Why Can Ukrainian Woman Jealous Her Husband a Lot?

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Let’s be honest: sometimes Ukrainian women are impossible to understand. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to hit up google to find out whether my girlfriend’s attitude is “normal” in her country or if she’s just being a psychopath. One of my problems was her often-irrational jealousy. It felt like I couldn’t even glance at another women without my girlfriend taking offense. Was it me, or was it her upbringing?

Why can Ukrainian girl jealous?

Well, men, if you’ve ever been in this situation with me – the answer is that it really is her upbringing. If you do a little research, you’ll discover that gender roles in the Ukraine are quite different from most Western countries.

Ukrainian Woman

For example, family structure is much more traditional. Men are expected to work hard and bring home the bacon while the women tend house and take care of the kids. So if your Ukrainian lady sees your eye wandering, she’s probably worrying not only about losing you, but losing her financial security, too. 

Getting her own job would be a radical idea – your Ukrainian girlfriend is depending on you, as the man, to protect and provide for her. If you dump her, what will she do? That’s why she doesn’t like your female co-workers or “friends who are girls.” Other women are threats to her entire way of life.

Don't look at another woman!

Ukrainian women are also from a culture that takes great pride in femininity and personal grooming. It’s not uncommon for Ukrainian women to be in direct competition with each other in terms of beauty and style (and to catch a good husband, as outlined above). If you’re looking at another woman, you can consider it a direct blow to your girlfriend’s ego. What has she done wrong? Why aren’t you looking at her instead? Aren’t you still attracted to her?

Conclusion: Keep your eyes to yourself

So as you can see, most jealousy issues are simple misunderstandings or culture clashes. A little advice, fellas: even if you know you aren’t a cheater, try to keep your eyes to yourself. It’ll save you and your Ukrainian sweetheart a lot of trouble.

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