Review 2023: Is UkraineDate Fake or Legit?

This review guide is about an online dating site which is one of the world’s leading dating sites. The guide includes general information on, how it can help you find your soulmate from Ukraine, what features does this site offers you.

What is the pricing structure along with the membership’s plan? This guide helps you explain facts that as to why UkraineDate is a trusted website. You will also be informed about the quality of women profile. In conclusion, the article gives you reasons as to why you should use as your first choice to find your partner.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Krystyna

Dating Sites to Find a Foreign Bride: Review: Let's get to the details

Are you fed up of being single? Are you depressed about having no fun weekends? Are you in search of a Ukrainian woman with whom you want to share everything? Are you in search of a woman who would understand your feelings and emotions? Are you in search of a Ukrainian woman whom you will be most comfortable and yourself? Then your wait is over. helps you find the best partner out there of your own choice. The company promises to make sure that you found a perfect match no matter where you are in the world. struggles a lot to bring together singles from all over the world. Hundreds and thousands of men and women were brought together and they were successful in finding their soulmates. gives the most fun, exciting, good and safe platform for having a dating experience which you won’t find anywhere else. 

There are wide ranges of features being offered by which include emails. You can chat and there is an option of automatic translation as well. If you have a membership you get premium features such as video chat, spontaneous messenger or you can give gifts to your connected people.

One advantage that you get being a paid member is that you come on the search bar at the top before anybody else who isn’t a paid member. Moreover, one very impressive feature of is that the site can be translated into a number of languages to avoid any language barriers and ensure smooth communication between you and woman you want to connect with. In addition to this Visa advice and traveling, offers are also offered by

The design of UkraineDate’s website, as well as the mobile app, is very user-friendly. It takes a few minutes to sign up and you are open to hundreds and thousands of Ukraine girls in which you can pick your favorite one. The layout of the site is very well managed. There are no complexities using this site. You just to follow three steps that are to create a profile, search for members and communicate with them by sending message or interest request as simple as that. test at a glance – The pros and cons


How to sign up at That's what we found out

There is a very simple registration process. You can sign up for no cost to find your Ukraine girls. You can either make an account on the website or register yourself through Facebook or via email. If you want to sign up via the website, you just need to go to website. review

How to create a dating profile

Create your profile; make sure you are providing information about you which is true. Don’t forget to upload a photo while creating a profile. Once your profile is created you can search for members that are already there.. In case you are planning a vacation Ukraine and you want to be alone. Before coming to Ukraine, at least two weeks before you can definitely find your perfect match on Ukraine. Date and enjoy your vacations.

If you use Facebook in order to sign up your Facebook account will automatically be connected to your account on UkraineDate account. If not Facebook you can use your email ID to sign up. While registering through the email you will be asked to fill out your demographics for example age, gender, location, etc. After you have registered yourself you can now go and search for your partner.

How does UkraineDate exactly work?

UkraineDate is a dating platform for Ukrainian and Western women where they are connected to dating partners. The site is operated by Cupid Media. It has strict rules that must be followed by any person using it.

UkraineDate how it works

If you are interested in getting a dating partner through the site, you can access it through a desktop website or an application. You will be required first to register yourself, which takes a shorter time due to the user-friendly interface.

After successful registration, you can find women from other countries that you are interested in. You can start a conversation and build a relationship with them.

Free vs paid services at the UkraineDate has membership options that you can choose from. There are free and paid options. People who are unwilling or do not have money to spend can start with free options first. However, whether you use the free or paid options, you will still get connected to the best partners. The chance to communicate with matched and liked partners will be cut short.

UkraineDate app

The first procedure, registration, is free, and you don’t need to worry when you do not have money. Free membership will only allow you to participate in some of the features available as part of the services such as profile viewing, matching and liking. However, you must become a paying subscriber if you want additional services. Using the additional features available depends on your payment of the relevant fees. Here are some features offered after successful membership payment.

You will be required to pay regular subscriptions for the services. The site connects you with people who may or may not be interested in relationships or friendship.

Price structure at

UkraineDate offers you plans where you can avail the number of services. The number of services increases as you pay more amounts. There are three plans being offered, the first one is a standard plan, the second one is the gold plan while the third one is the platinum plan.

Standard Plans

This plan allows you to have a free subscription in which you get an option to register and search for Ukrainian ladies who are registered on this site. The services you can avail include the initial matching, what you do is you can send a request.

Gold Plans

This plan includes the accessibility to communicate with all the members who are paying and are using this site free. You have an option of doing a live chat with the help of a messenger and at the same you can send and receive ad-free messages.

