Are Ukrainian & Russian Women Better for Marriage than Asians?

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I would say that across North America and Western Europe, the popularity of Ukrainian / Russian and Asian women has recently been growing with men hoping to return to the traditional family values offered by women from both cultures. However, there are large differences between Asian and Ukrainian / Russian women for marriage that often make the transition to a new life a lot simpler for those moving to the west from Ukraine and Russia.

As for me, in the west, Ukrainian and Russian ladies can adapt in a fast way to the family and social aspects of life as they are closer to the way of life expected by those born and raised in Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrainian or Russian woman is a good choice for marriage

We all know that in the first instance, many Western men are attracted to both Ukrainian/Russian and Asian (Chinese, Thai and Philippine) women for their stunning good looks. Once attracted to the curvy figures of eastern European women or the slender, dark good looks of Asians, men often delve a little deeper to see how the women they are attracted to will cope in the west.

With most Western men looking for a Ukraine or Russian bride feeling they want to start a family with a woman raised in a culture where women stay at home and look after the children the Ukrainian or Russian woman is a good choice.

Ukrainian Bride for Marriage

Unlike Asian women, the Ukrainian lady sees herself as an equal part of a partnership with a Western man in terms of bringing their own specific attributes to a future marriage and family life.

Much like Asian women, a Ukrainian female often feels the man should contribute to the relationship by working hard and providing a good income that is sufficient to support a family of any size. Unlike their Asian counterparts, Ukrainian and Russian women are not afraid of working themselves, but often feel their main job in a relationship is to care for the home and any children the couple may share.

Ukrainian wife is a good friend and adviser

The cultures of Ukraine and Asia also bring large differences in the personalities of the women of the two regions, which are often revealed in the character of the women from the two regions. With Western culture more readily found throughout Ukraine and Russia, the women of these countries know a lot more about the countries they will eventually find themselves living in. Add to this the strong personalities of the Ukrainian and Russian people, which can often be seen in the sparkling conversation and charm of Slavic women in general.

In my opinion, Ukrainian and Russian women see their husband as the head of the household and are willing to defer to the choices made by their husbands, but they will offer an opinion on the direction a family takes and make sure their voice is heard before any choices are made. This part of the Ukrainian and Russian personality is different to the general traits of Asian women, who follow their husbands blindly and are often dominated by the male head of a family (I have gained this experience in Germany where many German-Asian couples live).

Conclusion: Ukrainian woman is a partner in life

The main thing any Western man should know about the beautiful women of Ukraine and Russia is that there is much more to these women than just a pretty face. In general, Ukrainian and Russian ladies are proud and will do their best to support their family in whichever way is best for the family as a whole. Coming from a culture that now includes aspects of the Western world is obviously an advantage for the curvy, beautiful women of Ukraine and Russia, a happy relationship can only turn to love when both partners are happy in their environment.

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  1. I was wondering if there are any Asians that live and were born in Ukraine to Asian parents or to one Asian immigrant parent?

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  3. Dear Krystyna,

    I am an Indian guy with a ” Russian Soul ” and would like to marry a nice family oriented Russian woman. I am 28 years of age- single, unmarried with no kids. Do I stand any chance in Ukraine ?? I am is 5’8″ tall with light brown skin colour have a stable job in one of India’s largest private sector banks. Also, who do you think would make a better match for an Indian guy – A Russian ” Devushka” or a Ukrainian damsel ??

  4. Could you please suggest some nice marriage agencies in Kiev where I could ( hopefully) meet my potential soulmates. I have heard a lot about Daisy bride & Kiev connections marriage agencies. Which of the above mentioned two marriage agencies in Kiev would be better for an Indian national or you could suggest some third option ??

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