life.

    “this new era they all talk about love find online is harsh un-punishing scams is ridden false corporate for cash(afa,hrb,adate,rlm,j4l)!!”
    “the age where romantic family dreams is over!? eh money? oi, asking for presents and cash?”
    “romantic dreams… Never End!”
    “Am I right!!!! dump women who take you shopping before marriage!!!”
    “it’s not easy to find time valued love or surpass someone born in thirsty poor cultures, so never give up!”
    “Let them laugh, if you seek true love, you’ll travel the world, discover date challenges, accept the embarrassment, but the weak never will accept your success by failures! Follow your hearts foolish dream!!!
    “I know you’ll make it there!!!”
    “To true social(report a scammer)happiness!”
    “Also remember, providing and sugar are two different things…be smart.”

    -one (love) piece.
    author credit rewrite

    1. Creston, I have not heard from you in a while. Are you okay? We have had our disagreements in the past. I never want to be the type to say I told you so, but I am concerned about you.

      I hope you come and use some of the services I recommend. You cannot find the love you deserve by trusting women who worked in the scam system. They cannot love you Creston. They don’t know how. And you keep re-injuring yourself. I am terrified that you won’t get over your self-loathing. You are a good man Creston. You have a good heart. You deserve a woman who sees that in you.

  3. True said however the victims is always innocent and no blame is on the victims ever! Even if some of the victims fall victim and do pay the scammers and scam sites etc.
    Otherwise overall ok info.
    Usually the payment model 99,9 percent of the pay per letters and chat per minute is scams, however in order to be sure one needs honest true complaints also more about this in link provided as few honest and true exceptions do exist also etc.
    If many honest true complaints and that payment model pay per letter and or chat per minute run it is a scam agency or scam date site paying their women talk with forigne western men etc.
    God bless all.

  4. Rodolfo Barajas

    I ‘ve been trying to contact this blog for the last couple of days and i must know is a scamming website ? Since I’ve been scouring the web and have heard everything from it being mob controlled enterprise to it being the greatest thing ever . I’d appreciate an answer to this and the other questions .

  5. I want information about a website called is crazy coz the ladies is always sending letters and is expensive the reply. The letter is a script do u know? The same words. Love, dream, work, kindness,

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