The Ukrainian and Russian Women’s Attitude towards Sex

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Today, we talk about one of the most scrupulous issues about which everyone is thinking but afraid to speak, namely: Ukrainian and Russian ladies’s attitude towards sex in a relationship and marriage. No one will deny that the subject of sexuality in each relationship plays a major role. And I am sure harmony in sexual life is the (romantic) key to a happy relationship.

Different attitudes towards sex life?

I am familiar with this problem, namely: many Western men do not know how they may express their sexual desires while dating Russian brides and Ukrainian mail order brides. 

Why is that? Intercultural differences? Different attitudes towards sex life?
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Furthermore, Western men tell that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not. That makes the cross-cultural communication more complicated, in my opinion.

Ukraine brides

I attended a seminar on Language & Sexuality at the university in Frankfurt, thus I am trying to tell you, guys, in academic way why the Ukrainian and Russian lady’s attitude towards sex life in a marriage is a cultural issue and why talking about sex and sexuality in Russia and Ukraine is still a big taboo. I hope you will learn more useful information about the Ukrainian and Russian culture after reading my article.

Talking about Slavic women’s sexuality

Slavic mail order brides have changed their roles over the last decade or so. Unfortunately, Russia and Ukraine have not changed much in their attitudes towards women. Women in these two countries are often not respected or highly valued. They are viewed more as objects to be used by men and discarded at will.

Many women in these countries are waging a silent war for their own sexuality. Not content to stand in a man’s shadow, the new generations of Ukrainian and Russian women are secretly allowing their sexuality to come forth in the hopes that one day their countries will come to more liberal terms about sex and the woman’s role.

Why Ukrainian ladies do not talk about this

Most females in these countries are taught that sex is a dirty word and that nice girls don’t do it. Many traditional families believe that talking about sex is just as obscene as taking part in a sex act.

Even in educational environments where the factual terms of anatomy should be taught, the lessons were often taught in hush-hush tones and this further clouded the subject of sex for most females.

Since most girls are not taught at home or even at school about sex, they often take to the streets to get their education. It is said that about 10 to 15 % of Russian girls start having sex around the age of fifteen. These girls see the Western girl’s attitudes towards sex and this clashes with what they know in their own cultures. They end up succumbing to sexual lives long before they are physically or emotionally ready.

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Females are taught that they are to be bashful and quiet in all ways. In Literature, they are taught that they are to not even engage in a kiss without love being a priority. 

This makes the woman unable to explore her own sexual thoughts and attitudes to form a healthy sex life for her future husband. This causes more questions than answers and makes the subject of sex so taboo that females often form the wrong understanding of sex and these clouds how they respond to the marriage bed.

Times are changing

This puts even more strain on the female because she is under the scrutiny of family and is not able to truly express her sexual desire for her husband. Since there is no privacy, the woman is often kept quiet during the sexual act and not allowed to explore the true nature of her sexual desire.

As times change, it is hoped that women’s roles in the Russian and Ukrainian society change to conform to more modern standards. Women in these countries deserve more respect so that they do not fall into the sexual traps that are set for them by men who have less than honorable intentions. If women are taught that they deserve respect, they will in turn respect themselves.

It is time that Russia and the Ukraine come out of the dark ages and embrace the beauty of the female without turning her into an object to be used and destroyed.

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10 thoughts on “The Ukrainian and Russian Women’s Attitude towards Sex”

  1. Brian Peters, MD


    Boy that’s sure not my experience. Talking about sex maybe, but as far as their behavior when intimate they seem more comfortable with themselves than many Western women. With many Western women there is a bit of a game where she pretends not to want to have sex and has to be persuaded.

    With Ukrainian women it seems to be a concious decision they make. When they decide they want to be intimate with you it’s well obvious is probably not the right word but there’s no game playing about it. It’s much more comfortable and natural. They don’t leave you with the feeling that you had to talk them into something they didn’t want to do as is the case with many Western women.

    They tend to give you the feeling that their as “interested” and enthused as you are, However they do expect you to be the man and take the initiative which is in contrast to many Western women. On the other hand if they haven’t decided they want to be intimate with you, you couldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. I also think they relate differently to Western men than Ukrainian men.


  2. I cover this exact topic in my book in my detail using behavioral clues, as well as allowing for variation among personalities and family backgrounds. I liked what you wrote though. Ukrainian girls.

  3. I agree with a few things in your article . In public Ukrainian women won’t show affection . It is almost like having dinner with your sister . What I have experienced is after you earn their trust they open up with their emotions , in private . When they decide you are the one they want they give everything they have to you both sexually and emotionally . They seem to know that a woman is suppose to make the man as happy as possible , both sexually and in the home . Totally different than western women .
    To me it makes me want to do more for her , to show the same passion and respect she is giving me .
    I have met a Ukranian woman that hopefully Ina few months will come here to marry me , we have dated for 2 years and I have been there 8 times no less than 8 days each time . I have dated and been married to an a American woman , and I never had the feeling of love and openness about sexuality than I have had from this Ukranian woman

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  7. have to agree to some of the comments made on this subject . but all so I find that uk girls and woman I talked to says same thing about sex and also about uk men . 1 is that more and more in one way or other the nude chats often run by studios are realy pressureing the girls . kinda like a mind washing game. as long as the studios win in the end . the girls say that the uk men are realy bad and about the worse they ever knew . and most want to see and understand what other men feel and realy want .besides wanting to use the girl for personal gains . I am starting to write a book about these things . but also not tell their names just thoughts and views they have and why and how they end up being used by uk men . I been studying this for 5 years now . but as far as sex goes and attitude I comeing to think there are a few things play a very importain part in this . as of now I find they not all know what sex is they just go through the game of role playing . but they do prefer to chat and communicate with guys from the US lots more then uk men . and is only the real way for them to find out what is realy going on . again as I say it comes down to almost like brain washing the girls and woman . uk men do it very well convinceing them that they are less the reg woman .which is very sad . but as a few woman said all though they didn’t like it being treaded that way they still had no choice in the matter and it was either do it or lose b/f or husband or even mother and father kicking them out the house . again comeing down to money the game they are told over and over to do to make the fast dollar . be interesting to end my findings on the matter.

  8. i-think-ukrane-woman@russian-should-be-treated-with-love-and-respect-when-it-comes-to-love-you-can,t-by-love-if-its-not-in-the-heart-than-it-wont-work.don,t-get-me-wrong-money-is-good-can-buy-fancy-homes-sports-cars-and-if-money-is-the-main-issue-how-come-couples-don,t-stay-together.marriage-is-to-me-like-a-flower-you-have-to-nurture-it.

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