Ukrainian Dating Sites vs. Matchmaking Agencies

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Men who are interested in meeting and dating Ukrainian women (in other words, you :)) are likely to find that numerous options are available. In many cases, these options break down into two main categories: Ukrainian dating sites and matchmaking agencies.

The question that then arises is which service is better to meet eligible ladies.

The Ukrainian Dating Sites:

Numerous popular dating sites are available to meet stunning Ukrainian and Russian women, such as, LoveMe, Cute Only and Elena’s Models. All of these sites offer basic services like video dating, chatting online, letter translation services and the organization of romance tours.

The advantages of dating sites

The sites have some advantages to consider. One major consideration is the ability to browse thousands of profiles.

Another advantage is the wide range of women available. It is possible to find a woman who fits personal taste in appearance. With the wide range of women available, it is also possible to look for specific age groups and women who either have or do not have children.


The disadvantages

Despite the advantages, dating sites have some negatives to consider as well. The major negative that arises is the competition. Several men are on the sites and an interesting woman might not be available.

Ukrainian Matchmaking Services:

The matchmaking agencies are another option men have when looking for a Ukrainian woman to bring into their lives. Matchmaking agencies like Kiev Connections and Mordinson allow a man to select ten women from a group for a specific price. The service will then narrow down the options to five of the women.

The advantages of Ukrainian matchmaking services

When you go to the Ukraine, the agency allows you to meet the women in person. It allows a man the opportunity to talk in person and learn about the woman without the complications of using online chatting options. This gives a personalized service, but does not offer the same large numbers or communication options as the dating site.

The disadvantages

The number of women’s profiles is not very big. As a rule, matchmaking companies offer only 150-250 profiles of women for marriage (International dating sites offer approximately 20,000 women’s profiles in comparison.).

Your choice is crucial!

Ultimately, the choice of which service is best depends on individual preferences.

As a Ukrainian woman, I know the choice between online sites and an agency service is hard.  With so many stunning women in the Ukraine, determining whether to narrow the choice with a matchmaking agency or opt for the wide selection of a dating site will require weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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