Help! Is My Ukrainian Girl Spam or Online Scamming?

Dear friends,

Clients of Ukrainian dating agencies have found out that the Ukrainian girls who they attempt to communicate with are actually spammers who may have no connection at all with Ukraine and may not even be female.

How scammers appear on dating sites?

The moment any girl who you meet online asks for money, that is a red flag that she is a scammer. These scammers actually appear with different names, but with the same photos, on several dating sites. Their only goal is to swindle you out of your hard-earned money or to add your E-mail address to a scam, online gambling, porn or online pharmacy mailing list.

Ukraine Online Dating Scam

Their phone numbers are not in service or just not listed, and their e-mail addresses are from Russian or international free E-mail providers that allow multiple free accounts. Chances are that if you are writing to [email protected], ten other men have ten other E-mail addresses under names like Olychka_m, Lena_b, Irochka_j and the like, and all of the messages are going to the same person who will then add you to some mailing list or another or send you a litany of sob stories.

These scamming address collectors masquerade as exiled Nigerian princes when they are not busy trying to hide behind pictures of attractive Slavic students that they copied from Facebook or its former Soviet competitors.


Do not send one cent to anyone who you have not met in person; no legitimate Ukrainian girl will ask you for money or anything else before meeting you as she does not want to be associated with these spammer scammers. I am a Ukrainian woman, and I know that the Ukrainian people have come a long way since the fall of the Soviet Union, and no legitimate Ukrainian girl wants to be seen as a gold-digger or worse.

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7 thoughts on “Help! Is My Ukrainian Girl Spam or Online Scamming?”

    1. I have been talking to a Ukrainian girl for about 2 months now. About a month into our email relationship she told me that she could not longer afford to go to the internet café to email me and asked me for money. I sent $60. A friend then showed me a page with her name and picture. When I confronted her she became very emotional and told me every thing she told me was true. She had given the pictures to an agency to try and find a man. They did not find her a man, only took her money. I thought about and decided to trust her. She has had ask twice more for money like I sent before, but is very careful not to ask for anything else. It is very difficult to know what to do in this situation…

      1. Hi Dylan,
        I would suggest you not to trust this woman. This story does not sound particularly credible. Normal women who want to meet a man for life, would never ask for money. Ukrainian women work in Ukraine and can go to the Internet cafe to write emails. Therefore, you’d better not have more contact with the woman and look for a decent woman who will not betray you.
        Good luck,

      2. Hi Dylan,

        I had similar similar situation. My Ukrainian girl friend had profiles on 17 dating sites… each of them writing she is searching man to marry, have family.

        At first I believed her like you. Then, I found out she was meeting 5-6 man at the same time. Even when she was with me, she was saying I will go to my grandmother and meet another man. It was very horrible moment of my life when I discovered this.

        Be very careful. Many of these girls want money. They usually do not have emotional binds. However they can provide sex.

  1. Hi Krystyna 🙂
    I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

  2. All Ukrainian brides is very dangerous, they have many extremely beautiful women and a particular way to take your money. I lost some money once, now, I just enjoy the pictures!

    1. Hey mell23,

      thank you for commenting my article.

      I did not know that ALL Ukrainian girls are VERY dangerous. Poor Ukrainian men… They have to live with such dangerous women who only want your money. All Western women are not dangerous and want only to love you….


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