Ukraine Mail Order Brides vs Ukrainian Women

Dear friends,

As a smart, beautiful, interesting Ukrainian woman, I get completely offended when I am referred to as a “mail order bride.” This term makes me think of something that can be purchased off the Internet such as plumbing supplies or toys.

Ukrainian women like me, who have joined dating sites, are not a commercial product. We are women with hearts and with feelings, who are looking to share our thoughts and feelings with men. I realize that the majority of men do not understand how women think.

Understanding how Ukrainian women think is even more difficult for men. That is why I thought I would share a few tips on how to win the hearts of Ukrainian women with you men.

Understanding Ukrainian brides

It is very important that you realize that we are much more than our pictures. While we are all beautiful, striking women, the majority of us have been college educated at a major European University. While we are both intelligent and beautiful, please keep in mind that we are looking for men that will treat us well and that have excellent family values.

Ukraine Mail Order Brides

Write us letters that ask about our interests and our backgrounds. Please don’t assume that just because we are currently corresponding that we will marry. We want men that care about what we think and feel. Professing your love for us and your intention to marry us early on in the letter writing process makes us feel as if we are a commodity.

By remembering to treat us as real women and by refraining from referring to us as “mail order brides,” you will be showing that you respect us as inviduals and personalities.
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Take the time to get to know us. Find out what makes us laugh and what makes us cry. Get us to open up to you about our hopes and dreams. In turn, share the same items with us. We want to get to know you for whom you are. We honestly care about your feelings and hopes and dreams. We are people, not robots. Sharing with each other will bring us closer to one another.

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4 thoughts on “Ukraine Mail Order Brides vs Ukrainian Women”

  1. Krystyna,

    You have an interesting blog and my question si around the whole practice of foreign dating. While I certainly agree that Ukrainian and Russian women are beautiful and educated, how many of them are manipulated and otherwise pulled into sex trafficking and other activities?

    I ask this out of sincere concern. I believe there are many reasons to want to get out of the Ukraine and other formerly-eastern European countries. But, in that effort, I believe there are many women suffering the same, or worse fate at the hands of organized crime and international trafficking of women.

    How do you, or any other agency, protect against that? How does any Ukrainian woman protect against that? How does the willingness and hope behind getting out turn into complicitness with trafficking?

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