Duration Cost

Platinum Plans

This plan gives you access to services which include initial Matching. You can send a request which shows you are interested in the other person and help you in communicating with all members paying; you can talk to a person by going online. You get on the profile search on the top.

Duration Cost

Summarising UkraineDate Costs & Pricing

The cost of UkraineDate varies according to the services you are offered and different membership categories. The features you want to use will also determine the amount you will pay.

There are different membership types, and the amount you will pay will depend on the category you join. The membership types vary from gold, platinum and diamond. The payment has membership costs and monthly payment. 

UkraineDate costs

In the gold type category, the monthly payment goes from $11.25 to $69.48, while the membership cost ranges from $134.99 to $17.37. In the platinum category, the monthly fee varies from $14.17 to $82, while the membership cost starts from 169.99 to$20.50.

Is a Scam or Trusted Site?

Many people think that most Ukrainian and Russia online dating sites are a scam. But I talk about UkraineDate, I can assure you that it is genuine and there is a thing like a scam.

UkraineDate Testimonial

The reason I am saying this is because I myself have used this site many years ago. It’s all about going into a relationship from being single. It’s not free, you are paying for it. And people you talk there are also the paid members at the site I would like to share a story of one of my blog readers.

It’s been more than unlike most of the other dating site 2 years that Erik was with a girl he really loves and this all happened during his vacation in Ukraine. He planned a trip to Ukraine, he was all alone. Then he found this website called, two weeks before he signed up and started looking for his girls.

Within those two weeks, Erik found a girl who was equally interested in him. They became friends. They made a plan to meet in Ukraine. When he reached Ukraine and met that girl she was the same as she looked in the profile. Everything was true about her. He had a great time. She was extremely beautiful. Erik could have never imagined that he would meet her this way. Today he is still with her. It’s been two years now. Please don’t wait if you are single and sad. Go find your Ukrainian girl. It’s your time to shine.

Reviews of on Trustpilot & Sitejabber

UkraineDate is rated 2.9 from more than 200 reviews at Trustpilot and 2.11 stars from 47 reviews at Sitejabber. The site is also associated with some consumer purchase problems. We are not happy with the purchasing rate.

Customer reviews vary from one person to the other, depending on their experience with the site. Such reviews include the following.

UkraineDate trustpilot

“This website is filled with scammers, which makes me angry. Any attractive women you come across are false; all they want is your email address and a link to the Viber messenger. I always seem to be in a foul attitude after using this dating service.”

“Before canceling my subscription last month, I used UkraineDate for six months. It’s my favorite website, and I’ve never experienced any issues with it. I only wanted to look into other options.”

UkraineDate sitejabber

“Please avoid these con artists as a favor to yourself. I adore Ukrainian girls because they are direct with personal details. They display behavior typical of real-world women. There is no scam warning there.”

Ukrainian Women's Profiles at Reviewed

On this site, you get to see the beauty. There are hundreds of Ukrainian mail order brides out there to whom you can connect. Most of them are genuine with real profiles. Moreover, if buy a platinum plan, it automatically increases your visibility. Your dating profile gets on the top page ranking which is a good thing.

If you want to meet a Ukrainian woman, sign up on gives you the option of exploring more than 4000 beautiful ladies. There are two types of girls. One who is looking a guy for marriage purpose and others just for the sake of fun and hangouts.

Mostly Ukrainian ladies registered are friendly and some may ignore if you like them but they don’t. The young ladies are more open and pending here than young ladies in different nations. 

On the off chance that you have enrolled as a westerner, you will be astounded to take note of that the Ukrainian young ladies go the additional mile to be benevolent so as to begin dating with you.
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What we don’t like on UkraineDate

The objective of UkraineDate is to connect thousands of single men out there looking for wives from Ukraine. However, the major drawback to this dating site is the high membership fee. That has discouraged some people who may be willing to use the site but may not have enough money.

Another disadvantage of this site is that completing your profile is quite long and tedious because of the many tabs that you need to fill out.

Conclusion: UkraineDate Is the First when Looking for Ukrainian Wife

It’s been more than 10 years UkraineDate is connecting singles from all over the world to Ukraine women.  It’s the premium international Ukraine online dating site where in no time you can find Ukrainian who is looking for a friend, boyfriend or even husband. 

The ladies were good looking and extremely appealing. I would really recommend UkraineDate to somebody who is looking a genuine romance and a serious relationship.

You have all the choices for you to find the right match. 

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